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August 07, 2014

We had a pretty busy month of July (still can’t believe that it’s already AUGUST! Sheesh!). We drove up to the U.P. of Michigan to stay at Jason’s family’s lake house. Peyton was so exited to go, as she remembered the boats, sand, and horses from last summer. Aiden didn’t quite know what to expect, but he had fun once we got up there. He was NOT a fan of the ten hours it took us to drive there though. The poor guy kept pulling on his car seat screaming, “Out! Out!”

Here are the kids taking their first boat ride of the trip. Aiden had stuffed his mouth with grapes before we took off; hence his funny expressions in some of the pictures!

July 2014-23

July 2014-24

July 2014-28

July 2014-30

July 2014-34

Man, I wish we could take a daily boat ride to get the kids to nap everyday!

July 2014-37

July 2014-38

July 2014-40

We rode the boat to the Islander for lunch, and the kids hung out by the fake moose. Peyton loved him, Aiden not so much…

July 2014-41

July 2014-43

Unfortunately it was pretty chilly/overcast/rainy for a good chunk of our trip. However, one nice morning we took advantage of the sun shining and played in the sand by the house. The kids were in love, and could’ve easily spent all day playing out there. We were all bummed when the rain clouds moved in…

July 2014-45

July 2014-46

July 2014-50

July 2014-52

July 2014-55

July 2014-61

July 2014-64

July 2014-65

July 2014-67

July 2014-69

July 2014-74

July 2014-76

July 2014-81

Aiden LOVED watching all the boats drive by. He’d yell, “Boat! Boat!” and point them out. Yep, I’d say he’s got some Hamberg in him! 😉

July 2014-70

July 2014-73

We rode over to Mackinac Island on our last full day. The weather decided to cooperate, and we were so happy! Here we are on the Pursuit ready to set sail…

July 2014-90

July 2014-91

July 2014-94

July 2014-96

July 2014-98

July 2014-102

July 2014-104

July 2014-107

The kids had a blast walking around Mackinac and seeing all of the horses and bikes.

July 2014-112

July 2014-114

July 2014-115

July 2014-118

July 2014-119

It has turned into a tradition to take the kids to sit on a horse. Last year Peyton cried and Aiden didn’t even try it, but this year both kids loved it! They even walked them around in a circle. Hopefully in a few years the kids will be ready to ride the horses around the island!

July 2014-128

July 2014-130

July 2014-133

July 2014-134

July 2014-140

July 2014-142

July 2014-148

We ate lunch at the Gate House, and the adults enjoyed their first rum runners (YUM!). After lunch we walked around for a bit and then sat outside at the Pink Pony. The adults enjoyed some more rum runners, and the kids enjoyed some ice cream!

July 2014-122

July 2014-126

July 2014-153

July 2014-155

A picture in front of the sign and then ready to leave the island…

July 2014-161

July 2014-163

As you can see, we had a great trip! We are so thankful to have a place to visit every summer and to continue the tradition that Jason grew up with. Thanks so much for having us, Mike and Colleen! The kids can’t wait until next year!!!

Now to switch gears to…house updates! Before we left for Michigan, we made sure to swing by the house since they had just insulated it. I wanted our family to write on the insulation before they dry-walled as a way of personalizing our new home. We wrote hopes for our family, and the kids had fun scribbling! 😉

July 2014-1

July 2014-20

July 2014-3

July 2014-15

July 2014-4

July 2014-18

July 2014-5

July 2014-7

July 2014-19

July 2014-8

July 2014-9

July 2014-12

July 2014-13

July 2014-14

July 2014-16

Unfortunately they didn’t do much work while we were gone, but got busy dry-walling once we were home. Here are some pictures of that progress:

July 2014-171

July 2014-172

July 2014-173

July 2014-174

July 2014-188

July 2014-183

July 2014-186

July 2014-191

July 2014-195

They also finished bricking the front, and are ALMOST done with the stone. The rest will be siding:

July 2014-205

July 2014-206

July 2014-167

I stopped by today and noticed that they put the first coat of paint on. They will do plenty more coats, but you can get the idea of the color. It’s called Tony Taupe, and I love it!

July 2014-214

July 2014-213

July 2014-215

July 2014-216

July 2014-212

July 2014-211

I know I didn’t include any pics of the den (AKA my new photography studio!) last time, so here is a quick one. You can’t really tell much from it, but I am super excited to have a dedicated space for my business! (AND a dedicated closet to store all my backdrops, floors, and props!!!):

July 2014-217

I hope to have lots more to share soon! Our closing date is now September 5th, which is later than they had originally told us. Bummer. But luckily the people that bought our old house don’t need to be out of their apartment until the end of September, so we can continue renting back to avoid the double move. Yay! More updates to come…

August 16, 2013

We are so fortunate that Jason’s family owns a lake house in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We go there every summer, and always come home with great memories. Jason has been going up there for pretty much his entire life, and I know he is excited to continue the tradition with his own kids.

I have to admit that when I met Jason and learned that this would be a trip we’d take every year (probably for the rest of our lives), I didn’t know quite what to think of it. I am not much of a boater, ski doo-er (Is that a word? No?), or wilderness person. Like, AT ALL. My ideal vacations are usually spent lounging near a beach or pool, not swimming in fish-infected lake water. The first time I went with him, I found myself kind of in a culture shock. But year after year, I am coming around. Now I enjoy taking a boat out and relaxing, sitting on the little beach near the house, and “roughing it.” And by roughing it, I mean not drying my hair after a shower or putting on makeup. (Really, it’s not bad at all!) I still refuse to pee in the lake, though. Nope…not gonna happen! 😉

Last year and this year have to be my favorite Michigan trips to date. I love introducing my children to our traditional family vacation and start making memories I know they will treasure. My parents came along both years, and it’s always fun spending time with both sets of our parents. Have I mentioned on here how well the four of them get along? They have been known to go out together…without us! It means the world to me that we both get along with our in-laws so well, and that our families have merged so seamlessly.

We all headed up on July 23rd. The usual eight hour car trip took us more like ten on the way up, but with two kiddos, I think we did pretty well. Thank Heavens for the DVD player! On the way up we stopped at the Deer Ranch in St. Ignace. I already mentioned Peyton’s recent obsession with deer in an earlier post, but here are some more pictures from our stop. She LOVED it. She still talks about wanting to go to Michigan to see the deer. Not quite what I pictured us doing on a family vacation, but Peyton had a blast. I’m sure we’ll always laugh about our trip to the Deer Ranch. Be jealous. 🙂

My dad (“Papa Roo”) is the one I credit with Peyton’s deer obsession. They always go looking for deer when we visit his house. Of course he had to be the one to carry Peyton around at the Deer Ranch. Seriously, how sweet is he with her? My heart just swells when I think about their relationship.

PMichigan 2013-2 PMichigan 2013-7 PMichigan 2013-9 PMichigan 2013-14 PMichigan 2013-16PV1PMichigan 2013-18 PMichigan 2013-25PV2PMichigan 2013-30 PMichigan 2013-34

Of course we had to take some boat rides during our stay in the U.P.! Peyton loved every second of her boat rides. She found it so relaxing that she usually fell asleep. 😉 We were so happy to have Krissy (Jason’s sister) and cousin Blake at the house with us this year. Peyton and Blake were great boating buddies! The boat we rode in, Pretty Girl, ended up placing first at the annual Antique Wooden Boat Show a few weeks later! We are very proud of Grandpa Mike (Jason’s dad) for all of his hard work on this boat. It’s a beauty!

PMichigan 2013-36 PMichigan 2013-38 PMichigan 2013-40 PMichigan 2013-42 PMichigan 2013-44 PMichigan 2013-46 PMichigan 2013-47

We made our annual boat trip to Mackinac Island, and had so much fun! We started out with lunch at our usual spot, and the kids provided plenty of entertainment during the meal.

PMichigan 2013-48 PMichigan 2013-49 PMichigan 2013-52 PMichigan 2013-54 PMichigan 2013-57 PMichigan 2013-60 PMichigan 2013-61 PMichigan 2013-62 PMichigan 2013-67

After lunch we were on the hunt to find a horse to ride. Well, maybe not ride…more like pet and sit on for a picture. Grandpa Mike arranged for the kids to sit on a horse named Diamond. Both kids got a turn, but they were a little afraid. Peyton loved petting her once she got off the horse. She STILL talks about petting and riding the horsey. We’re so glad Grandpa arranged this!

PMichigan 2013-71PV4PMichigan 2013-74PV3PMichigan 2013-85 PMichigan 2013-89 PMichigan 2013-91

We ended our Mackinac trip with a visit to the Pink Pony. Many a Rum Runner was consumed. 😉 Peyton got whisked away by our waitress, and she helped her wait tables for a bit. I don’t think she understood what was going on, but she sure got a kick out of her new friend!

PMichigan 2013-92

You love all the pictures you get to see of me on here, don’t you? I am rarely in photos these days because I’m always behind the camera. I insisted that we took at least a few family pictures on our trip so I could prove that yes, I was around when they were little! These were the best we could get.

PMichigan 2013-95 PMichigan 2013-97 PMichigan 2013-98

Our last day was spent being Pirates. Long story short – people make their boats look like pirate ships and they attack other boats and some bars in town. Most everyone went on the boat, but Grandma Colleen, Grandma Betsy, and I took all the kids to the bar in the car. It was pretty chilly that day, and we didn’t want them being cold after the water attacks. Peyton got a kick out of the pirates. I don’t think she knew what a pirate was before the weekend, but now she knows what they look like and that they say, “Arrrr!” She has now decided that she likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney Channel because of it. I think if we ever go up for Pirate’s weekend again, Peyton will have to ride in the boat and be a pirate. I feel bad that the overprotective mama in me may have made her miss an experience she probably would’ve really enjoyed.

PMichigan 2013-104 PMichigan 2013-101 PMichigan 2013-99PMichigan 2013-109 PMichigan 2013-110

We had a great trip, and are so thankful to the Hamberg’s for having us up for the week! Mike and Colleen, it is truly a blessing for us to have a place we can return year after year and continue with the tradition you started with your family. We came home with lots of great memories, and can’t wait to do it all again next summer!

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