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August 27, 2016

First of all, it has been WAY TOO LONG since I have blogged on here! Life has been a little crazy…Norwex business took off way faster than I could’ve ever imagined, went back to teaching last August, welcomed a new baby, Camden, in February, and have just been busy with the three kids and my business since. I hope to begin blogging again now that life seems to be slowing down a little.

Five years ago, on August 27th, 2011, I married Jason and became Mrs. Hamberg. The last time Aug. 27th fell on a Saturday was our wedding day! (How cool is that?!) We sure have packed a lot into 5 years… 3 kids, 3 dogs (but sadly we’re down to just 1 now), 3 houses (Deerpark, Highbrook, and Hargus), a few job moves, and more laughter and tears than I can count. At dinner last night I told Jason how busy these past five years have been. I told him that I think these next five will look much different – we don’t plan on having more babies, we don’t plan on moving ever again, we hopefully won’t have any more changes in jobs, and jury is still out on if we’ll ever get another dog. Although Peyton’s been asking for a rabbit, hamster, or cat…

I know the next five years WILL have more laughter and tears, that’s for sure. I am just lucky that I married a man who can always make me laugh (even though I may roll my eyes at him), and is the best support system when life gets hard. I am thankful he knows the importance of continuing to date your spouse, and that taking time to get away from the kids and life stress is vital. We have had so much fun in Nashville these past few days – lots of nice meals, adult beverages, country music, and laughing at the crazy bachelorette parties! Ha! And my favorite part may be just laying in bed doing nothing…just sayin’…

Jason, thanks for being my better half for the past 5 years of marriage (and more dating!). While I did think about running the other way after our second date, I’m glad I gave you the benefit of the doubt. 😉 You always support me, no matter how crazy my ideas can be, you are the best daddy our kids could ask for, and I know you’d do anything for me and the kids. I am so thankful God took our broken roads and made them meet (thanks to Mandi!). It has been fun not only growing in relationship with each other through the years, but also in relationship with Him. How blessed I am that faith is important to both of us, and we are raising our children to know and love Christ (even if Peyton is currently mad at Jesus for not giving Lei Lou back to us!).

I am so thankful for the past five years, and looking forward to the COUNTLESS years we have ahead of us! Instead of having babies, moving, and switching jobs….let’s just enjoy the fruits we’ve been blessed with and slow down a little!

And just for fun….here’s a walk down memory lane. I made this on my phone, so not the best quality, but it’s fun to see how we’ve changed through the years!

5 Year Anniversary from Kristi on Vimeo.



August 31, 2014

Before I go into house update stuff, I want to take a minute to gush about my wonderful hubby. We celebrated our third wedding anniversary on Wednesday, and I never got around to writing a dedicated blog post like I had for our first and second anniversaries. I guess having two kids three and under and an upcoming move will do that! But I need to write SOMETHING, no matter how crazy life is these days.

We went out to a nice dinner at one of our favorite places (Tony’s), and it was so nice to enjoy a meal with just Jason. I joked with him that he could’ve just taken me to Larosa’s or somewhere, and it’d be a treat without kids! He insisted that it’s important to celebrate milestones, and I so love and appreciate that about him. Of course the evening ended with me swinging by the new house, smelling gas, and calling Duke to come out and check. Our brand new fireplace had a gas leak, so that was a fun little surprise… 😉

We joke that we have packed so much into our three years of marriage – two kids and now a new house. While I have loved seeing our family grow and change, I am ready for us to take a little breather after the move is over. I am looking forward to just enjoying my hubby and kids, and settling into the house we plan to call home for a LONG time (if not forever!).

I feel so blessed to have married my best friend. Someone I can talk to about anything, who loves me as much when I don’t dry my hair and have PJ’s on as he does when I get dressed up, and puts up with me even on my worst days. I love how much I look forward to date nights, and know that we’ll never run out of things to talk about. I love that we share the same dreams, work together as a team, and genuinely enjoy one another’s company. Of course we have our moments that we get annoyed with each other and lose our cool, but we always offer each other grace and forgiveness and move on. I also love that I’m married to a man that is not afraid to say, “I’m sorry!” Marriage, like most things, has its up’s and down’s. I am so lucky to have such a great guy beside me for the ride. 🙂

Okay, are y’all sick of my sappiness yet? Sorry, I had to! I’ll move on to pictures of the house updates now…

We have a driveway, sidewalk, and stairs to our front door (and lots of them!):

House Updates 4-7

House Updates 4-1

Carpet is in upstairs:

House Updates 4-6

House Updates 4-4

Finished dining room, which will be empty for who knows how long until we can afford to get furniture! :

House Updates 4-9

Laminate flooring meets the fireplace tile:

House Updates 4-2

House Updates 4-17

My favorite room in the house….our gourmet kitchen! :

House Updates 4-16

House Updates 4-13

House Updates 4-12

House Updates 4-11

House Updates 4-10

House Updates 4-8

Quartz counters are in:

House Updates 4-14

House Updates 4-15

Can’t wait to move all my photography stuff out of our garage and into my new studio in the den!

House Updates 4-18

We are set to close on Sept. 11th! We will be moving in on the 12th and 13th. So two weeks from tonight, we will be officially living in the new house and our old house will be empty. It is such a bittersweet feeling, and I’m sure I’ll be feeling pretty emotional these next two weeks. As I said in my post when we were selling our house, I know it is time for us to move on. Yet it is SO HARD leaving the house we started our family in. Please keep us in your prayers that this transition goes smoothly! Peyton still insists that she is going to keep living in the old house. So yeah, this might be fun… 😉

August 27, 2013


It’s officially been two years since we said “I do!” In some ways it feels like just yesterday we were walking down the aisle. In other ways, it feels like we’ve been married forever! I mean that in a good way, of course! Not too many people can say they have been married for two years AND have two kids (aged two and under, mind you!). Although we have our hard days, I think we’re doing a pretty good job at being married and parents. While I love our kids, and am so glad that we’ve managed to raise them happy and healthy thus far, I am going to try and focus the rest of this letter on just us!

When I think back to when I first met you, I can still remember the butterflies I had. I had seen pictures of you from Mandi, and thought you were so darn cute. I was so excited to meet you on our first date that I watched from the window in my apartment and rushed down the stairs to meet you. Our conversation at Bravo’s was entertaining, and we learned how much we DIDN’T have in common! (Anyone that went to our wedding should remember Mandi’s matron of honor speech!). Even though at the time I thought we were polar opposites, I knew you were a great guy and someone I was interested in pursuing.

The more I got to know you, the more I fell in love with you. While on the exterior you seemed tough and strong, I quickly started seeing that you were really a big teddy bear deep down. I still remember you crying watching Marley and Me in the theatre. But shhhh! Your secret is safe with me! 😉

Those first few dates seem like ages ago, but they rooted our relationship. We never ran out of things to talk about, and were always up for something fun to do. It means the world to me that we still take the time to date one another now. I look forward to our monthly “date nights,” and am amazed that we still have plenty to talk about. I am glad that we both still see the importance of dating, even after marriage and kids. I look forward to still “dating” you in our 70’s! 🙂

Thank you for two wonderful years of being your wife. Like our first dance song lyrics said, “And I thought I loved you then,” I really do love you more today than I did on our wedding day. I love having you as my partner, supporter, and best friend. You are the best dad to our kids that I could’ve ever hoped for. You treat my family like your own, and I know they love having you as a son-in-law. Most importantly, you are the one person I want by my side through all the ups and downs in life.

I love you so much, and look forward to the many more years of marriage we have ahead!



BFamily Pics Aug.-3

This is a picture from one of our more recent date nights. We went to see Jason Aldean, and J decided to dress the part for a country concert. We joke all the time about how much I hate that shirt he’s wearing. He threatens to wear it out other places. I tell him over my dead body! 😉 For some more “anniversary appropriate” pictures, check out last year’s anniversary post and get the link to my wedding slideshow!

August 26, 2012


August 27th, 2011 will always be one of the most memorable days of my life. I got to walk down the aisle of St. Xavier Church towards my best friend and partner for life. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family members, and everyone had such big smiles on their faces. I knew in my heart of hearts that we were right for each other, and that God had placed us on the paths He had in order for us to meet and become husband and wife.


Most people say that the first year of marriage is the most difficult. I am proud to say that we had a pretty smooth year! One would think that’d be a hard accomplishment, given that we were also adjusting to being new parents, living together, and sharing financial responsibilities for the first time. But life with you has proven to be the best journey I’ve ever been on.


We both adore Peyton, and work together to share parental responsibilities. I love that I am married to a man that takes such a hands-on approach to being a dad. During my dating years, I always told myself that one of the most important characteristics to look for was someone that would make a good father for my children. I figured that if he would treat his children with love and respect, he would do the same for me. I always knew you’d be a good dad, but even I was impressed when the time came and how you stepped up. It was comforting to walk down the aisle on my wedding day already KNOWING that you’d be a good dad. How many people get to say that?! I can’t believe that we will have been blessed with two children by the time we celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. While many people look at us like we’re nuts for having another so soon, I take comfort in knowing that we make such a great team. I know things will be very busy and challenging at times, but I also know how much more love will be poured into our hearts. I can’t wait to experience that with you! I am so excited to see you FINALLY become a “boy dad.” You have proven to be a great “girl dad” to Peyton, but I know how much you are dying to teach a son baseball, take him to Reds games, and be a male role model. While having a boy scares me a bit (HAHA!), I know he’s in good hands and you’ll make sure he learns all about sports, getting dirty, and everything else that little boys need to know. I can’t wait to meet him and see him in your arms!


Living with you has also been a fun journey. I know you thought I was crazy when I built my (now our) house, and I had to have everything match and coordinate “just right.” But now you appreciate my OCD and I (think!) you like how we have turned our house into a home. I am so excited to build our “forever home” on our lot in a few years, and all the memories that we’ll make there. But I will also be sad when we have to pull away from our current home for the final time. I remember how proud you were of me when I wanted to build this house by myself. You encouraged my independence, which not too many guys would’ve done! It would’ve been way easier for you if I would have just moved into your house, but you let me follow my dream. I remember picking out the kitchen floor, cabinets, and counter tops, and how I made you come with me to help. At first you said no, saying that it was my house and my decision. But then you saw how much I wanted it to eventually be “our” house, and you came along (even though I know decorating isn’t really your thing!). Of course I already had in mind what I wanted, but you gave me your seal of approval and made me feel better. Now we love our kitchen, and always talk about how we want to take many of its qualities and put them in the new house. This house will always be so special to me. It’s where we brought home Peyton (and will soon bring home #2), and where we began our married life together. It’s where we sat outside around the fire pit and talked late into the night about our hopes and dreams for the future. So in other words, I’m not ready to move yet, no matter how little storage space we have! 😉


I could not ask for a harder working husband. You have such a drive to be successful and provide for our family. Many might take that for granted, but not me. Your drive to succeed and help others is inspiring to me. I am so thankful that you understand my desire to want to stay home with Peyton more. You were nothing but supportive when I wanted to go part-time this school year, and caught my tears when it didn’t end up working out. You then went along with my crazy “Plan B” of having another baby and taking half the school year off to be with both kids! I KNOW not too many guys would’ve agreed to THAT! But you know how important being a mom is to me, and once again, you have allowed me to follow my dream of being home with the kids as much as I can. I know financially that’s a lot of stress and pressure to put on you to be the sole provider of our family while I am not working. I know things will probably be a little tight, but we’ll make it work. I’m thankful that you understand that money can be regained eventually, but memories cannot. I know our kids will be thankful for the time you are giving to us!


Jason, this year has been the best one of my life. Our dating years were great, too (obviously…or else we wouldn’t have gotten married!), but there is something extra special about being your wife and the mother of your children. I am so glad to have you alongside me through the good, the bad, and the average days of life. It meant so much to me to have you rub my back during my Grandpa’s funeral services this weekend when you knew I was upset, and talk to me about him. It’s little things like that that mean the world to me. I can only hope that one day Peyton will bring home a guy just like you. I really think that will be the case, since I picked someone just like MY Daddy-O! 🙂


I truly am the luckiest girl to get to spend the rest of my life with you. I am excited for the MANY more years of marriage we will celebrate down the road!

I love you, J!



I was going to put some pictures from our wedding up here, but I had too many favorites to choose from! So instead, I will share the link to some videos I made last year of our wedding pictures. The password is “Ruwe” for those of you who may not know my maiden name! Part One is of us getting ready, and Part Two is of the ceremony and reception. As always, I have to thank Annie and Toby Varland of Varland Photography for documenting the most important memories of our lives! If you ever need a wedding photographer, they are the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned!

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