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September 24, 2014

This little lady has been SO much fun to watch grow and change! Audrey’s parents booked me for a baby package, so I have been able to capture her from her time in the womb all the way up until now. I can’t wait for her 1st birthday session that’s coming up! 🙂 I was a horrible blogger last fall, and sadly didn’t post any of Audrey’s pictures on the blog. So after her most recent session, I’ll also share some of my fav’s from her past sessions! 🙂

Audrey – 9 Months

Audrey 9 Months-6

Audrey 9 Months-10


Audrey 9 Months-22

Audrey 9 Months-29

Audrey 9 Months-40

Audrey 9 Months-55

Audrey 9 Months-88

Audrey 9 Months-139


Audrey 9 Months-148

Audrey 9 Months-159


Audrey 9 Months-164

Now let’s go backwards! Here are some pictures from Amy and Kyle’s maternity session before Miss Audrey was born last fall!

Zink Maternity-10


Zink Maternity-21


B&WZink Maternity-53

Zink Maternity-56


Zink Maternity-100

Zink Maternity-107


Zink Maternity-123


Zink Maternity-135

Zink Maternity-150

Audrey’s Newborn Session:

Audrey Newborn-59


Audrey Newborn-67


B&WAudrey Newborn-135


Audrey’s 3 Month Session:

Audrey 3 Months-9


Audrey 3 Months-47


Audrey 3 Months-91


Audrey 3 Months-121


Amy and Kyle, thank you so much for having me document Audrey’s first year of life for you! You all are such a sweet family, and it has been so fun getting to see you every few months. Can’t wait to see that girl smash some cake in her face! 😉

August 17, 2013

I’ve known Kelly for what seems like forever. We’ve seen each other through it all – college at OU, getting jobs at the same school (in the same grade…next door to each other!), boyfriends, getting married, and becoming mommies! Her son, Noah, and Peyton (my daughter) are BFF’s. We can’t wait for the new little one to come and join in the fun!

I was so excited when Kelly asked me to take some maternity pictures for her. We had planned to do them outside, but a storm rolled in literally as I was pulling in her driveway. Kelly and Shawn were super flexible, and we took some shots around their gorgeous home. Noah was a great sport, and his Grandma was a BIG help at getting him to look!

I took maternity pictures for Kelly when she was pregnant with Noah. We did some of the same shots you’ll see below. We put a nametag on her belly to announce Noah’s name to their friends and family. Kelly and Shawn decided to do the same with this baby boy. So for all of you wanting to know his name, you’ll just have to scroll through until you find out! 🙂

BPriem Maternity-10 BPriem Maternity-13 BPriem Maternity-18 BPriem Maternity-26 BPriem Maternity-34 BPriem Maternity-36BV1BPriem Maternity-44 BPriem Maternity-50BV2BPriem Maternity-51 BPriem Maternity-53 BPriem Maternity-57 BV3BPriem Maternity-71 BPriem Maternity-72 BPriem Maternity-78 BV4BPriem Maternity-89 BPriem Maternity-98 BV5BPriem Maternity-106 BPriem Maternity-126 BPriem Maternity-129 BV7

Kelly and Shawn, thank you so much for trusting me to take these special pictures for your family. I love you guys to death, and I can’t wait until baby CARTER is here! You will love being a family of four, and you two are the best “boy parents” around! I’m sure both boys will grow to be huge baseball fans. Now who will they root for – the Tigers or Reds?! 😉

December 17, 2012

Happy Due Date to me! 🙂

Week 40 Belly Pictures…

Here are the latest stats:

Pregnancy Length: 40 Weeks Exactly (12/17)

Countdown to Due Date: Any time he decides to come!

Weight Gain: Probably 20-25ish lbs. (not 100% sure)

Baby is the size of a: watermelon (19 to 22 in., 6-9 lbs)

New baby developments: He is gearing up for delivery and life outside the womb. His endocrine system is getting hormones ready for delivery. He will send those hormones to the placenta to trigger labor (which he needs to get working on ASAP!). He is also getting ready to take his first breath of air. The first breath at birth requires more effort than any other breath he will ever take again due to the tiny air sacs in the lungs that need to be inflated for the first time.

Gender: Boy

Names: Aiden Michael

Sleep: I get up at least twice a night, mainly to use the restroom or because I am uncomfortable. I also find that my mind is racing, so it’s hard for me to fall back asleep.

Feeling: The swelling and pregnancy rash have actually gotten a little better this past week. I am still itchy, but it’s manageable. I have caught yet ANOTHER cold, so that was not fun this past week. Thankfully, it hasn’t gotten as full-blown as the first one I had a few weeks ago. I just hope I can breathe normally when it comes time to deliver!

Health: Pretty much the same progress as my last appointment. No news is good news, right?!

Movement: He’s still not moving as much, but when he does…my whole belly moves!

Cravings: Chocolate still. But I always crave chocolate! Really, I haven’t had any weird cravings with this pregnancy. Now when I was pregnant with PEYTON, I had weird cravings – especially breakfast food!

Nursery: Everything is finished and ready to go. We got the baseball glove chair from Jason’s mom early (it’s Aiden’s Christmas present), and it looks so cute in his room! I am going to add the pictures to the nursery post, but I’ll also add them here. I can’t wait to see him in it! Peyton is all about sitting in the chair until her brother can.

All of his little outfits have been washed and put away. We have been lucky when it comes to hand-me-downs…Mandi has given us lots of Braxton’s things (and we are giving her Peyton’s things for Brylee), and one of Jason’s former co-workers has given us stuff from her little boy. So I really haven’t had to buy too much yet!

Belly: Still big…to the point that when out in public, people always ask when I’m due. It’s been fun seeing the look on people’s faces when I answered, “Today!” People say that I look like I’ve dropped, but I can’t really tell. All I can see are the crazy stretch marks….yuck. 🙁 I debated even posting the bare-belly shots on here this week because they’re just so unflattering, but I know it’s all part of the process. My babies are well worth what they’ve done to my body!

Next Appointment: Here’s the big news of this final Bumpdate…there will be no more doctor’s appointments! We actually scheduled an induction date of Friday, Dec. 21st if Aiden hasn’t decided to come on his own by then. They said we’ll get things started at 7:30, but to be there by 7 am. Thankfully, they said I am progressed enough that I don’t have to go in the night before and do the whole Cervidil thing. If you remember Peyton’s first induction, this is what wasn’t working and the reason we got sent home after three days of being in the hospital. So as nervous as I am to be induced again, at least I know I don’t have to do that step this time around!

I really wanted to be induced on Wednesday, because the doctor that delivered Peyton is delivering that day. However, the only day they have available this week is Friday, as Christ Hospital is BOOKED for inductions. I asked them about trying to wait until after Christmas, but they said I’d be too far along and they won’t let me wait it out. Soooo…Friday it is. The Mayan calendar says it’s going to be the end of the world, so hopefully THAT doesn’t happen. I don’t believe in all that, but it’s kind of funny to think about his birthday being the day the world ends! A fun thing about Friday is that my Godparents’ daughter, Ali, is having her baby boy via C-section that day, too! So our parents can keep each other company in the waiting room. If you’ve ever seen my Godfather and my dad together, you know that they’ll probably get themselves kicked out of the waiting room for bad behavior! Haha.

The closer Aiden’s birthday gets to Christmas, the more Jason and I have accepted that we will be having a very low-key holiday this season. While we’d love to spend it with our extended families, Aiden is just going to be way too little to be exposing him to a lot of people. It’s winter, and the germs are already in full-swing! Plus, I know it took me a good week to start feeling like myself again after Peyton. Hopefully I’ll bounce back quicker this time around, but who knows! We still plan to exchange gifts with our immediate families sometime on Christmas or a day or two after. I know everyone is bummed that we can’t fully participate in family gatherings this year, but we have to look out for Aiden and his itty bitty immune system. So our focus now is to create our own lil’ Christmas for Peyton, complete with resting and enjoying our new family of four. Of course we’ll throw in lots of presents from Santa, Christmas movies, and staying in our PJ’s for as long as we want!

Speaking of Santa…we took Peyton to see him at Great Wolf Lodge this weekend! It was a great indoor place to see him, and the line wasn’t bad at all. They let you take your own pictures (one of the reasons we didn’t want to attempt the mall), and they had a lot of other wintery activities for the kids to do. Peyton has been obsessed with Santa in books and on TV, and usually says, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” when you ask her what Santa says. However, when she saw him in person, she wasn’t the biggest fan. In fact, I felt like we were abusing her by making her sit on his lap. Someday she’ll appreciate these photos and think they’re funny, right?!?

Thanks again for following along with all my Aiden Bumpdates! Please keep our family in your prayers as we prepare to meet our little guy. I would REALLY like to go into labor on my own prior to Friday. As I said, Wednesday would be ideal because then we could have the doctor we really want! As always, we appreciate the love, prayer, and support we receive from our families and friends. We can’t wait to add Aiden to the mix!

December 06, 2012

I want to start this post by thanking everyone for their kind words about my hospital reflections post. I had so many people say that they could relate to my experience, and others that were thankful for my honesty. I am so glad I could help some future mama’s out by sharing my story! I have been very blessed by the kindness of others since I wrote it. I had a friend volunteer to set up meals for us using the online sign-up site, and many others that offered to come babysit while I nap. I’m sure I’ll take all of you up on your offers! Jason and I are so thankful to be surrounded by such a caring community of friends and family members. Aiden is a lucky boy to be born with so many adoring fans already!

I took my 37 week belly pics, but then didn’t have time to blog. So….the belly pics are from week 37, but the latest stats are current (week 38). You get the idea! 😉

Week 37 Belly Pictures…

Here are the latest stats: 

Pregnancy Length: 38 weeks, 3 days (as of 12/6)

Countdown to Due Date: 1 week, 4 days…AHHH!

Weight Gain: Finally asked the doctor…I have gained about 20 lbs. since the beginning of this pregnancy.

Baby is the size of a: watermelon (19 to 22 in., 7 lbs)

New baby developments: He is plumping up in there! His brain is continuing to develop rapidly, at a pace that will continue for his first 3 years of life. His skin has also turned from pink to white. He is ready for life outside the womb…we just need him to get moving!

Gender: Boy

Names: Aiden Michael

Sleep: Not too bad for this stage of the pregnancy. I usually wake up around 4ish, but can go back to sleep without getting out of bed.

Feeling: Swollen and itchy! The new developments are swollen ankles (I was wondering when they’d start!), and a pregnancy rash. It is on my belly, lower legs/ankles/feet, and upper arms. Doctor said it is harmless, but I am itching like crazy, especially at night! She said the only cure is to have the baby. She even brought up induction today, but I told her I wasn’t ready for that yet. After my first try with induction, I think I’ll wait it out a little more…uncomfortable or not!

Health: Other than the few minor uncomfortable things, I’m great! This may be TMI, but I know some people are curious…at my appointment today, I was 1-2 cm and 75% effaced. Not too much progress, but more than I ever had with Peyton!

Movement: He’s not moving as much now (no more room!), but still likes to give me a good jab every now and then.

Cravings: My new thing has been Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I bought it for my picky eater of a daughter to try and entice her, but baby Aiden decided he liked it, too! Nothing too crazy though. I REALLY want some of those apple suckers dipped in caramel for the hospital (I think they let you suck on things during labor), but I can’t find them ANYWHERE! So I settled for the Jolly Rancher kind. If anyone finds any of the candy apple suckers, I will pay you big bucks for them!!! 😉

Nursery: It’s DONE!!! I have pictures taken, and will do a separate blog post on his baseball themed nursery. Sorry…you’ll just have to be patient for now!

Belly: Oh my how it has grown! I have also finally gotten stretch marks. I was hoping I’d escape them, but no such luck. 🙁 I have been putting on the stretch mark lotion, so let’s hope they go away once I deliver!

Next Appointment: Dec. 14th

 I have decided to work half days all next week, and then take the week of my due date off from school. Between the swelling, itching, and stressing about going into labor at school, I think it’s best for all involved! My long-term sub has already shadowed me for two days, and is ready to start taking over. As much as I love teaching, I am looking forward to my stay-at-home-mommy-gig. I know I am trading one stressful and draining job for another. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, and I know it will have its challenges! But my kids will only be little once, and I want to watch them grow up. I feel like I missed so much working during Peyton’s first year, and I am excited to be home to watch all of Aiden’s milestones. I am thankful for a husband that can look past the financial piece and see how important this is for me and our family. I will need to be a busy bee this Spring and Summer taking pictures to supplement my income, so PLEASE keep me in mind if you want family photos taken! Plus, I think I’ll need a break from the kids every now and then!

Depending on when I have this baby, I may or may not get around to writing another Bumpdate. Thanks for following along with me as I wait to meet the little boy growing inside my belly!

Oh, and one last thing…Brylee (AKA Aiden’s future wife) was born yesterday! Mandi and Brett are our wonderful friends and neighbors, and we are over the moon excited for them. She is a cutie pie, and we can’t wait to watch her grow alongside her big brother, Braxton!

November 27, 2012

Okay, so you’re probably expecting to see pics of my 37 week old belly…or perhaps Aiden’s super-cool baseball nursery…both of which I plan to do ASAP! But tonight I decided to put my “37 Week Bumpdate” on hold for this hospital post instead. A little out of order, I know, but I have my reasons. First off – I want natural light to take pictures of the finished room. By the time I get home from work, entertain Miss Peyton, Jason gets home from work, and we eat dinner, it’s dark out. Bummer. Oh, and my belly? It is HUGE, and getting uncomfortable. I come home and immediately change into PJ pants. Once I’m in them, the idea of taking a picture of my large and in charge stomach doesn’t sound too appealing. But I promise I will take pictures of both…just not tonight! 😉

The other reason I am writing this post now instead of my Bumpdate? I REALLY want to blog about this topic before I go into the hospital. And with my luck, I will go into labor tomorrow and it will be too late (yes, those good ol’ Braxton Hicks contractions/cramps have started, and are sending me into panic mode!). So here it goes…my reflection on the post-baby hospital stay…

See this picture? It is what I thought all parents looked like after a baby was born: calm baby, overjoyed mama, and the picture of perfection. And it IS! This is one of my most favorite photos of Peyton from the hospital, taken by our wonderful birth photographer, Annie Varland (who I can’t wait to have photograph Aiden’s birth here soon!). I will always treasure this photo and the memory it holds for me. Before Peyton was born, I would look at a photo like this and think having a baby was all roses and butterflies. I was one of those people that if I heard someone I knew had a baby, I was dying to drive to the hospital, visit the parents, and get my hands on that sweet bundle of joy! I also thought that if I didn’t make the trek to the hospital, the new parents would feel like I didn’t care or didn’t acknowledge the birth of the baby. My oh my how having a baby of my own has changed my mind on that topic!

It wasn’t until I saw a fantastic blog post featuring Jenny Baker, the wonderful lady from Crossroads that married Jason and I, that I realized how important it is to establish boundaries about the birth of your baby. (Click here to watch it…it is full of great info, and Jenny cracks me up!) Don’t get me wrong, I thought about the actual BIRTH of Peyton. I knew I wanted Jason in the room, a birth photographer (which I would TOTALLY recommend if you’ve ever thought of having one!), and my mom. I set very firm boundaries with everyone, especially my mom. They went something like this:

1.)    You will stay by my head.

2.)    You won’t talk to me while I’m pushing.

3.)    You are not allowed to cry.

4.)    You will videotape the birth, but make sure that you don’t see anything “yucky.”

Okay, so maybe I was a little too firm on establishing the boundaries with her! 😉 But the after birth part? I hadn’t even thought of that! The next thing I knew, I had just pushed a kid out of my you-know-what, and people were asking to come in and visit. I said okay, and the room quickly filled with our families. Everyone held the baby, and I was glad that Annie was able to capture a picture or two of each member of the family holding Peyton for the first time. After awhile most everyone went back to the waiting room, and I suddenly felt nauseous. No one told me that might happen. The next thing I knew, I was covered in puke and having to change my gown. Yeah, no one told me THAT might happen either. I so desperately wanted to shower, but the idea of standing up in a shower after a day of labor and the pain “down there” made me cringe. So there I was, disgusting, exhausted, and feeling miserable, all within the first two hours of Peyton being in the world. Mind you, we were still in the delivery room at this point…yes, a total whirlwind of two hours. The next thing I knew, I was put in a wheelchair and felt like my head was spinning as they wheeled me to my recovery room. All of our families were out in the waiting room, and they wanted to steal a quick peek of the baby as we went by. I just remember feeling like I was in a daze, and all I wanted was to get into a semi-comfy bed and go to sleep. I think everyone saw how miserable I looked, said their goodbyes, and headed home for the night. Jason and I got a decent night’s sleep, even with keeping Peyton in our hospital room. I was determined to get her on a “good sleep schedule” from night one, so I was insistent that she stay with us where I could start being the enforcer of the Happiest Baby on the Block techniques (swaddling, shushing, etc.). Just ask Jason – I was kind of crazy about that! I could’ve done without the constant nurse check-in’s throughout the night, but I guess that’s just part of the gig…

Day two in the hospital brought lots of visitors. Parents, grandmas, siblings, cousins, aunts, friends…you name it, we had them in our room. At first it was fun to visit with everyone, and I loved showing off our precious little girl. But as the day went on, I was reminded of how crappy I felt after having a baby. (Again, something no one can really prepare you for until you go through it.) I put on a smile and even made myself get out of bed and sit in the rocker instead while we visited. I watched my baby get passed around the room, and I could feel myself getting more tired and overwhelmed by the minute. I felt like I needed to entertain people, even though my only job was to sit in the rocker and talk to them. One of my flaws is my desire to please everyone, and I hate hurting people’s feelings. I knew I could’ve asked everyone to leave and they would’ve understood, but I worried that they had traveled all that way, and I didn’t want them to feel like they weren’t wanted.

If you are still reading at this point, good for you! I have always said that God gave me three passions in life – teaching, photography, and writing. Unfortunately, He made me long-winded! 😉 I do have a point in telling all of this, though. First, I never really had an outlet to share Peyton’s birth story and what I learned from it. I think all women, whether they have had kids, are currently pregnant with baby #1, or dream of the day they may have a child, should know that the time after having a baby isn’t the picture of perfection it’s so often made out to be. We all know childbirth itself is a lot of work, exhausting, and not too pretty.  But no one talked to me about what life would be like in the hospital in the days following. After talking with many of my other mommy friends, I now know that most often times it is TOUGH. Now please don’t confuse all of this with complaining or a lack of gratitude. Having a baby is the single most MIRACULOUS event I have ever experienced! Despite the blood, puke, pain, and raging hormones, I was on cloud nine meeting the tiny baby that I bonded with for 9 long months! I have always said that I don’t know how anyone can have a baby and still question if there is a God. I feel oh so very privileged to be able to have children, and their birthdays will always mean the world to me. I’m just trying to be brutally honest about some of the things I wish I would’ve known about before I went to the hospital the first time.

My other reason for wanting to write this post before I go into labor is to hopefully establish some boundaries about our hospital stay. I am so much better writing my feelings than speaking them, so I thought this would be an easier way for me to share with family and friends my wishes for “Hospital Stay Take 2” (or “Take 3” if you count our first induction with Peyton, which could easily turn into a whole other blog post! Haha). So knowing what I know now, I am requesting that only immediate family visits the hospital (our parents and siblings). While I know Jason and I will be over the moon to share our little Aiden with everyone that we love, I also know that I will probably not be feeling too well and will want to rest. I am seriously considering asking that no one come back into the actual delivery room after his birth, but rather wait until we are transferred to the recovery room (which I think is two hours after the baby is born) for fear of what happened the first time around. I hope that all of our family members and friends understand that this is a personal decision, one that I feel I need to make for my sanity in order to rest and recuperate. After all, I only get two or three days to enjoy my baby before I’ll be home managing a newborn and an 18 month old who certainly won’t understand mommy’s need for sleep! Hehe.

Finally, after talking with another mommy friend, we came up with a list of things people can do for families that have just welcomed a new baby. After all, I know that everyone that wants to visit has the best intentions and just wants to offer their support and love. So if you know someone who is pregnant or just had a baby, here are a few ideas that I think new mommies would appreciate!

*Send them a text, Facebook message , or email letting them know you’re thinking of them. End it with something like, “I know you are busy and need your rest, so don’t worry about replying – just wanted to say I was thinking about you!” The last part is important because, as my friend pointed out, new mommies often feel bad for not getting back with people.  That last part will ease her guilt while she’s busy caring for that sweet new babe.

*Offer to bring over a meal once they are home from the hospital. Better yet, organize a whole group of people to take them meals using an online organizer such as Make sure everyone knows to drop the meal off on their front porch and knock or text when it’s there. The last thing a new mommy should have to do is feel obligated to entertain! (And honestly, she will appreciate being able to look as raged as she likes without fear of who will stop by and see her in that condition.)

*If you MUST see that baby, offer to watch him or her while the mom takes a nap. I actually had a friend in our Church’s small group already offer to do this once Aiden is born, and I thought it was the best idea EVER! I immediately felt like I could stay in my sweats and not have to worry about entertaining her. Let’s face it…new moms are in DESPERATE need of a nap! But if you offer this, make the mom stick to the deal – send her upstairs while you man the baby.

*Send something thoughtful in the mail, either to the hospital or their house. Flowers are nice, but you can be creative…think a fruit bouquet (make sure there is something dipped in CHOCOLATE in there!), Graeter’s ice cream, etc. Hospital food is for the birds!

*Ask if there are any groceries you could pick up for them. I know this sounds silly, but I remember sending my mom out to the store when we got home with Peyton for simple things like fresh bread, water bottles, etc. Even if they don’t need anything, the new mom and dad will appreciate your offer!

Finally, I want to finish this post by saying that all of the above are my personal opinions. Just as I know many of my friends feel the same way in regards to visitors and feeling overwhelmed, I know just as many that LOVED having visitors and felt great after delivery! You really just need to feel out the new mama and see where you think she stands. Thanks for listening to my pregnancy rantings, and feel free to leave a comment about YOUR hospital stay experience below! I would love to hear how similar or different it was for all the mommies out there!

November 04, 2012

Week 33 Belly Pictures…

Here are the latest stats: 

Pregnancy Length: 33 weeks, 6 days (as of 11/4)

Countdown to Due Date: 6 weeks , one day (HOLY COW!)

Weight Gain: Still not sure, since our home scale’s batteries died and I have yet to replace them.

Baby is the size of a: pineapple (19 to 22 in., 4.9 lbs)

New baby developments: Still growing and gaining more weight. His fingernails now reach the end of his fingertips and may even curl over the tip. My pregnancy app also talks about how his testicles are making their way down from his abdomen. But I don’t know if any of us really need to know that lil’ detail…

Gender: Boy

Names: Aiden Michael

Sleep: Not going as well as it had been. I woke up a few nights in a row with massive cramps in my legs. I know that’s normal during pregnancy, but OUCH! I have to get up and walk around to get rid of them. Also, I have started waking up at least once in the middle of the night (usually at the same time) for no reason. I did this with Peyton, too. I guess it’s your body’s way of getting ready for those middle-of-the-night feedings. Can’t wait! Hehe.

Feeling: Tired and stressed. Report cards and conferences are coming up at school, so that’s not helping. Once those are done, I can turn more attention to getting those last minute things ready for Aiden and finishing his room.

Health: Everything checks out well at the doctor’s. However, heartburn is my new (unwanted) friend. I guess I’ll take it over the nausea I had with Peyton.

Movement: Since he’s bigger, I feel him move much more now! I think he’s starting to run out of room in there. I get a good jab at least once a day that makes me stop dead in my tracks!

Cravings: Everything I shouldn’t eat.

Nursery: We are making progress! Jason painted the walls and they look great! He put up with my crazy paint dilemma. Basically I wasn’t happy with the paint I bought for the three walls and had to take it back. Normally Lowe’s doesn’t take paint back, but I think the guy felt sorry for me and my big ol’ belly. The color we got is much more what I had in mind! My mom started on the baseball wall. Below you’ll see pics of the progress. It’s mainly done, but she needs to add some finishing details. Jason put together the crib and dresser. The dresser is the same as Peyton’s,  but I found baseball knobs instead of the ones that came with it. How stinking cute are they?! I can’t wait to put together all the little details in his room. Everything is bought…I just need to find time (and energy!) to get it all set up!

Belly: I feel like I am the size I was when I delivered Peyton! But I can still see my feet, which is a blessing I suppose. I am starting to get stretch marks around my belly button, which I was really hoping to avoid. So I will now be applying stretch mark cream daily to try and combat them! Also, my belly button seems to be getting smaller and smaller as my belly gets bigger and bigger. I am just waiting for it to pop out. Luckily it never did with Peyton, but I don’t think I’ll be so lucky this time. I am not looking forward to my “innie” becoming an “outtie.”  I’m just glad I heard about this pregnancy phenomenon from my teacher friends at school. I’m thinking about writing a blog post for all my friends that aren’t yet pregnant or are newly pregnant about all the things no one tells you about pregnancy. Would anyone be interested in those tidbits?!

Next Appointment: Nov. 14th

And now for what most people probably came here to see…Aiden’s room! A BIG thank you to Jason and my mom for working so hard – I don’t know what I’d do without you two! I personally think it looks amazing. My mom may need to retire early and start a mural business. 😉 Also, thank you to Pinterest for giving me the idea of the baseball wall, which got the ball rolling (literally) on our baseball themed nursery! And I suppose I should also thank Big Sister Peyton for inspecting all of the hard work and making sure it’s suitable for her little brother. 🙂

And finally some pics of my little stinker, Peyton. She came in the bathroom as I was taking my bump pictures, and I thought I’d try and get her in some with my belly. Well, she instead found the Q-tips and proceeded to stick them up her nose. So me, being the good mom that I am, decided to take pictures of her doing that. But I also got some sweet ones of her “reading” her new favorite book (Goodnight Moon) and hugging her teddy bear. That girl warms my heart and makes me laugh all at the same time!

October 14, 2012

We did our 30 week 3D/4D ultrasound at Becoming Mom this weekend. Ever since then, my mother keeps sending me text messages asking when she is going to get to see pictures of Aiden. Soooo…I had to get on the ball and come up with my 30 Week Bumpdate!

First off, here is my ever-growing bump:

For comparison sake, here is my 31 week bump with Peyton. I was basically two days away from 31 weeks when I took my pics for Aiden, so it’s almost the same!

Here are the latest stats:

Pregnancy Length: 30 weeks, 6 days (as of 10/14)

Countdown to Due Date: 9 weeks, 1 day (Single digits…HORRAY!!!)

Weight Gain: Not sure…our scale’s batteries died. Convenient, huh?!

Baby is the size of a: head of lettuce (18 in., 3.2 lbs)

New baby developments: His brain continues to develop, and he can perceive new information from all five senses. He is making faces, hiccuping (which he does A LOT!), swallowing, breathing, pedaling with little hands and feet, and sucking on his thumb. He will gain about 3-5 more pounds, possibly more, before he is born.

Gender: Still a boy! Confirmed for the 3rd time at our ultrasound!

Names: Aiden Michael

Sleep: Same – not too bad once I get comfy. I have started having strange preggo dreams though. I had one the other night that I had the baby super early and nothing was ready. Since we haven’t started on the nursery yet, I sure hope that my dream doesn’t come true!

Feeling: More exhausted than I had been recently. I can tell I’m into the third trimester; I have lost energy and get winded more easily. I know it will only go downhill from here (oh boy!).

Health: Still great!

Movement: He likes to move, but not all the time. Still reminds me of Peyton’s disposition.

Cravings: Still chocolate. I made the mistake of buying Halloween candy in advance when I was at Costco. Let’s just say Aiden doesn’t need to go trick-or-treating this year to get his treats! Kit Kats and Twix bars are our candy of choice right now.

Nursery: I have posted pictures of it below. As you can see, not much progress has been made. I THINK I have picked out paint colors for the walls, so I need to go back to Lowe’s and actually buy the cans. Hopefully we can paint the walls this coming weekend, and then my mom is going to be brave and try her hand at painting baseball stitching on one wall. Most everything is bought and waiting in the closet. The furniture is in the room, but still in boxes. I can’t wait until the walls are done so we can start setting things up!

Belly: Still there and growing. It’s getting harder to bend down and pick things up, which is super fun with a 15 month old around. We are making progress in teaching Peyton how to pick up her own toys, so that will be helpful. And no, I am not kidding. This OCD mama is teaching her to put the toys in her toy bins, and then we clap and celebrate. My child WILL clean up after herself! 😉

Next Appointment: Nov. 1st

And now, here is Mr. Aiden! He is currently head up, and so his feet were curled up by his face for the ultrasound. Not too comfy, if you ask me. All I can say is this lil’ guy better flip; I would really appreciate not having a C-section! Oh, and the ultrasound tech said she saw that he has hair. I’m glad she told me that, because they told me countless times that Peyton was BALD. Yes, that would be my daughter with the endless amount of hair. So I guess I need to figure out what to do with his hair, since keeping it out of his face with bows and ponytails won’t be an option this time around!

For another comparison, here is Peyton in her 3D/4D ultrasound. What do you think – do they look alike?!

As promised, here is the progress (or lack thereof) in the nursery. At least it’s cleared of our guestroom furniture, Jason’s desk, and our miscellaneous storage stuff!

Finally, here are some pictures of big sister Peyton. I took the day off on Wednesday for a doctor’s appointment, and we had fun playing in her playhouse on our back patio. I don’t think the nice weather will stick around too much longer, so we’re trying to enjoy our outside time while we can!

Peyton went to her first UC Bearcats game of the season this weekend. Even though she was going on a minimal nap, and was forced to stay up past her bedtime, she still really enjoyed the game. She clapped when everyone else did, and even attempted the UC cheer. She had fun dancing with her BFF, Braxton, during halftime. Braxton was also quite the gentleman and shared some of his soft pretzel with her. 😉 These two are just too funny when they get together. Now that they go to the same sitter (Braxton’s Granny), they are becoming more like siblings. Good thing they can practice sharing and “being gentle” with one another before their REAL siblings arrive!

We’ve had a busy but fun-filled few weeks. I know that the coming weeks and weekends will be just as busy and packed full of Fall activities. I just hope I have enough energy to keep up!

September 24, 2012

I know I’ve said before that I am totally slacking on this pregnancy. Minimal pictures, no blog posts, and basically I am too busy half the time to even remember that I’m pregnant again (aside from my growing belly that likes to remind me!). So…I am going to TRY and do a better job these last few months and weeks of my pregnancy! I am not going to promise weekly “bumpdates,” because I know some weeks they just won’t happen. But SOME are better than NONE, right?! 😉

I have officially given up on my cute Pinterest idea of having Peyton in my pictures (see blog about that here). We may try again before Aiden is born, but I don’t think we can count on those pics. A one year old is not a very willing model, and I have too fancy of a camera for Jason to work consistently. He tries, bless his heart…but with all the settings and focusing issues on a DSLR, it’s just too much when we need a quick picture before *someone* has a meltdown. So I took matters into my own hands this week and did some cheesy 27 week pics in the bathroom mirror. Again, not ideal…but better than nothing! So for anyone that cares, here is what my belly is looking like nowadays…

I crack up whenever people comment on how small I am. Compared with when I was pregnant with Peyton, I feel HUGE! Here’s proof for all you non-believers…

Normally I am not one to show my bare belly. I hate to show my stomach in a bathing suit, even when I’m NOT pregnant! But I know someday I’ll miss my baby belly, so I took a few without being fully covered. View at your own risk!!!

Pregnancy Length: 27 weeks 6 days (as of 9/23)

Countdown to Due Date: 12 weeks 1 day

Weight Gain: About 10 lbs. since I found out I was preggo with #2. (That doesn’t count the 7ish lbs I never got rid of after Peyton! UGH!)

Baby is the size of a: head of cauliflower (16 in., 2.5 lbs)

New baby developments: He can dream (has the rapid eye movement phase of sleep, where dreaming occurs); blinks his eyes; coughs; sucks and breathes. If he were to be born today (which we sure hope he ISN’T!), he would have a pretty good chance of surviving since his lungs have reached the vital point of maturity. Whew!

Gender: Boy

Names: Aiden Michael (it’s a done deal!). Although Jason still throws out “Titus” every now and then, just to get a rise out of me!

Sleep: Not too bad. The hardest part is getting comfortable before I fall asleep. My lower back is KILLING me! Darn sciatic nerve!

Feeling: Tired. More so due to working full-time as a teacher, doing photography on the side, and have I mentioned that I have a 15 month old at home?! 😉

Health: Great! No news is good news. Passed my glucose test at my last appointment…wahoo for no gestational diabetes!

Movement: Feeling it, and loving it! There’s nothing more miraculous than feeling a baby move inside of you. He moves about as much as Peyton did…maybe a tad bit more. Here’s to hoping we get lucky with another mellow baby! 🙂

Cravings: Chocolate! I may or may not have made a batch of brownies on a whim just because they sounded good. Oops. And then there are those darn Peanut Butter M&M’s I keep running into at Kroger’s…

Nursery: The former guestroom is all cleaned out. Now we just need to paint and then we can really get things going! We are for sure doing a baseball theme. We have most everything purchased, including all of his new furniture, bedding, and decorations. That was my summer project!

Belly: It’s there! Luckily I don’t have any stretch marks or that lovely linea negra (line) that develops yet. I hope both stay away, but I’m not counting on it!

Next Appointment: Oct. 9th

Oh, and now some “everyday” photos of Miss Peyton. These were taken the same night as my belly pics. The camera was out and easily accessible, so I snapped a few of her being…well….her. 🙂 Peyton LOVES to play “peek-a-boo” with anything she can find! This night it was our bathroom door.

After her bath and PJ’s, she got in some final play time of the day. First up was the slide that currently resides in our loft upstairs. She is such a daredevil on that thing, but boy does she love it! I think her lack of fear came from her DADDY!

After the slide, she spent some time with her baby. She is starting to really partake in imaginary play, and it melts my heart! She gives her baby doll a paci, puts her in the stroller, and walks her around the house. When the baby falls out, she immediately puts her back in. It’s pretty darn cute to watch, if I do say so myself. She’s definitely a girl after my own heart! I just hope she’s as sweet with Aiden when he gets here!

May 06, 2012

Lauren and I were roomies at Ohio University in Tiffin Hall and 50 Carpenter. Hard to believe that now we’re both wives and mamas! 🙂 Baby Adalyn is due to arrive at the end of June. I was so glad I could make it to her couple’s shower in Columbus to see Lauren’s baby bump! It was also fun visiting with Sarah, our other OU roomie. The parents-to-be got a lot of great gear (and cute outfits!) for the little one, and everyone had a great time. Kathryn and Dana did a great job as hostesses.

Matt had never held a baby as an adult, so he got some practice with Peyton! I know these two will make great parents. I can’t wait until Miss Adalyn makes her appearance and Lauren gets to hold her for the first time. There is nothing better!!!

March 31, 2012

Brittany and Steve are anxiously awaiting Baby Weston’s arrival in May. They are such a cute couple…very easy to photograph! 🙂 They signed up for my “Bump and Baby” package, so I can’t wait to take pictures of Weston during his first year. I’m sure he will be adorable, just like his mommy and daddy!

Brittany, I have enjoyed getting to know you these past few years at school. You are so great with your students, and I know you will make a great mom as well! I can’t wait for you to see and hold Weston for the first time. Your heart will be overflowing with love. Thanks for allowing me to capture this special time in your family’s life. I had so much fun, and I hope you both did too!

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