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September 24, 2014

This little lady has been SO much fun to watch grow and change! Audrey’s parents booked me for a baby package, so I have been able to capture her from her time in the womb all the way up until now. I can’t wait for her 1st birthday session that’s coming up! 🙂 I was a horrible blogger last fall, and sadly didn’t post any of Audrey’s pictures on the blog. So after her most recent session, I’ll also share some of my fav’s from her past sessions! 🙂

Audrey – 9 Months

Audrey 9 Months-6

Audrey 9 Months-10


Audrey 9 Months-22

Audrey 9 Months-29

Audrey 9 Months-40

Audrey 9 Months-55

Audrey 9 Months-88

Audrey 9 Months-139


Audrey 9 Months-148

Audrey 9 Months-159


Audrey 9 Months-164

Now let’s go backwards! Here are some pictures from Amy and Kyle’s maternity session before Miss Audrey was born last fall!

Zink Maternity-10


Zink Maternity-21


B&WZink Maternity-53

Zink Maternity-56


Zink Maternity-100

Zink Maternity-107


Zink Maternity-123


Zink Maternity-135

Zink Maternity-150

Audrey’s Newborn Session:

Audrey Newborn-59


Audrey Newborn-67


B&WAudrey Newborn-135


Audrey’s 3 Month Session:

Audrey 3 Months-9


Audrey 3 Months-47


Audrey 3 Months-91


Audrey 3 Months-121


Amy and Kyle, thank you so much for having me document Audrey’s first year of life for you! You all are such a sweet family, and it has been so fun getting to see you every few months. Can’t wait to see that girl smash some cake in her face! 😉

August 19, 2014

I was contacted by one of my sorority sister’s from OU to photograph her family. I had taken some pictures for Diane this past fall during my Columbus photo sessions (more on that below!), but this time she wanted some with her parents and sister, too! So I headed over to her parents’ BEAUTIFUL home and we found a lot of great spots for their session. Her family was so welcoming, and even the boys were good sports. Diane’s daughter, Addie, is absolutely adorable and so fun to work with. While she started off a little shy and serious, by the end of the shoot she was down to a diaper cover and happily blowing bubbles! 🙂


Messer Family-15

Messer Family-9


Messer Family-19


Messer Family-47

Messer Family-59



Messer Family-104

Messer Family-105

Messer Family-112

Messer Family-122





B&WMesser Family-93


Messer Family-145

As I mentioned before, I had taken pictures for Diane and Bryan this fall. Unfortunately I was so busy with taking TONS of pictures, editing, and getting galleries and print orders to clients in a timely fashion that I had to let blogging go by the wayside. I am super bummed about this, because I have SO many wonderful sessions that have yet to be featured on my site! I decided to go ahead and include some of the images from their pervious session on this blog post as well. Addie sure has grown since then, but continues to be quite the cutie!

Smeenk Family-2

Smeenk Family-24

Smeenk Family-27

Smeenk Family-17

Smeenk Final Edits-37

Smeenk Family-33

Smeenk Final Edits-27

Smeenk Final Edits-32

Smeenk Final Edits-22


Smeenk Final Edits-24


Smeenk Final Edits-8

Thanks again, Diane, for thinking of me to take these pictures for you. Please thank your hubby, parents, sister, and brother-in-law for the opportunity to work with them as well! Alpha love and all of mine!

May 30, 2014


I LOVE when past clients book repeat sessions! It is so much fun to watch families grow from year to year. I photographed the Burch’s after Bo had celebrated his first birthday. Since then their family has grown…in age AND number! Mallory joined the Burch Bunch and also recently celebrated her first birthday. While most of our session was focused on Mal because of her birthday, Sally wanted to make sure we got some family shots and also some of just big bro Bo. So we headed out to the Cincinnati Nature Center to have some fun! I am always so excited when clients choose locations I have never shot at before. The nature center had a ton of great spots, and the kids loved running around and playing.

Mallory decided to be my BFF right off the bat. She gave me lots of high fives and smiles, and loved cheesing for the camera. Bo wasn’t quite sure what to make of me, but he put up with the crazy camera lady (such a typical male!). How freaking adorable is it that Bo and his Daddy have the same facial expressions in most of the pictures?!

Thanks so much for having me take pictures of your adorable family, Sally and Adam! I love that these photos are already hung all over the walls of your house!!!

Burch Family 2014-5

Burch Family 2014-14

Burch Family 2014-17


Burch Family 2014-24

Burch Family 2014-34


Burch Family 2014-76

Burch Family 2014-69


Burch Family 2014-54

Burch Family 2014-57

Burch Family 2014-116


April 17, 2014

Trevor Vincent was born during the early morning hours on February 20th, 2014. He was welcomed with open arms by his wonderful mama (Jenny) and daddy (Mike). His two brothers, Tyler and Drew, were over the moon excited for their new baby brother! He fit right in, and seems to be adjusting well to life in a busy house of all boys.

I was so honored when Jenny asked me to take Trevor’s newborn photos. We had such fun with the backdrops and blankets that are typical of a newborn session. We also ventured to Mike and Jenny’s room for some more relaxed family pictures. I am so glad we did, as they are some of my favorites!

This little guy holds an extra special place in my heart, as he is part of our family. Jenny is my hubby’s cousin, so we get to see them often! Can I just take a moment to say how gorgeous Jenny is?! I WISH I looked like her while having a newborn at home. I love that new mama’s glow. 🙂

Thanks, Munafo family, for inviting me into your home during this special time in your life. Trevor is a cutie, and I know Tyler and Drew will continue to be wonderful big brothers. Enjoy those sweet boys of yours!


Trevor Newborn-4


Trevor Newborn-38


Trevor Newborn-16


Trevor Newborn-25


Trevor Newborn-107


Trevor Newborn-120

Trevor Newborn-141

Trevor Newborn-151

Trevor Newborn-145

Trevor Newborn-149

Trevor Newborn-58

Trevor Newborn-60

Trevor Newborn-55


Trevor Newborn-76

Trevor Newborn-46

Trevor Newborn-52

Trevor Newborn-54

Trevor Newborn-93

Trevor Newborn-91

Trevor Newborn-72

Trevor Newborn-84


April 11, 2014

I first heard about Aidan through the “All in for Aidan” page on Facebook. He is a student in the district I teach in, and was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March of 2013. The community decked out in yellow to show that they were “all in” to support Aidan through his treatment. It was so heartwarming to see! I wanted to help in some way, and decided that I’d donate a photo session to this amazing family. I figured that they might appreciate having some photos taken during this season of life, as I’ve found it important to document it all: the up’s, down’s, and in-between’s.

We headed out to Sharon Woods this past fall, and I had a blast with Aidan and his family. They even brought along their new dog, Sadie! Everyone was a good sport, and we spent a lot of time at our session laughing. No matter what trial may be put in their path, they always manage to keep a positive attitude and remain so grateful for the support they’ve been shown. We made sure to take some pictures of Aidan with each parent (the first few photos), but also wanted to capture all the siblings with their parents as well. Since this was a fall photo session, they were wanting some family pictures to use for Christmas cards and to hang around their home!

I so loved meeting this amazing boy and his family. Life is all about attitude, and they have managed to keep their spirits high even through difficult circumstances. They are an inspiration for all of us; if they can be positive when faced with something as serious as a tumor, surely we can stay positive through the difficult times we’re handed! I will continue to keep Aidan in my prayers, and I ask that you do the same. His tumor is stable and hasn’t grown, which is great! Please pray that it collapses and goes away for good!!!


Glass Family-34

Glass Family-52

Glass Family-29

Glass Family-41

Glass Family-60

Glass Family-25

Glass Family-20

Glass Family-48

Glass Edited-2

Glass Edited-4

Glass Family-71

Glass Family-78

Glass Edited-9

Glass Edited-11


Thanks again, Glass family, for allowing me to document this time in your life for you!

To learn more about Aidan and his story, feel free to check out the All in for Aidan page on Facebook!

November 21, 2013

If you browse through my collection of personal family photos, you’d think my kids were being raised by a single dad. I love snapping pictures of Peyton and Aiden, and often times my hubby also ends up in the shots (sometimes against his will). I know I’m not the only mom that can rarely be found in family photos. I see it all the time on social media – TONS of kiddo pictures, some of daddies/hubbies, but not a whole lot of the mama’s.

I always scramble around at this time of year, frantically searching for a good family photo I can use on our Christmas card. This year, I knew I’d like a picture of the whole family, but was about ready to settle on one of just the kids. I didn’t think we’d have the time to make a family photo happen, and  had almost given up on the idea altogether. Then I decided to enlist the help of my fellow photographer friend, Annie, at the last minute. Many of you will remember her from our wedding photos and the births of our babies. Since those special events, she has become such a great friend and mentor. I think the world of her, and I honestly don’t know if people come any nicer. Alas, I knew if ANYONE could get a smile out of Peyton, it would be Annie. (For those of you that know Peyton, you know she isn’t too fond of smiling for the camera. ESPECIALLY if her mom is the one taking the picture! HA!) So we all headed to Pine Hill Park in Mason and got a few quick shots in. I kept telling Annie, “I just need a few pictures that I’m actually IN!”

When Annie posted her blog post with some pictures from our session, I was so excited! I found myself going back to the site time and time again just to sneak some more peeks at my cute lil’ family. My (far too kind) friends liked the link Annie had posted to my Facebook page, and many commented on how pretty I was. Me? PRETTY?! I have to admit that I have been in a rut these days when it comes to my image. Staying home all day, I don’t feel the need to wear much makeup, straighten my hair (heck, I’m lucky if it even gets blown dry!), or wear cute outfits/shoes. My staples are jeans, sweatshirts, and gym shoes. So needless to say, “pretty” is not a word I use to describe myself very often.

But you know what? I took the time to dry and straighten my hair for our little family session with Annie. I also put on makeup (even EYE MAKEUP!), and bought a new dress and shoes. And you know the best part? When I saw those pictures on the blog…I thought I was pretty, too.

I am SO glad that I have these pictures to show my kids someday. I can pull out a few and say, “Look! I really was around when you were little!” Sure they’ll probably remember their mom in her sweats and messy hair, but I can also show them that not only was their mommy around, she was also pretty.

On another note, I have been a busy little bee these days taking and editing LOTS of fall family sessions! I had finished one last night, and sent the link to the mom for her to view them. Part of her response was, “I am in for a long night….I could look at my beautiful family all day. Thanks so much for capturing us perfectly!” This struck me, because she was looking so lovingly at the photos of her family the same way I had looked at the photos of mine. It occured to me that I was providing so much more than just pictures for people. Just as Annie’s photography talent has made me see my beauty, I can also give that gift to all the mama’s out there. I hope they see how pretty they are when they look at the pictures I’ve taken, because I think they are all BEAUTIFUL!!!

Another client of mine commented during her recent session that she missed seeing all the blog updates and pictures posted to Facebook from sessions that I’ve done. I told her that my main focus this fall has been editing the photos and getting them to families in as timely a manner as possible. In doing that, I have put blogging on the back-burner. I figure that this winter, when my schedule will more than likely slow down, I will get all caught up on blogging and the “sharing” side of my business. I didn’t really think about my clients and Facebook fans missing my work. You mean, people out there actually care about what I have to write and all the pictures I take?! I was pleasantly surprised. So I decided to take a little time tonight to pick one (or two) images from each session I’ve done this fall and haven’t blogged yet. I still have a handful of sessions left to edit, and even a few more shoots scheduled! I promise that every session will get the blog post it so rightfully deserves. But for now, enjoy these sneak peeks from what I’ve been up to…

Siefker Family-7

Siefker Family-69

Stricker Family-31

Stricker Family-11

Branch Family-35

Zink Maternity-13

Zink Maternity-62

Smeenk Family-46

Smeenk Family-35

Lim Family-22

Horner Family Fall-27

Horner Family Fall-46

Brady 9 Months-45

Glass Family-104

Glass Family-34

Maxam Family-23

Maxam Family-44

Fischette Family-31

Fischette Family-89

Petruso Family-30

Petruso Family-63

I purposefully chose pictures that the moms were in. Seriously, how gorgeous are these ladies?!?! Cheers to you, mama’s. Thanks for all you do on a regular basis that often goes unnoticed. Your kids will look back on these photos and be so thankful they had their moms “doing life” with them on a daily basis. I’m also sure that each kid will always think their mom is the most beautiful lady on the planet…and I have to agree. 😉

October 12, 2013

I LOVE when I get new clients through referrals! I am so glad a past client sent this lovely family my way. I had fun getting to know them, and finding out all the people we know in common!

I met the Rosado’s at Sharon Woods, and we hit up locations at both entrances. The girls were a blast to photograph, and they kept me laughing the entire time! Jamie wanted to get some candid shots, and I think they all turned out great. Don’t you just want to know what was so funny?! 😉

It was nice to have Jon’s dad along for the shoot. He happened to be in town the day we had scheduled, and he jumped in for a few pics!

Thanks for a great evening together, Rosado family! It was great meeting you, and you have a beautiful family. I hope you love your pictures as much as I do! 🙂

BV1 BRosado Family-7BV2 BRosado Family-14BV3 BRosado Family-37 BRosado Family-39 BRosado Family-40 BRosado Family-44BRosado Family-49 BV4BRosado Family-65 BRosado Family-78 BRosado Family-89 BRosado Family-92 BRosado Family-98BRosado Family-100BRosado Family-103BV5BRosado Family-114BV6BRosado Family-146 BRosado Family-152 BRosado Family-160 BRosado Family-164 BRosado Family-168BV7


August 29, 2013

This is another family that holds a special place in my heart. I had Katie in my first grade class, and her twin brother was in the class next door. How freakin’ adorable are these kids?! They were a pleasure to photograph, that’s for sure. Little brother Drew was a cutie pie as well, and cracked me up during the entire shoot. Christy is another parent I am so lucky to have kept in touch with through the years. She is my “go-to gal” when it comes to Target toy sales! 😉

Mizer family, thank you for making the trek all the way to Ault Park for your session! It is one of my favorite locations for sure. 🙂 It was so great seeing all of you, and I appreciated the fun and laughter your kiddos provided! I hope you love the pictures we got as much as I do!

BMizer Family-2 BMizer Family-5 BV1BMizer Family-33 BMizer Family-37 BMizer Family-41 BMizer Family-46 BV2 BMizer Family-63BMizer Family-91 BV3 BMizer Family-96 BMizer Family-102BMizer Family-170 BV6BMizer Family-157 BV5BMizer Family-162 BV4BMizer Family-128 BV7 BMizer Family-127

August 28, 2013

I have had the privilege of photographing this family once a year since I opened my photography business. If you’ve looked at the Home page of my website, you’ll probably recognize them! 🙂 It warms my heart when families come back for repeat sessions. I love getting to see families grow and change! This family holds an extra special place in my heart, because I taught their oldest son when he was in first grade. Casey was my room mom that year, and I loved working with her! I am so glad that we’ve stayed in touch, and that I get to capture pictures of them year after year.

Thanks again for having me take your pictures, Guion family! It was great spending time with you at Sharon Woods! 🙂

BGuion Family 2013-7 BGuion Family 2013-25 BV1 BGuion Family 2013-13BGuion Family 2013-47 BRetouchedGuion Family 2013-27BGuion Family 2013-57 BGuion Family 2013-63 BGuion Family 2013-65BGuion Family 2013-38 BGuion Family 2013-35BV2BCropped Guion Family 2013-53

August 25, 2013

I had the pleasure of taking some photos of this adorable family earlier this summer. Natasha (or “Tash” as my hubby calls her!) used to work with Jason. She decided to stay home to be with her kids, and I can TOTALLY relate to her choice! 🙂 Parker and Presley had a lot of fun walking around Pine Hill with us, and were all about hamming it up for the camera. I think you can see a lot of their lil’ personalities in these pictures!

I love to capture the special bonds between parents and their kiddos. Some of my favorites from this shoot are of Tash and Joey with their daughter and son. You can tell how much Parker and Presley adore them! And I also think it’s sweet how much the kids seem to enjoy each other. There’s no better picture than one of siblings loving on one another!

Isaacs family, thanks so much for asking me to take pictures of your sweet family. I can’t wait to take some more for you this fall in the leaves…I’m sure Parker will have a blast making leaf piles! 😉

BV1 BIsaacs Family-9BIsaacs Family-14 BIsaacs Family-15 BIsaacs Family-25 BIsaacs Family-26BV2 BIsaacs Family-43 BIsaacs Family-29 BIsaacs Family-31BV3BIsaacs Family-66BV4BIsaacs Family-71 BIsaacs Family-88 BIsaacs Family-95BV5

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