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September 24, 2014

This little lady has been SO much fun to watch grow and change! Audrey’s parents booked me for a baby package, so I have been able to capture her from her time in the womb all the way up until now. I can’t wait for her 1st birthday session that’s coming up! 🙂 I was a horrible blogger last fall, and sadly didn’t post any of Audrey’s pictures on the blog. So after her most recent session, I’ll also share some of my fav’s from her past sessions! 🙂

Audrey – 9 Months

Audrey 9 Months-6

Audrey 9 Months-10


Audrey 9 Months-22

Audrey 9 Months-29

Audrey 9 Months-40

Audrey 9 Months-55

Audrey 9 Months-88

Audrey 9 Months-139


Audrey 9 Months-148

Audrey 9 Months-159


Audrey 9 Months-164

Now let’s go backwards! Here are some pictures from Amy and Kyle’s maternity session before Miss Audrey was born last fall!

Zink Maternity-10


Zink Maternity-21


B&WZink Maternity-53

Zink Maternity-56


Zink Maternity-100

Zink Maternity-107


Zink Maternity-123


Zink Maternity-135

Zink Maternity-150

Audrey’s Newborn Session:

Audrey Newborn-59


Audrey Newborn-67


B&WAudrey Newborn-135


Audrey’s 3 Month Session:

Audrey 3 Months-9


Audrey 3 Months-47


Audrey 3 Months-91


Audrey 3 Months-121


Amy and Kyle, thank you so much for having me document Audrey’s first year of life for you! You all are such a sweet family, and it has been so fun getting to see you every few months. Can’t wait to see that girl smash some cake in her face! 😉

August 19, 2014

I was contacted by one of my sorority sister’s from OU to photograph her family. I had taken some pictures for Diane this past fall during my Columbus photo sessions (more on that below!), but this time she wanted some with her parents and sister, too! So I headed over to her parents’ BEAUTIFUL home and we found a lot of great spots for their session. Her family was so welcoming, and even the boys were good sports. Diane’s daughter, Addie, is absolutely adorable and so fun to work with. While she started off a little shy and serious, by the end of the shoot she was down to a diaper cover and happily blowing bubbles! 🙂


Messer Family-15

Messer Family-9


Messer Family-19


Messer Family-47

Messer Family-59



Messer Family-104

Messer Family-105

Messer Family-112

Messer Family-122





B&WMesser Family-93


Messer Family-145

As I mentioned before, I had taken pictures for Diane and Bryan this fall. Unfortunately I was so busy with taking TONS of pictures, editing, and getting galleries and print orders to clients in a timely fashion that I had to let blogging go by the wayside. I am super bummed about this, because I have SO many wonderful sessions that have yet to be featured on my site! I decided to go ahead and include some of the images from their pervious session on this blog post as well. Addie sure has grown since then, but continues to be quite the cutie!

Smeenk Family-2

Smeenk Family-24

Smeenk Family-27

Smeenk Family-17

Smeenk Final Edits-37

Smeenk Family-33

Smeenk Final Edits-27

Smeenk Final Edits-32

Smeenk Final Edits-22


Smeenk Final Edits-24


Smeenk Final Edits-8

Thanks again, Diane, for thinking of me to take these pictures for you. Please thank your hubby, parents, sister, and brother-in-law for the opportunity to work with them as well! Alpha love and all of mine!

July 28, 2014

I was so fortunate to document Avery’s birth, and of course had to head over to the Horner’s house within the first ten days of her little life for a newborn session! Kristin is LOVING having a girl, and has stocked up on bows, headbands, and all things PINK! We had so much fun using all of her frilly things for Miss Avery’s first photo shoot.

I always like to capture a new family somewhere in their house. In this case, we headed to Andy and Kristin’s room and piled on the bed. Big brother Blake was a little hesitant to have his picture taken, but humored me for a bit and we got some great shots! Even Lilly, the family dog, jumped in a few!

Next we pulled out my backdrops and floors and played around with all of Kristin’s fun props. Avery stayed awake for some pictures, but eventually drifted off to sleep. She is one of the first newborns that fit in my tiny bowl prop! Most babies are too big, but this petite little thing fit perfectly. She must’ve been comfy in there because she even let us switch out bows without her waking up.

Andy and Kristin, thank you for having me capture this new chapter in your life. Avery is a little doll baby, and I loved spending time with her – as a photographer and a proud aunt! 🙂

Avery - Newborn-7

Avery - Newborn-17

Avery - Newborn-19

Avery - Newborn-27

Avery - Newborn-29

Avery - Newborn-31

Avery - Newborn-32

Avery - Newborn-37

Avery - Newborn-38

Avery - Newborn-41

Avery - Newborn-44

Avery - Newborn-50

Avery - Newborn-54

Avery - Newborn-67

Avery - Newborn-58

Avery - Newborn-69

Avery - Newborn-76

Avery - Newborn-80


Avery - Newborn-99


Avery - Newborn-108

Avery - Newborn-111

Avery - Newborn-120

Avery - Newborn-117

Avery - Newborn-122

Avery - Newborn-127


Avery - Newborn-142

Avery - Newborn-156

Avery - Newborn-160

Avery - Newborn-146

May 30, 2014


I LOVE when past clients book repeat sessions! It is so much fun to watch families grow from year to year. I photographed the Burch’s after Bo had celebrated his first birthday. Since then their family has grown…in age AND number! Mallory joined the Burch Bunch and also recently celebrated her first birthday. While most of our session was focused on Mal because of her birthday, Sally wanted to make sure we got some family shots and also some of just big bro Bo. So we headed out to the Cincinnati Nature Center to have some fun! I am always so excited when clients choose locations I have never shot at before. The nature center had a ton of great spots, and the kids loved running around and playing.

Mallory decided to be my BFF right off the bat. She gave me lots of high fives and smiles, and loved cheesing for the camera. Bo wasn’t quite sure what to make of me, but he put up with the crazy camera lady (such a typical male!). How freaking adorable is it that Bo and his Daddy have the same facial expressions in most of the pictures?!

Thanks so much for having me take pictures of your adorable family, Sally and Adam! I love that these photos are already hung all over the walls of your house!!!

Burch Family 2014-5

Burch Family 2014-14

Burch Family 2014-17


Burch Family 2014-24

Burch Family 2014-34


Burch Family 2014-76

Burch Family 2014-69


Burch Family 2014-54

Burch Family 2014-57

Burch Family 2014-116


April 22, 2014

I was lucky enough to photograph the too-cute-for-words Rosabelle a few weeks ago. Seriously, this little girl has the best facial expressions and the bluest eyes!!! Her mama, Mary, wanted to get some pictures of her at 9 months old before her first teeth pop through and she loses that “baby look.”

Speaking of Mary, we go WAY back. I can still vividly recall the days of playing with Barbie dolls in our bedrooms and pretending to be American girls in my backyard. We went to grade school and high school together, and although we lost touch after our UA days, I will always hold a special place in my heart for her and the memories we made.

So as you can imagine, it was extra special taking pictures for this sweet family! Rosabelle was full of smiles and was a good sport about leaving the headband and bow on her head. She loved the pearl necklace we gave her to wear, and found it to be the perfect teething toy! 😉 I love the stool that Mary had us incorporate into the shoot, as it has a rose on it for her name.

We headed upstairs to Rosebelle’s room after our session in front of the grey backdrop. (EVERYONE has been picking that one lately! I promise I have other choices, but can you blame them?! It’s a great one!) One of the main reasons I love photographing babies at their homes is because we can capture some great candids in their nurseries. Rosabelle loved sitting in her rocking chair, and was totally hamming it up in her crib. One of my personal favorites is of her gnawing on her crib rail. I think it totally captures the stage of life she’s in, and that’s the whole point of taking pictures.

Mary and Greg, thank you so much for thinking of me to take pictures of your sweet girl. You two make super cute babies! 🙂 I so appreciate all of your help during the session, and I could tell just in our one hour together that you are the perfect parents for her. I hope you enjoy the photos we got!


Rosabelle 9 Months-12


Rosabelle 9 Months-20


Rosabelle 9 Months-36


Rosabelle 9 Months-55


Rosabelle 9 Months-116



Rosabelle 9 Months-128


Rosabelle 9 Months-137


Rosabelle 9 Months-150

April 17, 2014

Trevor Vincent was born during the early morning hours on February 20th, 2014. He was welcomed with open arms by his wonderful mama (Jenny) and daddy (Mike). His two brothers, Tyler and Drew, were over the moon excited for their new baby brother! He fit right in, and seems to be adjusting well to life in a busy house of all boys.

I was so honored when Jenny asked me to take Trevor’s newborn photos. We had such fun with the backdrops and blankets that are typical of a newborn session. We also ventured to Mike and Jenny’s room for some more relaxed family pictures. I am so glad we did, as they are some of my favorites!

This little guy holds an extra special place in my heart, as he is part of our family. Jenny is my hubby’s cousin, so we get to see them often! Can I just take a moment to say how gorgeous Jenny is?! I WISH I looked like her while having a newborn at home. I love that new mama’s glow. 🙂

Thanks, Munafo family, for inviting me into your home during this special time in your life. Trevor is a cutie, and I know Tyler and Drew will continue to be wonderful big brothers. Enjoy those sweet boys of yours!


Trevor Newborn-4


Trevor Newborn-38


Trevor Newborn-16


Trevor Newborn-25


Trevor Newborn-107


Trevor Newborn-120

Trevor Newborn-141

Trevor Newborn-151

Trevor Newborn-145

Trevor Newborn-149

Trevor Newborn-58

Trevor Newborn-60

Trevor Newborn-55


Trevor Newborn-76

Trevor Newborn-46

Trevor Newborn-52

Trevor Newborn-54

Trevor Newborn-93

Trevor Newborn-91

Trevor Newborn-72

Trevor Newborn-84


July 08, 2013

I met Emily at OU, and am so glad she moved to Cincinnati a little over a year ago. It’s been fun getting together with her and Jackson for playdates! He is such a sweet little guy, and his newborn shoot is still one of my favorite sessions to date. It’s been a joy to watch him grow from a teeny tiny baby to a fun-loving toddler. I was so excited when Emily asked me to do some family photos shortly after Jackson’s first birthday! We had fun walking around Pine Hill Park, and Jackson was very interested in all of the flowers and ducks the park had to offer. Seriously, how cute is this kid…and how photogenic are his parents?! Thanks for a great session, Lindsay family!

BLindsay Family-2BV1BLindsay Family-11BLindsay Family-18BV2BLindsay Family-28BLindsay Family-39BV3BLindsay Family-41BLindsay Family-48BLindsay Family-54BV4BLindsay Family-63

July 04, 2013


I have gotten to watch this little boy grow from still being in his mama’s belly to now…a big ONE year old! I had a blast doing his newborn and 6 month photos in between. For his one year shoot, we headed out to Pine Hill Park and Brittany was prepared with cute stuff as always. Seriously…I might need to hire her to be my prop girl! 🙂 This little guy cracks me up with his signature “tongue out of the mouth” pose. He had fun chewing on the props, pretending to talk on the phone with the “1,” and was NOT a fan of his cake. Silly boy! All jokes aside, Weston continues to be freakin’ adorable and such a happy little guy. It has been a joy to watch him grow up. Happy first birthday, Weston!

BWeston 1 Year-44BV1BWeston 1 Year-50BV2BWeston 1 Year-56BWeston 1 Year-58BWeston 1 Year-73BWeston 1 Year-74BWeston 1 Year-63BWeston 1 Year-64BWeston 1 Year-80

April 07, 2013

Brady is a special lil’ guy to Jason and me. He is the son of Jason’s cousin, Scott, and his wife, Ashley. Brady was born only 6 days after Aiden, so our two little boys will always have a close bond. I had so much fun talking pregnancy with Ashley, and it has been fun trading stories of being new mommies to boys.

I went over to their house the weekend before Easter and got some sweet 3 month shots of Brady. Ashley asked me to bring along my backdrops because she wanted to also get some family photos taken. She worried that she wouldn’t have many pictures of her WITH Brady, as she is usually behind the camera. (Um…I can TOTALLY relate!) I loved seeing the interaction between these three. It was so apparent that Ashley and Scott are over the moon in love with their little man. And can I just say how freakin’ photogenic Ashley is?! As I was editing through all the pictures I took, I just couldn’t get over how great she looked in all of them. And only three short months after having a baby, too! You go, mama!!! 🙂

ABrady 3 Months-12ABrady 3 Months-15ABrady 3 Months-18ABrady 3 Months-8ABrady 3 Months-25AVertical3ABrady 3 Months-60AVertical1ABrady 3 Months-36AVertical2

Ashley had bought a little Easter bunny outfit for Brady. We cracked up laughing as we put him in it. He was a good sport, though, and one of the cutest lil’ bunnies I’ve seen! I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of these photos someday. 😉

ABrady 3 Months-64ABrady 3 Months-73ABrady 3 Months-78ABrady 3 Months-84

Thanks again for letting me come over and photograph your BEAUTIFUL family, Scott and Ashley! I can’t wait to watch our boys grow up together.

March 19, 2013

I am pretty good about taking Aiden’s monthly pictures with his little onesie stickers. I made it easy by doing it in his room, so minimal setup. 🙂 However, I still want to take more formal pictures for the big milestones. So I pulled out my baby poser and fabrics for his 3 month photo shoot! Luckily Aiden decided to bless me with some smiles. Love this little guy!

I tried some on his belly, but he prefers to chew on his arm at this point. Maybe we’ll try again next month!

As you can see, I can’t get enough of his naked baby belly! 😉 Just in case my son someday isn’t as big of a fan of his naked self as his mama, here are a few in his Easter outfit.

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