May 20, 2017

Sweet Landyn (Landry) David was born on Friday, May 19th at 3:34 PM weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21.25 inches long. He is the biggest of Ashley and Scott’s three kiddos, and must be ready to hang with the “big kids” when he gets home! How cute are those cheeks?!?! I see a lot of his daddy in him!

Ashley had a pretty picture perfect delivery! She progressed quickly after her water broke, and we thought the nurse may have to deliver him while we waited for the doctor! He got lots of time kangarooing with his mama after birth, and Big Brother Brady and Big Sis Addy were so excited to meet Landry and give him their presents! Brady was all about holding him, while Addy took a little longer to warm up to the idea.

After they had some quiet time as a new family of five, their extended families came in and it looked like a big ‘ol party in their room! How blessed they are to have so many family members that love and support them as they welcome this new little guy into the fam!

Scott and Ashley, thank you so much for inviting me into the special moments of your meeting Landry. He is a doll baby, and I can’t wait to watch him grow with all of the other Hamberg littles!




Landry's Sneak Peek-8

Landry's Sneak Peek-10


Landry's Sneak Peek-9

Landry's Sneak Peek-11

Landry's Sneak Peek-12

Landry's Sneak Peek-14

Landry's Sneak Peek-15

Landry's Sneak Peek-16

Landry's Sneak Peek-17

Landry's Sneak Peek-18

Landry's Sneak Peek-23

Landry's Sneak Peek-24

Landry's Sneak Peek-25

Landry's Sneak Peek-26

Landry's Sneak Peek-27

Landry's Sneak Peek-28


Landry's Sneak Peek-30

Landry's Sneak Peek-29

Landry's Sneak Peek-31

Landry's Sneak Peek-34

Landry's Sneak Peek-35

Landry's Sneak Peek-36

Landry's Sneak Peek-37


Landry's Sneak Peek-40

Landry's Sneak Peek-41

Landry's Sneak Peek-42

Landry's Sneak Peek-43

Landry's Sneak Peek-44

Landry's Sneak Peek-45

Landry's Sneak Peek-47

Landry's Sneak Peek-49

Landry's Sneak Peek-50

Landry's Sneak Peek-51

Landry's Sneak Peek-52

Landry's Sneak Peek-53

Landry's Sneak Peek-54

Landry's Sneak Peek-55

Landry's Sneak Peek-56

Landry's Sneak Peek-57

Landry's Sneak Peek-58

Landry's Sneak Peek-59

Landry's Sneak Peek-60

Landry's Sneak Peek-61

Landry's Sneak Peek-62

Landry's Sneak Peek-64

Landry's Sneak Peek-65

Landry's Sneak Peek-66

Landry's Sneak Peek-68

Landry's Sneak Peek-71


Landry's Sneak Peek-72

Landry's Sneak Peek-73

Landry's Sneak Peek-74

Landry's Sneak Peek-75

Landry's Sneak Peek-76

Landry's Sneak Peek-77

Landry's Sneak Peek-78

Landry's Sneak Peek-79

Landry's Sneak Peek-80

Landry's Sneak Peek-81

Landry's Sneak Peek-82

Landry's Sneak Peek-83

Landry's Sneak Peek-84


April 26, 2017

Birth videos, while the most time-consuming part of what I do, are also my FAVORITE!!! Natural birth videos are rare but even more special to put together! I wish I could say I had the guts to go natural with my three kiddos, but I chose the epidural route each time. I am always so in AWE when I watch a mama power through the pain and bring her baby into the world without pain meds. Laura is an incredibly strong mama who welcomed Addilyyn June with an unmedicated water birth. It was beautiful and a joy to be a part of! Phil was such a great support for her, and she also had a wonderful doula Amy who helped her tremendously. (BFF Megan was a great support, too!) I know this water birth meant the world to her, because she tried SO very hard for the same experience with their son, Ollie. Unfortunately, he just wasn’t coming out on his own and after hours of very painful labor, she had to go the epidural route. So it just made this birth all the more sweet!!!

Laura and Phil, thank you again for welcoming me into your birth experiences with both kiddos. It was so much fun being neighbors in Tiffin Hall at OU, and had someone told us then that I’d be in the room with you during births, I think we all would’ve had a good laugh!!! It has been a joy for me to see your love for each other continue to grow, and now you get to share it with those two ADORABLE kids!

Much love,


Addie’s Birth from Kristi on Vimeo.

March 30, 2017

Ainsley Lynn was born at 2:05 on Tuesday, March 28th to proud parents Kristin and Andy. She weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. I was so blessed to also get to photograph the births of Miss Ainsley’s siblings, Avery and Blake (his birth was prior to my website). It has been such a special privilege to get to be in the room and help welcome my nephew and nieces into the world!

V1Ainsley's Birth SP-3 Ainsley's Birth SP-4 Ainsley's Birth SP-5 Ainsley's Birth SP-6 Ainsley's Birth SP-7 Ainsley's Birth SP-8 Ainsley's Birth SP-9 Ainsley's Birth SP-10 Ainsley's Birth SP-11 Ainsley's Birth SP-12 Ainsley's Birth SP-13 Ainsley's Birth SP-14 Ainsley's Birth SP-15 Ainsley's Birth SP-16 Ainsley's Birth SP-17 Ainsley's Birth SP-18 Ainsley's Birth SP-19 V2 Ainsley's Birth SP-23 Ainsley's Birth SP-24 Ainsley's Birth SP-25 Ainsley's Birth SP-26 Ainsley's Birth SP-27 Ainsley's Birth SP-28 Ainsley's Birth SP-29 Ainsley's Birth SP-30 Ainsley's Birth SP-31 Ainsley's Birth SP-32 Ainsley's Birth SP-33 Ainsley's Birth SP-34 Ainsley's Birth SP-35 Ainsley's Birth SP-36 Ainsley's Birth SP-37 Ainsley's Birth SP-38 Ainsley's Birth SP-39 Ainsley's Birth SP-40 Ainsley's Birth SP-41 Ainsley's Birth SP-42 Ainsley's Birth SP-43 Ainsley's Birth SP-44 Ainsley's Birth SP-46 V4 Ainsley's Birth SP-49 Ainsley's Birth SP-50 Ainsley's Birth SP-51 Ainsley's Birth SP-52 Ainsley's Birth SP-53 Ainsley's Birth SP-54 Ainsley's Birth SP-55 Ainsley's Birth SP-56 Ainsley's Birth SP-57 Ainsley's Birth SP-58 Ainsley's Birth SP-59 Ainsley's Birth SP-60 Ainsley's Birth SP-61 Ainsley's Birth SP-64 Ainsley's Birth SP-65 Ainsley's Birth SP-66 Ainsley's Birth SP-67 Ainsley's Birth SP-68 Ainsley's Birth SP-69 Ainsley's Birth SP-70 Ainsley's Birth SP-71 Ainsley's Birth SP-72 Ainsley's Birth SP-73 Ainsley's Birth SP-74 Ainsley's Birth SP-75 Ainsley's Birth SP-76 Ainsley's Birth SP-77 Ainsley's Birth SP-78 Ainsley's Birth SP-79 Ainsley's Birth SP-80 Ainsley's Birth SP-81 Ainsley's Birth SP-82 Ainsley's Birth SP-83 Ainsley's Birth SP-84 Ainsley's Birth SP-85 Ainsley's Birth SP-86 Ainsley's Birth SP-87

February 13, 2017

Nathan Alan made his exciting entrance into the world at 1:35 in the morning on September 21st, 2016. He weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 6 ounces!!! I had so much fun taking the beautiful pictures we captured and putting them to music (along with some video clips!). The first song was playing while Allie was pushing, and “I Get To Be The One” was a song she had requested I use. I had never heard it before, but now I’m in L.O.V.E!!! (Oh the tears while I was working on this!) Nathan has been blessed with a wonderful family, and I hope that they cherish this video for many years to come!

Nathan’s Birth Video from Kristi on Vimeo.

February 06, 2017

Eleanor and Isabelle were welcomed into the world on February 2nd, 2017 at 7:59 a.m. Eleanor weighed 7 lbs 4 ounces and was 20 inches long, and peanut Isabelle weighed 5 lbs 9 ounces and was 19 inches long. They were welcomed with love by mom Shannon, dad Kevin, and big sister Adelaide. Their hands may be full, but their hearts are even MORE full! More on these precious twins’ birth soon!

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R White Twins' Birth-5 White Twins' Birth-6 White Twins' Birth-9 White Twins' Birth-12 White Twins' Birth-13 White Twins' Birth-15 White Twins' Birth-16 White Twins' Birth-41 White Twins' Birth-42 White Twins' Birth-43 White Twins' Birth-47 White Twins' Birth-48 White Twins' Birth-49 White Twins' Birth-51 White Twins' Birth-52 White Twins' Birth-53 White Twins' Birth-57 White Twins' Birth-59 White Twins' Birth-62 White Twins' Birth-63 White Twins' Birth-73 White Twins' Birth-74 White Twins' Birth-77 White Twins' Birth-78 White Twins' Birth-80 White Twins' Birth-81 White Twins' Birth-82 White Twins' Birth-83 White Twins' Birth-85 White Twins' Birth-86 White Twins' Birth-88 White Twins' Birth-92 White Twins' Birth-93 White Twins' Birth-94 White Twins' Birth-97 White Twins' Birth-100 White Twins' Birth-101 White Twins' Birth-102 White Twins' Birth-104 White Twins' Birth-105


October 22, 2016

I knew Laura and Phil from OU, when Laura was fondly called “Neighbor” in the room next door, and Phil was always over! 😉 It was fun reconnecting when they asked me to photograph Ollie’s birth three years ago. I was honored when they asked me to again document such a special day in their lives!

Addilynn (Addie) was born on October 19th at 3:51 PM in a BEAUTIFUL water birth that Laura had been wanting since before Ollie was born. Unfortunately his birth didn’t go as smoothly, so I was so excited that she got her wish this time around! She was 20 inches long, weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and took to nursing right away!

It was so wonderful to see Laura have such tremendous support from Phil, Amy (doula), and Megan (friend). Since she had an unmedicated birth, having that support was key! Once Addie was here, big brother Ollie was able to come visit and didn’t want to let his sister out of his sight (or arms!).

Much more on this birth to come! 🙂

Congrats, Laura and Phil!!!

addies-sneak-peek-1 addies-sneak-peek-2 addies-sneak-peek-3 addies-sneak-peek-4 addies-sneak-peek-5 addies-sneak-peek-6 addies-sneak-peek-7 addies-sneak-peek-8 addies-sneak-peek-9 addies-sneak-peek-10 addies-sneak-peek-11 addies-sneak-peek-12 addies-sneak-peek-13 addies-sneak-peek-15 addies-sneak-peek-16 addies-sneak-peek-19 addies-sneak-peek-20 addies-sneak-peek-21 addies-sneak-peek-22 addies-sneak-peek-25 addies-sneak-peek-27 addies-sneak-peek-28 addies-sneak-peek-29 addies-sneak-peek-30 addies-sneak-peek-31 addies-sneak-peek-32 addies-sneak-peek-33 addies-sneak-peek-34 addies-sneak-peek-35

September 23, 2016

I met Allie and Tyler through a small group at our Church, and I was so excited that they welcomed me to share this beautiful birth experience with them. I was also BEYOND HONORED that Allie trusted me to take these photos for her, as she is a fantastic photographer herself!

While I got word that her water broke in the late afternoon, I didn’t get “the call” to head to the hospital until a little after midnight. I hurried to the hospital and she was already complete and ready to go!!! No laboring photos for this girl, but from what I was told it was probably for the best – back labor is no joke!!! Nathan made his exciting entrance into the world at 1:35 in the morning on September 21st, 2016. He weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 6 ounces!!! His big brother, Ben, obviously was sound asleep when his world was officially rocked, but he has since met his brother and seems to not mind him too much!

Here’s a sneak peek at sweet Nathan and his wonderful family!

bnathan-sneak-peek-1 bnathan-sneak-peek-3 bnathan-sneak-peek-5 bnathan-sneak-peek-6 bnathan-sneak-peek-7 bnathan-sneak-peek-8 bnathan-sneak-peek-10 bnathan-sneak-peek-11 bnathan-sneak-peek-13 bnathan-sneak-peek-14 bnathan-sneak-peek-15 bnathan-sneak-peek-16 bnathan-sneak-peek-17 bnathan-sneak-peek-18 bnathan-sneak-peek-19 bnathan-sneak-peek-21 bnathan-sneak-peek-22 bnathan-sneak-peek-23 bnathan-sneak-peek-24 bnathan-sneak-peek-25 bnathan-sneak-peek-26 bnathan-sneak-peek-27 bnathan-sneak-peek-29 bnathan-sneak-peek-30 bnathan-sneak-peek-31 bnathan-sneak-peek-33 bnathan-sneak-peek-34 bnathan-sneak-peek-36 bnathan-sneak-peek-38 bnathan-sneak-peek-39 bnathan-sneak-peek-41 bnathan-sneak-peek-42 bnathan-sneak-peek-43 bnathan-sneak-peek-46 bnathan-sneak-peek-48 bnathan-sneak-peek-49 bnathan-sneak-peek-51 bnathan-sneak-peek-54

August 27, 2016

First of all, it has been WAY TOO LONG since I have blogged on here! Life has been a little crazy…Norwex business took off way faster than I could’ve ever imagined, went back to teaching last August, welcomed a new baby, Camden, in February, and have just been busy with the three kids and my business since. I hope to begin blogging again now that life seems to be slowing down a little.

Five years ago, on August 27th, 2011, I married Jason and became Mrs. Hamberg. The last time Aug. 27th fell on a Saturday was our wedding day! (How cool is that?!) We sure have packed a lot into 5 years… 3 kids, 3 dogs (but sadly we’re down to just 1 now), 3 houses (Deerpark, Highbrook, and Hargus), a few job moves, and more laughter and tears than I can count. At dinner last night I told Jason how busy these past five years have been. I told him that I think these next five will look much different – we don’t plan on having more babies, we don’t plan on moving ever again, we hopefully won’t have any more changes in jobs, and jury is still out on if we’ll ever get another dog. Although Peyton’s been asking for a rabbit, hamster, or cat…

I know the next five years WILL have more laughter and tears, that’s for sure. I am just lucky that I married a man who can always make me laugh (even though I may roll my eyes at him), and is the best support system when life gets hard. I am thankful he knows the importance of continuing to date your spouse, and that taking time to get away from the kids and life stress is vital. We have had so much fun in Nashville these past few days – lots of nice meals, adult beverages, country music, and laughing at the crazy bachelorette parties! Ha! And my favorite part may be just laying in bed doing nothing…just sayin’…

Jason, thanks for being my better half for the past 5 years of marriage (and more dating!). While I did think about running the other way after our second date, I’m glad I gave you the benefit of the doubt. 😉 You always support me, no matter how crazy my ideas can be, you are the best daddy our kids could ask for, and I know you’d do anything for me and the kids. I am so thankful God took our broken roads and made them meet (thanks to Mandi!). It has been fun not only growing in relationship with each other through the years, but also in relationship with Him. How blessed I am that faith is important to both of us, and we are raising our children to know and love Christ (even if Peyton is currently mad at Jesus for not giving Lei Lou back to us!).

I am so thankful for the past five years, and looking forward to the COUNTLESS years we have ahead of us! Instead of having babies, moving, and switching jobs….let’s just enjoy the fruits we’ve been blessed with and slow down a little!

And just for fun….here’s a walk down memory lane. I made this on my phone, so not the best quality, but it’s fun to see how we’ve changed through the years!

5 Year Anniversary from Kristi on Vimeo.



October 29, 2015

Welcome to the world, sweet Adelaide Marie!!!

Addy's Birth from Kristi on Vimeo.

April 18, 2015

I was SO BLESSED to have been invited to photograph the birth of this little girl. She was born to two wonderful parents who are so smitten and in love with her (and rightfully so!). I will share much more about her birth story when I share her slideshow, but I hope you all enjoy these pictures in the meantime! I am so thankful that God helped Shannon find me, and even more thankful that He allowed her to be born while I was home and not in Disney! 😉 Welcome to the world, sweet Addy!!!


Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-5

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-6

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-8

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-12

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-15

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-17

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-19

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-22

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-26

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-27

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-30

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-31

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-36

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-37

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-38

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-39

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-40

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-41

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-42

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-43


Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-51


Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-50

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-52

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-53

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-55

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-56

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-59

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-60

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-61

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-66

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-68

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-72

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-73

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-77

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-78

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-79

Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-81


Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-89


Addy's Birth Sneak Peek-94

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