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April 26, 2017

Birth videos, while the most time-consuming part of what I do, are also my FAVORITE!!! Natural birth videos are rare but even more special to put together! I wish I could say I had the guts to go natural with my three kiddos, but I chose the epidural route each time. I am always so in AWE when I watch a mama power through the pain and bring her baby into the world without pain meds. Laura is an incredibly strong mama who welcomed Addilyyn June with an unmedicated water birth. It was beautiful and a joy to be a part of! Phil was such a great support for her, and she also had a wonderful doula Amy who helped her tremendously. (BFF Megan was a great support, too!) I know this water birth meant the world to her, because she tried SO very hard for the same experience with their son, Ollie. Unfortunately, he just wasn’t coming out on his own and after hours of very painful labor, she had to go the epidural route. So it just made this birth all the more sweet!!!

Laura and Phil, thank you again for welcoming me into your birth experiences with both kiddos. It was so much fun being neighbors in Tiffin Hall at OU, and had someone told us then that I’d be in the room with you during births, I think we all would’ve had a good laugh!!! It has been a joy for me to see your love for each other continue to grow, and now you get to share it with those two ADORABLE kids!

Much love,


Addie’s Birth from Kristi on Vimeo.

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