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August 27, 2016

First of all, it has been WAY TOO LONG since I have blogged on here! Life has been a little crazy…Norwex business took off way faster than I could’ve ever imagined, went back to teaching last August, welcomed a new baby, Camden, in February, and have just been busy with the three kids and my business since. I hope to begin blogging again now that life seems to be slowing down a little.

Five years ago, on August 27th, 2011, I married Jason and became Mrs. Hamberg. The last time Aug. 27th fell on a Saturday was our wedding day! (How cool is that?!) We sure have packed a lot into 5 years… 3 kids, 3 dogs (but sadly we’re down to just 1 now), 3 houses (Deerpark, Highbrook, and Hargus), a few job moves, and more laughter and tears than I can count. At dinner last night I told Jason how busy these past five years have been. I told him that I think these next five will look much different – we don’t plan on having more babies, we don’t plan on moving ever again, we hopefully won’t have any more changes in jobs, and jury is still out on if we’ll ever get another dog. Although Peyton’s been asking for a rabbit, hamster, or cat…

I know the next five years WILL have more laughter and tears, that’s for sure. I am just lucky that I married a man who can always make me laugh (even though I may roll my eyes at him), and is the best support system when life gets hard. I am thankful he knows the importance of continuing to date your spouse, and that taking time to get away from the kids and life stress is vital. We have had so much fun in Nashville these past few days – lots of nice meals, adult beverages, country music, and laughing at the crazy bachelorette parties! Ha! And my favorite part may be just laying in bed doing nothing…just sayin’…

Jason, thanks for being my better half for the past 5 years of marriage (and more dating!). While I did think about running the other way after our second date, I’m glad I gave you the benefit of the doubt. 😉 You always support me, no matter how crazy my ideas can be, you are the best daddy our kids could ask for, and I know you’d do anything for me and the kids. I am so thankful God took our broken roads and made them meet (thanks to Mandi!). It has been fun not only growing in relationship with each other through the years, but also in relationship with Him. How blessed I am that faith is important to both of us, and we are raising our children to know and love Christ (even if Peyton is currently mad at Jesus for not giving Lei Lou back to us!).

I am so thankful for the past five years, and looking forward to the COUNTLESS years we have ahead of us! Instead of having babies, moving, and switching jobs….let’s just enjoy the fruits we’ve been blessed with and slow down a little!

And just for fun….here’s a walk down memory lane. I made this on my phone, so not the best quality, but it’s fun to see how we’ve changed through the years!

5 Year Anniversary from Kristi on Vimeo.



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