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September 28, 2014

Well….we’re in the new house! We moved in two weeks ago from today. We closed on a Thursday, and moved some cabinets and garage stuff Thursday night and Friday. Saturday we moved EVERYTHING else! Phew! We survived, but it was rough. Jason and I had joked before the move that we knew it would be stressful and that we would probably fight, but yeah…it was rough. 😉 I am the kind of person that wants to get things done… I want things done right… I want things done RIGHT NOW. My parents were keeping the kids for the weekend, so I was determined to get the house pretty much put together before they came home. I was a bit of a slave driver, and I’ve learned that sometimes I need to let some things go. Luckily we are still married (HA!), and our new house is starting to feel more like a home. I still can’t wait to hang pictures on the walls and get some curtains up downstairs, but I’d say it’s looking pretty good for two weeks out!

Before I post pictures of the new house, I want to share some final ones of the old one. I was surprised that it wasn’t as hard to say goodbye to it as I thought it would be. It really didn’t feel like our house anymore once we got all our furniture, pictures, curtains, etc. out. The hardest part was actually when I went back days after the move to take down Peyton’s wall decal. I just remembered how much time I had spent finding the perfect one when I was pregnant, and the time my mom spent actually putting it on the wall. All those nights I rocked her to sleep looking at it, and holding that Bible verse so close to my heart – “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” Yeah, that was tough to take down.

As I’ve mentioned before, Peyton had been saying that she wanted to live in the old house and not the new house. She still said it after the move, and so I took the kids back through the house one more time once it was empty. I knew I was risking making it worse by taking her back. Luckily once she saw it empty and realized all her things were at the new house, she has been TOTALLY fine with living in the new one! She even says, “Ricardo lives in the old house,” every time we drive by the old one. I’m so thankful that she’s transitioned well!

So here is one last peek at the first house that was “home” for our family…

Moving Day 2014-1

Moving Day 2014-2

Moving Day 2014-3


Moving Day 2014-5


Moving Day 2014-13

Moving Day 2014-14

Moving Day 2014-12

Moving Day 2014-11

Moving Day 2014-15

Now here is a little tour of our now furnished new house! I promise to post more pics once we do all the finishing touches!

Front of the house:

Moving Day 2014-60

Moving Day 2014-67

Moving Day 2014-68

We had sod in the front yard, and seed/straw in the back. I am the official grass watering person since I’m home more, and I have to say that I’m pretty proud of how our yard is coming in! Go me!!! 🙂 Here are some pics of the back yard. A HUGE patio and a fence are coming shortly!

Moving Day 2014-61

Moving Day 2014-62

Moving Day 2014-63

Moving Day 2014-64

Moving Day 2014-65

Kitchen and morning room…I am a bit obsessed with our new bar stools and ceiling fan! 🙂

Moving Day 2014-36

Moving Day 2014-37

Moving Day 2014-38

Moving Day 2014-41

Moving Day 2014-42

Family room. Everything is from the old house expect our new IKEA coffee table ($25) and end tables ($7). They were a STEAL, and I don’t care if the kids destroy them!

Moving Day 2014-39

Moving Day 2014-45

Moving Day 2014-40

Dining room. I thought this was going to be empty FOREVER, but my mom and I saw this great table and chairs on a Facebook yardsale site. I knew it wasn’t in our budget right now, so my parents gave it to us for Christmas/birthdays/everything this year. 🙂 The mirror was from the old house and will soon be hung in here.

Moving Day 2014-43

Moving Day 2014-44

My make-shift mudroom until Jason’s dad builds us our cubbies! I’m so excited for the real deal! Luckily I had all of these pieces at the old house, so they work for now!

Moving Day 2014-49

My photography studio/office. All those pictures that we need to hang on the walls? They’re in here for now! I’m so excited to have a closet to store all my photography gear instead of in a garage!

Moving Day 2014-46

Moving Day 2014-47

Moving Day 2014-48

Downstairs powder room:

Moving Day 2014-50

Master bedroom:

Moving Day 2014-17

Moving Day 2014-18

Moving Day 2014-19

Master closets. We share the big one for clothes, and have all our shoes/bags/STUFF in the other one!

Moving Day 2014-20

Moving Day 2014-21


Master Bathroom:

Moving Day 2014-25

Moving Day 2014-24

Moving Day 2014-26

Aiden’s room. My mom is going to re-paint the baseball wall where his crib is. And of course we need to hang all his baseball memorabilia stuff.

Moving Day 2014-27

Moving Day 2014-28

Moving Day 2014-29

Moving Day 2014-30

Peyton’s room. Oh, Peyton’s room. I bought her new bedding for when we transition her toddler bed to a full bed to match the green walls that were in the old house. Everytime we talked about painting her new room green, she would correct us and say, “No…PINK!” Needless to say, she won. Luckily the bedding has light pink, hot pink, and pale green in it. I had bought all hot pink accessories in her nursery since she had green walls. Now her entire room is…well…pink. Oh my word is it pink. I would still prefer to paint it green, but the girl is happy. As my mom was painting it she said, “Oh grandma! It’s BEAUTIFUL!” So pink it is, and pink it’ll stay. (Until she hates it!)

Moving Day 2014-34

Moving Day 2014-69

Moving Day 2014-33

Kids’ bathroom…the only room that already has pictures hung!

Moving Day 2014-31

Moving Day 2014-32

The kids’ little nook by their room. I need to figure out how to fill all this space! The bookshelf looks so little here:

Moving Day 2014-35

Extra bedroom. No, I’m not pregnant! We’ll see if this ends up being a nursery or a guest bedroom. For now, it’s empty! 🙂

Moving Day 2014-55

Moving Day 2014-56

Upstairs loft (AKA Jason’s man cave). I’m too nervous about the half walls to let the kids play up here alone right now. Their toys are mostly in the basement, so Jason lucked out and gets this all to himself! (FOR NOW!) Oh, and Sadie hangs out up here, too. 😉

Moving Day 2014-51

Moving Day 2014-52

Moving Day 2014-53

Moving Day 2014-54

Upstairs laundry room:

Moving Day 2014-59

Moving Day 2014-58

Well that’s it, folks! Hope you enjoyed the little virtual tour of our new digs! 🙂

September 24, 2014

This little lady has been SO much fun to watch grow and change! Audrey’s parents booked me for a baby package, so I have been able to capture her from her time in the womb all the way up until now. I can’t wait for her 1st birthday session that’s coming up! 🙂 I was a horrible blogger last fall, and sadly didn’t post any of Audrey’s pictures on the blog. So after her most recent session, I’ll also share some of my fav’s from her past sessions! 🙂

Audrey – 9 Months

Audrey 9 Months-6

Audrey 9 Months-10


Audrey 9 Months-22

Audrey 9 Months-29

Audrey 9 Months-40

Audrey 9 Months-55

Audrey 9 Months-88

Audrey 9 Months-139


Audrey 9 Months-148

Audrey 9 Months-159


Audrey 9 Months-164

Now let’s go backwards! Here are some pictures from Amy and Kyle’s maternity session before Miss Audrey was born last fall!

Zink Maternity-10


Zink Maternity-21


B&WZink Maternity-53

Zink Maternity-56


Zink Maternity-100

Zink Maternity-107


Zink Maternity-123


Zink Maternity-135

Zink Maternity-150

Audrey’s Newborn Session:

Audrey Newborn-59


Audrey Newborn-67


B&WAudrey Newborn-135


Audrey’s 3 Month Session:

Audrey 3 Months-9


Audrey 3 Months-47


Audrey 3 Months-91


Audrey 3 Months-121


Amy and Kyle, thank you so much for having me document Audrey’s first year of life for you! You all are such a sweet family, and it has been so fun getting to see you every few months. Can’t wait to see that girl smash some cake in her face! 😉

September 07, 2014

It is with a heavy heart that I must share that Lei Lou will be getting her doggie angel wings on Monday. For those of you who may not know, Lei was Jason’s dog that he got looooong before me. He also had another dog, Hogan, who passed away in the summer of 2011. So when we met, we ended up with THREE dogs (since I had Sadie), and ever since we’ve been one big dog-lovin’ family. Not gonna lie…three shedding dogs proved more than my patience could handle on many days. Even now, I struggle to keep up with the hair of two. But I digress… 😉

Lei is a pretty timid dog, as she is most happy just laying on the floor and watching what everyone is up to. While Sadie lets the kids sit on and play with her, Lei knows better than to put up with that craziness! It’s funny, because the kids know that she doesn’t like that stuff and (usually) leave her alone. Lei listens, comes in when called, and hasn’t chewed up anything since I’ve known her (I know this wasn’t the case when she was a puppy!). However, she sometimes gets up on couches and beds (the dogs aren’t allowed on furniture), and her hair gets EVERYWHERE. Seriously, this dog sheds so much that I’m surprised she’s not bald! She also decided to mark her territory and peed in our bed…TWICE! While those may not be the best memories, I can always look back on them and laugh.

For anyone wondering, Lei has had some tumors growing on her for the past few years. At first we were told they were harmless, but they keep growing and multiplying. We took her to the vet earlier this summer, and they tested the big one on her leg. It was confirmed to be cancer, and the vet said there’s not much we can do for her at this point, especially since she’s around nine or ten years old. She gave her a max of a year to live. 🙁 We decided that now is the time to put her to sleep, mainly for two reasons. First, her leg tumor keeps getting bigger and harder. It is also filled with blood, and the vet said at some point it will rupture and she will die. We don’t want to risk that happening, for her sake or the kids’. Secondly, we are moving this week. We are hoping that with all of the changes and the new environment, the kids *might* not notice her absence as much. We are so sad to have to do this, but know it is best for everyone. We don’t want Lei to be in pain, and we also need to keep the kids in mind.

Lei, we will miss you so much. I know you have seen your dad through LOTS of things in your lifetime, and I know he is grateful for your loyal companionship. You are so lucky that you two found each other. No matter where life took him, he chose to continue to take care of you. I know this is probably going to be hardest on him. Please be sure to give him an extra dose of comfort from Heaven. Peyton and Aiden love you dearly, and will miss playing with you, feeding you, and having you watch over them. I know that you will continue to watch over them from above, and we tell Peyton that you will soon live in her heart instead of her house. Thank you for being a friend to Hogan, and now to Sadie. I know she will miss wrestling with you and having you sit by her cage until we let her out. I hope that you find Hogan up there, as I’m sure he’s been waiting patiently for you to join him. I hope you can both run and play together again – Hogan free from his hip pain, and you free of tumors. We will think of you often, and there will always be a missing member of our family. We hope to give you a good last few days on Earth, and pray for strength when we have to say goodbye.

Okay, now I’m crying. Pictures! Let’s move on to pictures…

To give you some idea, here is the biggest tumor that is on her leg. It has gotten even bigger since the picture was taken. 🙁

BHouse Updates 5-45

Sadie and Lei have been best buds. I so worry about how Sadie will do once Lei is gone. As Peyton says, “Sadie’s going to miss her friend!” 🙁

BHouse Updates 5-46

BHouse Updates 5-47

Here are some pictures of Lei just hanging around our house. She HATES having her picture taken, so that’s why she looks so sad. (You can also see one of the tumors on her eye…poor girl!)

BHouse Updates 5-50

BHouse Updates 5-57

Annie (my photographer friend) came a few weeks ago to take some pictures of our family in our old house before we move. I can’t wait to show you the slideshow of her visit once she’s done! But for now, here are some pics she took with Lei in them:







On Saturday I forced my family outside to get some pictures of them with Lei before she leaves us. I’m sure I’ll take some on Monday, too, of everyone saying goodbye, but I don’t want to feel pressured to capture them when I’m sure we’ll all be sad. So for now, some happy pictures from our last weekend with Lei!

House Updates 5-67

House Updates 5-69

House Updates 5-77

House Updates 5-82

House Updates 5-85

House Updates 5-95

House Updates 5-97


House Updates 5-103

House Updates 5-104

House Updates 5-109


House Updates 5-115

House Updates 5-117

House Updates 5-119

House Updates 5-121

House Updates 5-123

House Updates 5-129

House Updates 5-136


House Updates 5-139

These next few pictures break my heart. Jason was talking to Peyton about Lei going to live in Heaven. We’ve been having LOTS of talks about this, and she knows that she’s going to live with Jesus. She tells us that Jesus is going to come down and get her at the vet and take her to Heaven. However, Peyton also thinks that she can visit her “up in the sky” and that Lei can come back to live with us. 🙁 Please pray for her heart during this sad time. This girl has such a love for Jesus already, and I’m hoping that knowing Lei is with Him will give her some comfort.

House Updates 5-143

House Updates 5-144

I love how they both have similar expressions in the following two pics. Like father, like daughter!

House Updates 5-147

House Updates 5-148

Okay, I need to move on to something else before I spend my entire Saturday night crying. I stopped by the house a few nights ago and took some pictures. This is the last house update before we move in, so the next time you see it we’ll have furniture! 🙂 Here’s a little tour, room by room…

Grass sod and landscaping are in and front door is painted, so the front is pretty much finished:

BHouse Updates 5-1

BHouse Updates 5-2

BHouse Updates 5-3

BHouse Updates 5-41

The almost finished kitchen (with electric!):

BHouse Updates 5-9


BHouse Updates 5-30

BHouse Updates 5-29

BHouse Updates 5-31

BHouse Updates 5-32


BHouse Updates 5-33

BHouse Updates 5-35

BHouse Updates 5-11

I’m so excited to have a real pantry! It’s the little things… 😉

BHouse Updates 5-36

Morning room (where our kitchen table will go):

BHouse Updates 5-38

Family room:

BHouse Updates 5-37

BHouse Updates 5-28

Mudroom, which will have cubbies in the future:

BHouse Updates 5-12

Master bedroom:

BHouse Updates 5-19

BHouse Updates 5-20

I tried talking Jason into just using this closet…

BHouse Updates 5-15

But he said no, so we’ll be sharing this HUGE closet, and then using the other one for shoes, hats, bags/purses, etc.

BHouse Updates 5-14

Master bathroom:

BHouse Updates 5-16

BHouse Updates 5-17

BHouse Updates 5-18

Upstairs laundry room:

BHouse Updates 5-27

Peyton’s room:

BHouse Updates 5-24

The kids’ little nook by their rooms:

BHouse Updates 5-21

BHouse Updates 5-22

BHouse Updates 5-26

Kids’ bathroom:

BHouse Updates 5-23

Aiden’s room:

BHouse Updates 5-25

Backyard now has seed and straw (dirt will soon be a patio!):

BHouse Updates 5-6

BHouse Updates 5-7

BHouse Updates 5-39

BHouse Updates 5-40

BHouse Updates 5-42

Thank you to everyone that has shared in our excitement. We can’t wait to share our new home with you! Please keep us in your prayers this week, especially on Monday when we say our goodbyes to Lei. Also for the end of the week, that the kids will transition well and not freak out too much about leaving the old house. 😉

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