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August 31, 2014

Before I go into house update stuff, I want to take a minute to gush about my wonderful hubby. We celebrated our third wedding anniversary on Wednesday, and I never got around to writing a dedicated blog post like I had for our first and second anniversaries. I guess having two kids three and under and an upcoming move will do that! But I need to write SOMETHING, no matter how crazy life is these days.

We went out to a nice dinner at one of our favorite places (Tony’s), and it was so nice to enjoy a meal with just Jason. I joked with him that he could’ve just taken me to Larosa’s or somewhere, and it’d be a treat without kids! He insisted that it’s important to celebrate milestones, and I so love and appreciate that about him. Of course the evening ended with me swinging by the new house, smelling gas, and calling Duke to come out and check. Our brand new fireplace had a gas leak, so that was a fun little surprise… 😉

We joke that we have packed so much into our three years of marriage – two kids and now a new house. While I have loved seeing our family grow and change, I am ready for us to take a little breather after the move is over. I am looking forward to just enjoying my hubby and kids, and settling into the house we plan to call home for a LONG time (if not forever!).

I feel so blessed to have married my best friend. Someone I can talk to about anything, who loves me as much when I don’t dry my hair and have PJ’s on as he does when I get dressed up, and puts up with me even on my worst days. I love how much I look forward to date nights, and know that we’ll never run out of things to talk about. I love that we share the same dreams, work together as a team, and genuinely enjoy one another’s company. Of course we have our moments that we get annoyed with each other and lose our cool, but we always offer each other grace and forgiveness and move on. I also love that I’m married to a man that is not afraid to say, “I’m sorry!” Marriage, like most things, has its up’s and down’s. I am so lucky to have such a great guy beside me for the ride. 🙂

Okay, are y’all sick of my sappiness yet? Sorry, I had to! I’ll move on to pictures of the house updates now…

We have a driveway, sidewalk, and stairs to our front door (and lots of them!):

House Updates 4-7

House Updates 4-1

Carpet is in upstairs:

House Updates 4-6

House Updates 4-4

Finished dining room, which will be empty for who knows how long until we can afford to get furniture! :

House Updates 4-9

Laminate flooring meets the fireplace tile:

House Updates 4-2

House Updates 4-17

My favorite room in the house….our gourmet kitchen! :

House Updates 4-16

House Updates 4-13

House Updates 4-12

House Updates 4-11

House Updates 4-10

House Updates 4-8

Quartz counters are in:

House Updates 4-14

House Updates 4-15

Can’t wait to move all my photography stuff out of our garage and into my new studio in the den!

House Updates 4-18

We are set to close on Sept. 11th! We will be moving in on the 12th and 13th. So two weeks from tonight, we will be officially living in the new house and our old house will be empty. It is such a bittersweet feeling, and I’m sure I’ll be feeling pretty emotional these next two weeks. As I said in my post when we were selling our house, I know it is time for us to move on. Yet it is SO HARD leaving the house we started our family in. Please keep us in your prayers that this transition goes smoothly! Peyton still insists that she is going to keep living in the old house. So yeah, this might be fun… 😉

August 22, 2014

We are FINALLY on to the fun parts of building our new house! You know, the things that I spent HOURS mulling over, trying to decide the perfect choices for every.little.detail. These updates literally happened overnight. I went to the house one day and they were putting up siding, installing cabinets, and all the doors/trim…at the same time! Today I went by and saw they were installing our flooring. When I came back late tonight (to close the windows that were left open before the storm hits!), they were done with the entire first floor! As fast as it’s all coming together, I am a little confused as to why our close date has been moved back…AGAIN. We were initially told we’d be in by mid to end of August, no problem. Then we got moved back to Sept. 5th. Now our closing date is set for Sept. 11th. (What a date, huh? Guess we’ll never forget it!) As much as I am dying to get in there and start making our house a home, I am choosing to look on the bright side. First of all, I haven’t packed one single box. So yeah, there’s that. Also, the buyers of our current home have been super understanding and are in no rush to move in here. Well, I know they WANT to move in here, but their lease on their apartment isn’t up until October. So it could be so much worse! 🙂

As promised, here are some pictures of the house progress…

Outside of the house is complete (minus driveway and landscaping, of course!):

BHouse Updates 3-18

BHouse Updates 3-19

BHouse Updates 3-17

Kitchen cabinets are in! I worried these would be too dark, but I love them so far!

BHouse Updates 3-7

BHouse Updates 3-6

BHouse Updates 3-5

BHouse Updates 3-4

Fireplace, upgraded Craftsman doors, and trim:

BHouse Updates 3-22

BHouse Updates 3-23

BHouse Updates 3-24

Master bathroom vanity, shower/tub, and vinyl floors. The kids bathroom is pretty much the same, but with a shorter vanity and standard shower/tub:

BHouse Updates 3-10

BHouse Updates 3-9

BHouse Updates 3-29

BHouse Updates 3-11

And the newest update….FLOORS! We decided on these laminate floors for the entire first floor. We debated getting real hardwood, but since we are dog owners, decided it wasn’t worth the price when we knew they’d just get torn up. I picked these because they actually have some texture to them, and look pretty close to the real thing, if you ask me! I can’t wait to photograph little ones on this floor in my new photography studio! Yipee!!!

Note: The floors were FILTHY when I stopped by to take pictures, as they were still installing them. I’m so glad I went over when I did, though, because they covered them all so I wouldn’t have been able to get a good picture.

BHouse Updates 3-25

BHouse Updates 3-28

BHouse Updates 3-26

I am SO happy with how all of our selections are coming together! If you’ve ever built a home (or remodeled, for that matter), you understand how much thought goes into all the decisions. Oh, and the fear of making a mistake that comes along with the process, too! I cannot WAIT until I can see everything complete, knowing that this is the house our family will call home for a LONG time. You know I will continue posting pictures of the building progress until then. I hope I’m not boring anyone! 😉 Seriously, thanks for sharing in our excitement!

August 19, 2014

I was contacted by one of my sorority sister’s from OU to photograph her family. I had taken some pictures for Diane this past fall during my Columbus photo sessions (more on that below!), but this time she wanted some with her parents and sister, too! So I headed over to her parents’ BEAUTIFUL home and we found a lot of great spots for their session. Her family was so welcoming, and even the boys were good sports. Diane’s daughter, Addie, is absolutely adorable and so fun to work with. While she started off a little shy and serious, by the end of the shoot she was down to a diaper cover and happily blowing bubbles! 🙂


Messer Family-15

Messer Family-9


Messer Family-19


Messer Family-47

Messer Family-59



Messer Family-104

Messer Family-105

Messer Family-112

Messer Family-122





B&WMesser Family-93


Messer Family-145

As I mentioned before, I had taken pictures for Diane and Bryan this fall. Unfortunately I was so busy with taking TONS of pictures, editing, and getting galleries and print orders to clients in a timely fashion that I had to let blogging go by the wayside. I am super bummed about this, because I have SO many wonderful sessions that have yet to be featured on my site! I decided to go ahead and include some of the images from their pervious session on this blog post as well. Addie sure has grown since then, but continues to be quite the cutie!

Smeenk Family-2

Smeenk Family-24

Smeenk Family-27

Smeenk Family-17

Smeenk Final Edits-37

Smeenk Family-33

Smeenk Final Edits-27

Smeenk Final Edits-32

Smeenk Final Edits-22


Smeenk Final Edits-24


Smeenk Final Edits-8

Thanks again, Diane, for thinking of me to take these pictures for you. Please thank your hubby, parents, sister, and brother-in-law for the opportunity to work with them as well! Alpha love and all of mine!

August 07, 2014

We had a pretty busy month of July (still can’t believe that it’s already AUGUST! Sheesh!). We drove up to the U.P. of Michigan to stay at Jason’s family’s lake house. Peyton was so exited to go, as she remembered the boats, sand, and horses from last summer. Aiden didn’t quite know what to expect, but he had fun once we got up there. He was NOT a fan of the ten hours it took us to drive there though. The poor guy kept pulling on his car seat screaming, “Out! Out!”

Here are the kids taking their first boat ride of the trip. Aiden had stuffed his mouth with grapes before we took off; hence his funny expressions in some of the pictures!

July 2014-23

July 2014-24

July 2014-28

July 2014-30

July 2014-34

Man, I wish we could take a daily boat ride to get the kids to nap everyday!

July 2014-37

July 2014-38

July 2014-40

We rode the boat to the Islander for lunch, and the kids hung out by the fake moose. Peyton loved him, Aiden not so much…

July 2014-41

July 2014-43

Unfortunately it was pretty chilly/overcast/rainy for a good chunk of our trip. However, one nice morning we took advantage of the sun shining and played in the sand by the house. The kids were in love, and could’ve easily spent all day playing out there. We were all bummed when the rain clouds moved in…

July 2014-45

July 2014-46

July 2014-50

July 2014-52

July 2014-55

July 2014-61

July 2014-64

July 2014-65

July 2014-67

July 2014-69

July 2014-74

July 2014-76

July 2014-81

Aiden LOVED watching all the boats drive by. He’d yell, “Boat! Boat!” and point them out. Yep, I’d say he’s got some Hamberg in him! 😉

July 2014-70

July 2014-73

We rode over to Mackinac Island on our last full day. The weather decided to cooperate, and we were so happy! Here we are on the Pursuit ready to set sail…

July 2014-90

July 2014-91

July 2014-94

July 2014-96

July 2014-98

July 2014-102

July 2014-104

July 2014-107

The kids had a blast walking around Mackinac and seeing all of the horses and bikes.

July 2014-112

July 2014-114

July 2014-115

July 2014-118

July 2014-119

It has turned into a tradition to take the kids to sit on a horse. Last year Peyton cried and Aiden didn’t even try it, but this year both kids loved it! They even walked them around in a circle. Hopefully in a few years the kids will be ready to ride the horses around the island!

July 2014-128

July 2014-130

July 2014-133

July 2014-134

July 2014-140

July 2014-142

July 2014-148

We ate lunch at the Gate House, and the adults enjoyed their first rum runners (YUM!). After lunch we walked around for a bit and then sat outside at the Pink Pony. The adults enjoyed some more rum runners, and the kids enjoyed some ice cream!

July 2014-122

July 2014-126

July 2014-153

July 2014-155

A picture in front of the sign and then ready to leave the island…

July 2014-161

July 2014-163

As you can see, we had a great trip! We are so thankful to have a place to visit every summer and to continue the tradition that Jason grew up with. Thanks so much for having us, Mike and Colleen! The kids can’t wait until next year!!!

Now to switch gears to…house updates! Before we left for Michigan, we made sure to swing by the house since they had just insulated it. I wanted our family to write on the insulation before they dry-walled as a way of personalizing our new home. We wrote hopes for our family, and the kids had fun scribbling! 😉

July 2014-1

July 2014-20

July 2014-3

July 2014-15

July 2014-4

July 2014-18

July 2014-5

July 2014-7

July 2014-19

July 2014-8

July 2014-9

July 2014-12

July 2014-13

July 2014-14

July 2014-16

Unfortunately they didn’t do much work while we were gone, but got busy dry-walling once we were home. Here are some pictures of that progress:

July 2014-171

July 2014-172

July 2014-173

July 2014-174

July 2014-188

July 2014-183

July 2014-186

July 2014-191

July 2014-195

They also finished bricking the front, and are ALMOST done with the stone. The rest will be siding:

July 2014-205

July 2014-206

July 2014-167

I stopped by today and noticed that they put the first coat of paint on. They will do plenty more coats, but you can get the idea of the color. It’s called Tony Taupe, and I love it!

July 2014-214

July 2014-213

July 2014-215

July 2014-216

July 2014-212

July 2014-211

I know I didn’t include any pics of the den (AKA my new photography studio!) last time, so here is a quick one. You can’t really tell much from it, but I am super excited to have a dedicated space for my business! (AND a dedicated closet to store all my backdrops, floors, and props!!!):

July 2014-217

I hope to have lots more to share soon! Our closing date is now September 5th, which is later than they had originally told us. Bummer. But luckily the people that bought our old house don’t need to be out of their apartment until the end of September, so we can continue renting back to avoid the double move. Yay! More updates to come…

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