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July 28, 2014

I was so fortunate to document Avery’s birth, and of course had to head over to the Horner’s house within the first ten days of her little life for a newborn session! Kristin is LOVING having a girl, and has stocked up on bows, headbands, and all things PINK! We had so much fun using all of her frilly things for Miss Avery’s first photo shoot.

I always like to capture a new family somewhere in their house. In this case, we headed to Andy and Kristin’s room and piled on the bed. Big brother Blake was a little hesitant to have his picture taken, but humored me for a bit and we got some great shots! Even Lilly, the family dog, jumped in a few!

Next we pulled out my backdrops and floors and played around with all of Kristin’s fun props. Avery stayed awake for some pictures, but eventually drifted off to sleep. She is one of the first newborns that fit in my tiny bowl prop! Most babies are too big, but this petite little thing fit perfectly. She must’ve been comfy in there because she even let us switch out bows without her waking up.

Andy and Kristin, thank you for having me capture this new chapter in your life. Avery is a little doll baby, and I loved spending time with her – as a photographer and a proud aunt! 🙂

Avery - Newborn-7

Avery - Newborn-17

Avery - Newborn-19

Avery - Newborn-27

Avery - Newborn-29

Avery - Newborn-31

Avery - Newborn-32

Avery - Newborn-37

Avery - Newborn-38

Avery - Newborn-41

Avery - Newborn-44

Avery - Newborn-50

Avery - Newborn-54

Avery - Newborn-67

Avery - Newborn-58

Avery - Newborn-69

Avery - Newborn-76

Avery - Newborn-80


Avery - Newborn-99


Avery - Newborn-108

Avery - Newborn-111

Avery - Newborn-120

Avery - Newborn-117

Avery - Newborn-122

Avery - Newborn-127


Avery - Newborn-142

Avery - Newborn-156

Avery - Newborn-160

Avery - Newborn-146

July 20, 2014

I was so honored to step in as Annie’s backup for this birth, as she was photographing a wedding the day Jen got induced. I loved meeting this sweet family, and their little girl came into this world literally on the FIRST PUSH! (Lucky mama!)

Kiley Ann was born on Saturday, July 19th at 1:54 in the afternoon. She weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and was 19 inches long. Of course there was an adorable Etsy hat waiting for her after she graced everyone with her presence! 😉

Jen and Ryan, thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to document your special day. I know it was probably a little overwhelming to meet me the same day you met your daughter, but I so loved capturing Kiley’s first moments. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek until Annie gets you your real one! 🙂

Kylie's Birth-1

Kylie's Birth-3

Kylie's Birth-4

Kylie's Birth-5

Kylie's Birth-6

Kylie's Birth-7

Kylie's Birth-8

Kylie's Birth-9

Kylie's Birth-10

Kylie's Birth-11

Kylie's Birth-12

Kylie's Birth-13

Kylie's Birth-14

Kylie's Birth-15

Kylie's Birth-16

Kylie's Birth-17

Kylie's Birth-18

Kylie's Birth-19

Kylie's Birth-20

Kylie's Birth-21

Kylie's Birth-22

Kylie's Birth-23

Kylie's Birth-24

Kylie's Birth-25

Kylie's Birth-26

Kylie's Birth-27

Kylie's Birth-28

Kylie's Birth-29

Kylie's Birth-31

Kylie's Birth-32

Kylie's Birth-33

Kylie's Birth-35

Kylie's Birth-36

Kylie's Birth-37

Kylie's Birth-38

Kylie's Birth-39

Kylie's Birth-40

July 11, 2014

I know I may totally be “that person” that overly shares about the building of their new home. However, I’ve had a lot of people ask about how it’s coming along, and I personally always love seeing pictures of the process of others’ homes! So for anyone that is curious, I’ll periodically be posting House Updates on the blog. The last time I posted pictures of the new house on here, they had finished the foundation and were starting to frame. Now the framing is finished, they have begun putting brick on, and the plumbing and electrical are almost complete. So here are some pictures! (Not pictured are the mudroom and the den, which I will use as my photography studio!!! I will try and get pics of those next time!)

Outside of the house:

June & July 2014-106

June & July 2014-107

June & July 2014-108

Kitchen/Morning Room:

June & July 2014-109

June & July 2014-133

June & July 2014-114

Family Room/Fire Place:

June & July 2014-113

Front Door Entrance/Dining Room:


June & July 2014-110

Upstairs Loft (AKA Man Cave and Playroom until we finish the basement!):

June & July 2014-118

June & July 2014-132

Master Bedroom and Bathroom:

June & July 2014-120

June & July 2014-121

3 Kids Rooms (No, we’re not pregnant again…hehe):

June & July 2014-124

June & July 2014-126

June & July 2014-117

Upstairs Laundry Room:

June & July 2014-119

We chose the lot we did because there is a tree line behind us, and then a park with a basketball court and soccer and baseball fields. No houses behind us, which is nice! Views of our backyard:

June & July 2014-115

June & July 2014-116

June & July 2014-135

June & July 2014-136

We hit one (major) bump along the road. The builders poured the foundation about two feet higher than the plot plan called for. Jason and his dad noticed it right away, but our contractor kept making excuses and assured us it was right. Well…after contacting the high up’s at MI, they came out and measured and found we were right. The problems this would cause would be that our driveway would have a huge slope to it (not ideal with small kids, and small cars could bottom-out on it), and our backyard has a huge slope to it, too. The solution? They agreed to dig up our garage floor, dig it down a foot, and re-pour it to decrease the slope of the driveway. They will also bring in as much extra dirt as we see fit to level out the backyard. (Oh, and we’re also getting a new contractor! :)) Here’s the mess from digging up the concrete garage floor…

June & July 2014-143

June & July 2014-144

Next steps are insulating, drywall, and then all the fun stuff! Hopefully we’re still set to close towards the end of August. Can’t wait! 🙂

July 10, 2014

I was so blessed to attend and photograph the birth of my new little niece. Kristin (my sister-in-law) had asked me to photograph the birth of their first baby, Blake, two and a half years ago. It was my first experience with birth photography (behind the camera, at least!), and I have been hooked ever since. I am so thankful that Krissy and Andy have invited me to share in the most sacred moments of their lives.

Avery Lauren decided to come into the world on Sunday, July 6th at 6:50 PM. All I can say about her birth is that this little girl sure knows how to make an entrance! 😉 She literally flew out on the first push that the doctor was in the room for. So fast, inn fact, that I wasn’t able to get a picture of her actually coming out. She wasn’t messing around!

Since Krissy’s mom, dad, and sister were all up in Michigan when she went into labor, they were able to still be “in” the room through Facetime! Gotta love modern technology!

Avery weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. She was welcomed by a room full of happy family members – aunts, uncles, cousins, and more! Of course Big Brother Blake was super excited to meet his new sister. He was so sweet with her, and continues to be now that they’re home. It’s always so fun to see little ones step into the older sibling role. Blake is a pro, that’s for sure!

Congrats, Horner family, on your beautiful new addition! And welcome to the world, Miss Avery!

You can watch the birth video below (make sure you can hear the music!), and scroll below to see some of my favorite images.

BAvery Sneak Peek-8

BAvery Sneak Peek-2

BAvery Sneak Peek-4

BAvery Sneak Peek-6

BAvery Sneak Peek-5

BAvery Sneak Peek-9

BAvery Sneak Peek-10

BAvery Sneak Peek-11

BAvery Sneak Peek-7

BAvery Sneak Peek-12

BAvery Sneak Peek-15

BAvery Sneak Peek-13

BAvery Sneak Peek-16

BAvery Sneak Peek-14

BAvery Sneak Peek-17

BAvery Sneak Peek-18

BAvery Sneak Peek-19

BAvery Sneak Peek-20

BAvery Sneak Peek-21

BAvery Sneak Peek-22

BAvery Sneak Peek-23

BAvery Sneak Peek-24

BAvery Sneak Peek-25

BAvery Sneak Peek-26

BAvery Sneak Peek-27

BAvery Sneak Peek-32

BAvery Sneak Peek-33

BAvery Sneak Peek-34

BAvery Sneak Peek-35

BAvery Sneak Peek-36

BAvery Sneak Peek-37

BAvery Sneak Peek-39

BAvery Sneak Peek-41

BAvery Sneak Peek-43

BAvery Sneak Peek-44

BAvery Sneak Peek-45

BAvery Sneak Peek-46

BAvery Sneak Peek-47

BAvery Sneak Peek-48

BAvery Sneak Peek-49

BAvery Sneak Peek-50

BAvery Sneak Peek-51

BAvery Sneak Peek-53

BAvery Sneak Peek-54

BAvery Sneak Peek-56

BAvery Sneak Peek-57

BAvery Sneak Peek-58

BAvery Sneak Peek-59

BAvery Sneak Peek-60

BAvery Sneak Peek-61

BAvery Sneak Peek-62

BAvery Sneak Peek-64

BAvery Sneak Peek-65

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