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November 21, 2013

If you browse through my collection of personal family photos, you’d think my kids were being raised by a single dad. I love snapping pictures of Peyton and Aiden, and often times my hubby also ends up in the shots (sometimes against his will). I know I’m not the only mom that can rarely be found in family photos. I see it all the time on social media – TONS of kiddo pictures, some of daddies/hubbies, but not a whole lot of the mama’s.

I always scramble around at this time of year, frantically searching for a good family photo I can use on our Christmas card. This year, I knew I’d like a picture of the whole family, but was about ready to settle on one of just the kids. I didn’t think we’d have the time to make a family photo happen, and  had almost given up on the idea altogether. Then I decided to enlist the help of my fellow photographer friend, Annie, at the last minute. Many of you will remember her from our wedding photos and the births of our babies. Since those special events, she has become such a great friend and mentor. I think the world of her, and I honestly don’t know if people come any nicer. Alas, I knew if ANYONE could get a smile out of Peyton, it would be Annie. (For those of you that know Peyton, you know she isn’t too fond of smiling for the camera. ESPECIALLY if her mom is the one taking the picture! HA!) So we all headed to Pine Hill Park in Mason and got a few quick shots in. I kept telling Annie, “I just need a few pictures that I’m actually IN!”

When Annie posted her blog post with some pictures from our session, I was so excited! I found myself going back to the site time and time again just to sneak some more peeks at my cute lil’ family. My (far too kind) friends liked the link Annie had posted to my Facebook page, and many commented on how pretty I was. Me? PRETTY?! I have to admit that I have been in a rut these days when it comes to my image. Staying home all day, I don’t feel the need to wear much makeup, straighten my hair (heck, I’m lucky if it even gets blown dry!), or wear cute outfits/shoes. My staples are jeans, sweatshirts, and gym shoes. So needless to say, “pretty” is not a word I use to describe myself very often.

But you know what? I took the time to dry and straighten my hair for our little family session with Annie. I also put on makeup (even EYE MAKEUP!), and bought a new dress and shoes. And you know the best part? When I saw those pictures on the blog…I thought I was pretty, too.

I am SO glad that I have these pictures to show my kids someday. I can pull out a few and say, “Look! I really was around when you were little!” Sure they’ll probably remember their mom in her sweats and messy hair, but I can also show them that not only was their mommy around, she was also pretty.

On another note, I have been a busy little bee these days taking and editing LOTS of fall family sessions! I had finished one last night, and sent the link to the mom for her to view them. Part of her response was, “I am in for a long night….I could look at my beautiful family all day. Thanks so much for capturing us perfectly!” This struck me, because she was looking so lovingly at the photos of her family the same way I had looked at the photos of mine. It occured to me that I was providing so much more than just pictures for people. Just as Annie’s photography talent has made me see my beauty, I can also give that gift to all the mama’s out there. I hope they see how pretty they are when they look at the pictures I’ve taken, because I think they are all BEAUTIFUL!!!

Another client of mine commented during her recent session that she missed seeing all the blog updates and pictures posted to Facebook from sessions that I’ve done. I told her that my main focus this fall has been editing the photos and getting them to families in as timely a manner as possible. In doing that, I have put blogging on the back-burner. I figure that this winter, when my schedule will more than likely slow down, I will get all caught up on blogging and the “sharing” side of my business. I didn’t really think about my clients and Facebook fans missing my work. You mean, people out there actually care about what I have to write and all the pictures I take?! I was pleasantly surprised. So I decided to take a little time tonight to pick one (or two) images from each session I’ve done this fall and haven’t blogged yet. I still have a handful of sessions left to edit, and even a few more shoots scheduled! I promise that every session will get the blog post it so rightfully deserves. But for now, enjoy these sneak peeks from what I’ve been up to…

Siefker Family-7

Siefker Family-69

Stricker Family-31

Stricker Family-11

Branch Family-35

Zink Maternity-13

Zink Maternity-62

Smeenk Family-46

Smeenk Family-35

Lim Family-22

Horner Family Fall-27

Horner Family Fall-46

Brady 9 Months-45

Glass Family-104

Glass Family-34

Maxam Family-23

Maxam Family-44

Fischette Family-31

Fischette Family-89

Petruso Family-30

Petruso Family-63

I purposefully chose pictures that the moms were in. Seriously, how gorgeous are these ladies?!?! Cheers to you, mama’s. Thanks for all you do on a regular basis that often goes unnoticed. Your kids will look back on these photos and be so thankful they had their moms “doing life” with them on a daily basis. I’m also sure that each kid will always think their mom is the most beautiful lady on the planet…and I have to agree. 😉

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