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July 15, 2013

I was so honored when Lindy and Danny decided to have me photograph the birth of their baby. Lindy’s due date was either June 10th or 12th (the doctor had given her two different ones at different times), and so we were pretty sure she’d have a June baby. Danny even bought Lindy a necklace that had a June birthstone on it for Mother’s Day! Imagine everyone’s surprise when Lindy went in for her 36 week appointment and was informed that she had already dilated to 5 cm! She was sent straight to the hospital, and Danny met her there. I got the phone call from Danny, and quickly made my way to Christ Hospital. I couldn’t believe she was already halfway there, and I didn’t want to risk missing the birth!

Lindy was in such good spirits for a good portion of her labor. She had some back pain, but other than that, she was relaxed and able to spend time with her family that came to support her. We joked that she was able to pose and smile for some final belly pictures! I was a little jealous that she had progressed so far and didn’t even know she was in labor! Of course as she progressed further, she started feeling more pain. She requested that only Danny and her mom be in the room for the final stages of labor, which I totally understood. Lindy’s birth plan had been to get an epidural, but since she had progressed so far and still felt pretty good, she decided to go naturally. I was so impressed with her strength and ability to stay calm through it all.

I was invited back into the room once Lindy was ready to push. Everyone was so excited to meet this little one that they had anticipated for nine long months. Since Lindy and Danny didn’t find out the sex of the baby, it was extra exciting to be in the room and hear the doctor say, “It’s a…!” Lindy pushed beautifully and stayed so strong, even though I knew she was in lots of pain. At 9:44 PM, the doctor delivered a precious little baby GIRL! Lindy and Danny proudly said that her name would be Melaina (Lainey) Jo. I think this is so cute, as Lindy’s real name is Melinda. So they have a Melinda/Lindy and a Melaina/Lainey. How perfect is that?! There was such joy in the room, and everyone was in awe of this little girl. I think Danny was instantly wrapped around Lainey’s little finger! 😉

After a little while, family members were allowed back to the delivery room to meet Lainey. It was great to see so many grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even a cousin share in this special time! It was definitely a packed room, and filled to the brim with love. This is one lucky little girl, to be born into such a wonderful family!

Lindy and Danny, I so appreciate you having me in the room to document sweet Lainey’s birth! You two are so in love, and it shows in everything you do. I think it is so special that you were high school sweethearts, and now get to take your love to a whole new level – parenthood. I think it is super fitting that your first dance song at your wedding was “Amazed.” I think those lyrics probably took on a whole new meaning during the birthing process. I am sure Danny was (and continues to be!) amazed by you, Lindy. You have so much to be proud of and thankful for!


For the entire birth story slideshow, please view below and make sure you can hear the music! A few of my favorite photos from the day are found below as well.


BVertical1BJenkins Birth-3 BJenkins Birth-5 BJenkins Birth-6 BJenkins Birth-8 BJenkins Birth-9 BJenkins Birth-13 BJenkins Birth-14 BJenkins Birth-15 BJenkins Birth-18 BJenkins Birth-19 BJenkins Birth-20 BJenkins Birth-22 BJenkins Birth-24 BJenkins Birth-25 BJenkins Birth-26 BJenkins Birth-23

July 08, 2013

I met Emily at OU, and am so glad she moved to Cincinnati a little over a year ago. It’s been fun getting together with her and Jackson for playdates! He is such a sweet little guy, and his newborn shoot is still one of my favorite sessions to date. It’s been a joy to watch him grow from a teeny tiny baby to a fun-loving toddler. I was so excited when Emily asked me to do some family photos shortly after Jackson’s first birthday! We had fun walking around Pine Hill Park, and Jackson was very interested in all of the flowers and ducks the park had to offer. Seriously, how cute is this kid…and how photogenic are his parents?! Thanks for a great session, Lindsay family!

BLindsay Family-2BV1BLindsay Family-11BLindsay Family-18BV2BLindsay Family-28BLindsay Family-39BV3BLindsay Family-41BLindsay Family-48BLindsay Family-54BV4BLindsay Family-63

July 04, 2013


I have gotten to watch this little boy grow from still being in his mama’s belly to now…a big ONE year old! I had a blast doing his newborn and 6 month photos in between. For his one year shoot, we headed out to Pine Hill Park and Brittany was prepared with cute stuff as always. Seriously…I might need to hire her to be my prop girl! 🙂 This little guy cracks me up with his signature “tongue out of the mouth” pose. He had fun chewing on the props, pretending to talk on the phone with the “1,” and was NOT a fan of his cake. Silly boy! All jokes aside, Weston continues to be freakin’ adorable and such a happy little guy. It has been a joy to watch him grow up. Happy first birthday, Weston!

BWeston 1 Year-44BV1BWeston 1 Year-50BV2BWeston 1 Year-56BWeston 1 Year-58BWeston 1 Year-73BWeston 1 Year-74BWeston 1 Year-63BWeston 1 Year-64BWeston 1 Year-80

July 02, 2013

I had fun exploring all downtown Lebanon has to offer with this family! Amanda (the kids’ aunt) and I cracked up laughing at their silly expressions. Boy, oh boy, are these two full of personality! 🙂 Kiera has the most gorgeous eyes, and is a natural in front of the camera. Some of my favorites are of her cuddling with her special stuffed animal that came along for the shoot. Landon is full of spunk, and loved giving me his “swag face!” He was all about the trains, and loved climbing all over them. Kiera had a blast rocking her fancy dress, hat, and shades. A big “thank you” goes out to Amanda, Kiera, and Landon for being so fun to work with!

BV2BLewis Family-14BV3BLewis Family-50BV1BLewis Family-21BV4BLewis Family-66BLewis Family-85BV5BLewis Family-94BLewis Family-72BV7BLewis Family-69BLewis Family-97BLewis Family-102BV8

July 02, 2013

I met these two cuties at the Lebanon Railroad. What better place to have an all boy photo shoot?! We had fun walking along the tracks, sitting on trains, playing with the gas pumps nearby, and “waiting” at the train station. It was great to meet their mom and capture her kiddos’ silly personalities. We spent a lot of time laughing and chasing after these two! I had so much fun taking pictures of these sweet boys. Thanks for a fun evening seeing the trains, Krause family!

BKrause Family-4 BKrause Family-7 BKrause Family-8 BKrause Family-12 BKrause Family-18 BKrause Family-20 BKrause Family-21 BKrause Family-25 BKrause Family-46 BKrause Family-47


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