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June 27, 2013


Age: 5/6 Months

Stats: 16 pounds (22%) and 27 1/2 inches long (83%). Peyton better watch out – she was still only 20 pounds at her 2 year appointment! I bet Aiden will catch up with her by 9 months.

New Developments:

Aiden has become a rolling machine the past few months. He prefers to be on his belly, so he will quickly flip when put on the floor. This means he has also started sleeping on his belly. While this of course made me nervous, I can tell that he is most comfortable sleeping that way. My kids are belly sleepers…what can I say?!

In addition to rolling, his other favorite past time is chewing and drooling. This boy always seems to have his hands and fingers in his mouth. Sometimes he gets his entire fist in there…

AJune 2013-71

I guess his feet taste pretty good, too…

AJune 2013-74

He has also learned how to do raspberries, which is always a favorite new trick!

AJune 2013-75

We’ve tried baby food, but he is not the biggest fan. Here he is trying some prunes. Poor guy had to skip cereal and go straight to prunes due to constipation. 🙁

AMay 2013-58

This kid seems to prefer fruits over veggies. (Can’t blame him!) Here are some funny ones of him eating peas for the first time…

AJune 2013-43AJune 2013-35

Favorite Things:

His favorite thing to do is to laugh at Peyton! She can get him to crack up with minimal effort. He is super ticklish and thinks it’s hysterical when we tickle him. I seriously don’t remember Peyton being so smiley and giggly. We call him our happy boy!

We pulled out the jumperoo and put away the swing. Aiden loves playing with the toys on it, and is slowly learning how to turn around and jump. He loves being upright instead of always laying down.

He is much more interested in toys lately. Mainly, he enjoys chewing on everything he can get his hands on. He tries to play with some of Peyton’s toys, but she is not much into sharing these days. I can only imagine how many fights are in store once Aiden gets mobile and starts taking more of sissy’s toys! HA!

Note From Mama:


I can’t believe you are already a half a year old already! Before I know it, we’ll be celebrating your first birthday. It seems like just yesterday we met for the first time. I’m afraid that if I blink, you’ll be heading off to college! I’ll tell you what I always tell your sister – slow down a little bit…please?!

You are at such a fun age! You are very alert, you observe everything, and you are trying to participate more in whatever we are doing. You especially enjoy trying to keep up with your sister. She will spin around and say silly things, and you will just crack up laughing. If she ever falls down and lands on you, instead of crying, you laugh even harder. It warms my heart to see you two together. You are already the best of friends, and I can’t wait to watch your friendship continue to grow.

You are my snuggly little guy, and continue to be a mama’s boy. You are getting better about going to other people, though, which is good. I love cuddling with you and getting you to smile and laugh. Those baby blue eyes of yours get me every time. Combined with your gorgeous long lashes, those eyes are going to drive the girls wild someday!

You have added so much to our family since you came into this world. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for sending you to join your daddy, sister, and I. You have been the best addition to our family, and I am so lucky to call you my son. You have me wrapped around those little fingers of yours, and I look forward to all the mommy/son memories we will make in the future.

I love you, my little man!


Pics from May (5 Months Old) :

AMay 2013-62AMay 2013-61AMay 2013-65AMay 2013-73

Aiden was baptized on Mother’s Day. His godparents are Kristin (aunt) and Brett (family friend). We are blessed to have these two special people in his life. It was a great day welcoming him into the church. We appreciated all the family and friends that were able to help us celebrate!

AMay 2013-38AMay 2013-44AMay 2013-40

We also took a picture of Peyton with her godparents. She was baptized last year on Mother’s Day. I promised my mom we won’t be having another baptism next Mother’s Day – I need at least one year off from birthing babies! 😉 Peyton’s godmother is Mandi (family friend), and her godfather is David (Jason’s cousin).

AMay 2013-41

Pics from June (6 Months Old) :

AJune 2013-52AJune 2013-47AJune 2013-55AJune 2013-69AJune 2013-63AJune 2013-72

Here are some from my attempt at a 6 month photo shoot (outdoor, and then a few indoor).

AJune 2013-25 AJune 2013-23 AJune 2013-18 AJune 2013-15AJune 2013-81 AJune 2013-84 AJune 2013-93


Of course we had to do one for daddy for Father’s Day! 🙂


June 22, 2013


It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down to write your first birthday letter. How in the world has another year passed already?! I have a feeling every birthday letter will start the same way. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

This past year has been filled with many changes, and even more joy. You have grown from a baby to a little girl, and it makes me both happy and sad at the same time. I am so happy to see how you’ve grown into such a beautiful young lady. You have such a strong personality, and are Miss Independent. While sometimes your independence tries my patience, I am glad that you have a strong sense of self and wanting to do things on your own, even at such a young age. I hope you carry that character trait all through your life. I am a little sad that you are no longer my baby. You don’t want to snuggle as much, and you’d rather be playing by yourself or with your friends than with your old mom. But I must say…my heart melts when you say, “Rock!” before naps and at night. I gladly rock your toddler-sized body and sing our special songs before laying you in bed. Of course, you usually get straight out of your big girl bed the second I lay you in it, but for a few minutes, you are back to being my snuggly baby. I eat those minutes up!

My favorite thing about this past year is that you’ve learned how to talk! You love to tell me what you want, and often times I can’t believe that you know how to say more complex words and phrases! Some of your favorite things to say lately are, “I sit here!” “No, I do it!” “I’m gonna get you!” “Pool! Swim!” and “Rides!” (You LOVE going to the pool and Kings Island!) I find myself laughing at some of the things you say, and the expressions with which you say them. They are pretty cute now, but I better prepare myself for when you are a teenager. I think your independence and sass may come back to bite me down the road!

You continue to have such a positive impact on the people around you. Your father, for instance, still adores you. You will always and forever be daddy’s little girl. You have a bond with him that cannot be matched. Don’t get me wrong…he loves your brother a ton and will always be proud that he has a son. But you have him wrapped around your finger and he thinks the world of you. He is already dreading giving a speech and dancing with you at your wedding. He gets choked up just thinking about it, and you’re only now turning two years old. I can tell you right now that your wedding day will be one of the hardest days of his life. He will be so proud and happy for you, but man will he be dreading giving you away. I just hope it’s to a guy that is just like your dad. He has such a kind heart, and always puts his family first. His great sense of humor makes me laugh every day, and he makes our household a fun place to be. I can only hope that someday you will meet a man that will love you and care for you the way your dad does.

Your grandparents still love spending time with you. I am so glad that we live close to all of our family so that they can be very involved in your life. You love to go outside and look for deer with Papa Roo (you’ve called him Papa instead of Grandpa lately). You insist on doing this pretty much every time we go over there. Grandma Betsy still tries to take you once a week if she can, and you love playing with all the toys at their house. Your favorite is the van with the mommy and baby in it. You love going to Sunday night dinners at Grandpa Mike and Grandma Colleen’s house. You enjoy playing with the toy washer and dryer, and have started playing on the swing set out back. You learned how to swing on the “big kid” swing at their house with daddy one night. Grandpa Mike can’t wait to take you out on the boats again in Michigan later this summer.

You have such a kind heart, and try to take care of the people around you. When Aiden cries, you go over to him and pat his head saying, “It’s okay, buddy,” or “Don’t cry, Aiden.” It melts my heart to see you with him. You make him laugh every chance you get, and you are so gentle with him. He is so lucky to have you for an older sister, and I know you will continue to take care of him for years to come. Even though raising two kids under two has been challenging at times, I am so glad we decided to have you two close together. I can already tell that you’re going to be the best of friends, and seeing you take on the role of the big sister at such a young age has been a blast. You transitioned flawlessly, and I am so proud of how you accepted him from the moment he came home. I don’t know many kids that are not jealous when a new sibling gets added to the mix. I always ask myself how I got so lucky.

I am thankful that you are healthy (even though you need to gain a few more pounds!), and are well behaved. I always get compliments on how good you are when I need someone to watch you. Luckily (I think?) you save your tantrums and melt-downs for when you are with me. I know it’s just your age and your increasing desire to be independent. I suppose they don’t call them the “terrible two’s” for nothing, and you seemed to hit them sooner than expected!  Your tantrums usually come when I have to end the fun things you’re doing. You HATE when I make you come in from playing outside (you’d live out there if you could!), and same goes for when we have to go home from a play date. But you are learning to get over it. In the big scheme of things, you are SUCH a good girl. You will play happily alone, are learning to share with your friends, and have fun no matter what you are doing. You are learning to use your manners and say “please” and “thank you,” not all the time, but it’s a start. You are usually happy, and your smile and laughter are just infectious. I could not have asked for a better little girl to call my daughter. To say that your father and I are proud of you is an understatement. We are literally in awe of you, and you have tripled the joy in our house. We cannot imagine our life without you in it.

I thank God every day that He chose to bless us with you. I feel honored that He trusts me to raise and shape you. There is no other job in this world that I would rather do than be your mom. I get teary-eyed every time I think about how blessed I am to have you as part of our family. You continue to be the BIGGEST and BEST surprise of my life. I love you to the moon and back, young lady. Happy second birthday, and I look forward to continue watching you grow and change in the coming years.

All my love,

Your mama

As part of our birthday tradition, we will be watching Peyton’s birth video today. Check it out if you like – I cry every time!!!


Jason’s birthday letter to Peyton will eventually go here. He is still working on it! 🙂


Here are the best pics I got at the two year old photo shoot I attempted…

BJune 2013-6BJune 2013-13BJune 2013-10BJune 2013-11

As you can see from this picture, Peyton was NOT a fan of the photo shoot! Hence why the above pics are the best I could get! 😉

BJune 2013-20

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