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April 29, 2013


Age: 4 Months

Stats: 13 lbs., 13 ounces (45%); 26 ¼ inches long (92%)

New Developments:

Aiden has grown up a lot in the last month. He definitely doesn’t have any more “newborn” left in him. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. He can roll both from his back to belly, and belly to back, but doesn’t do either often. He prefers to roll onto his side and stay there. 🙂

Aiden is officially sleeping in his crib! FINALLY! The transition went really well. He was about 3 ½ months when he finally got kicked out of mommy and daddy’s room. We planned to do it earlier, but he kept getting sick and I didn’t want him sleeping flat on his back all night with congestion and an ear infection. Once he was healthy, our video monitor’s handset broke and we had to wait for a replacement to arrive. Sooooo….Mr. Aiden got to hang in our room a little longer than expected. Now that he’s in his own room, he usually sleeps from about 8:00 – 7/7:30ish. I am so thankful for another good sleeper. I think God knows how much I need my sleep to function!

Favorite Things:

He’s been spending less time in his swing, and a lot more time on his play mat and Bumbo. He is also starting to be able to hold toys and chew on them. One of his new favorite things to do is DROOL! He acts like he’s teething, but I’m not counting on any teeth appearing anytime soon. Peyton acted the exact same way early on, and didn’t end up getting her first tooth until about 9 months. We shall see!

Note From Mama:


Your little personality is definitely starting to shine through. You continue to smile and laugh a bunch, which makes my heart sing. You think whatever I say or do is funny, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m sure the eye rolls and “Aw, mom!” comments are just around the corner! But for now, I will eat up every ounce of your affections!

You sure have found your voice this month. You talk (AKA squeal) every chance you get. I don’t remember your sister talking this much so young. You get so excited, flailing your arms and legs around, screaming your heart out. I would love to know what you’re telling us!

You continue to be a mama’s boy, and are starting to show “stranger anxiety” behaviors. I know this is a phase most babies go through, but you seem to be exceptionally clingy to me. I’m sure part of it is due to the fact that I have stayed home with you thus far, and you really haven’t had any other people watch you aside from grandparents. I want to feel bad about this, but you know what? I don’t! I wouldn’t trade my decision to stay home with you for ANYTHING. I have faith that you’ll get over it and will become the social butterfly that your sister continues to be. For now I’ll just enjoy the fact that you want your mama all of the time, because I know those days are numbered.

While I have loved watching you grow and change these last four months, I need you to do me a favor – SLOW DOWN! You are getting much too big, much too fast. I know that if I blink, you’ll be Peyton’s age – running around, talking up a storm, and wanting your independence. I am trying to hold on to these “baby months” as long as I can!

I love you to the moon and back, little man!


April 2013-132 April 2013-129April 2013-134 April 2013-133


Age: 22 Months

Stats: 20 lbs, 8 ounces (or around there…Miss Sassy decided to fight sitting on the scale at the doctor! Ugh)

New Developments:

Oh boy…where do I start?! She is talking like crazy these days, and has even started using phrases and, at times, even complete sentences! She tends to quiet down in public or in new situations, but at home…she.doesn’t.shut.up! At the doctor on Friday, she very matter-of-factly said, “Go home, mommy! Go home!” (As mentioned above, she was not the best patient for her weight check.) She can repeat pretty much anything you tell her (Jason needs to watch what he says more carefully! Ahem!). She knows words for things that I have NO idea how she learned them. She is quite the sponge these days!

She knows all but a few of her letters (can recognize and point to them, and tell you the letter’s name when you ask her), knows all of her colors, and is starting to count! She says, “One, two, three, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve!” No clue why she skips four, five, and six. At first I didn’t know why she was counting to twelve and not stopping at ten. Then it dawned on me…we count the stairs as we go up and down, so she’s used to hearing numbers higher than ten! See? A sponge, I tell you!

We transitioned her to a toddler bed Friday night. Yes, my two-months-away-from-being-two daughter is officially in a big girl bed. I was planning on holding off on this transition for as long as humanly possible. However, she started expressing an interest in trying to get out of her crib the past week, and succeeded once. So, for her safety, we had to do it now. So far it has been bearable, but definitely not my favorite milestone so far! I will try and write more about this new development later.

Favorite Things:

Peyton has been OBSESSED with Cozy Coupe cars for awhile now. Her babysitter had one, and Peyton would sit in that thing all day. Literally – she wouldn’t get out. I debated buying her one, but they were kind of pricey, and so I was waiting for her birthday. I saw one on an online yard sale site, and just had to buy it. It is by far her favorite thing these days. Every time we go in the garage, we hear, “Car! Car!” She loves driving it around our patio out back. I think we’ll get every penny out of that silly car!

Aside from that, I have learned a few things that are NOT Peyton’s favorites in the past month:

Brushing a goat at the zoo…

April 2013-58

Riding on an animal on the zoo’s merry-go-round…

April 2013-78

Making a pizza at Dewey’s…

April 2013-145

Note From Mama:


Well, my dear, you are almost two years old. I can tell that because you are trying harder than ever to be independent. While at times you frustrate me and try every last bit of patience, I know it’s just part of you growing up. You have a mind of your own, and you like to do things YOUR way. Now that you can talk pretty well, you have no problem speaking your mind! I hope to be a kind but firm guide for you as you test the limits and boundaries in life. I can only hope that you’ll grow to be a kind, independent, and motivated young lady. But for now, you are my sweet, sassy, and spunky little girl!

You continue to be so good to your baby brother. You share your toys with him, (try to) pick him up, give him hugs and kisses, and say, “Aiden, don’t cry! Don’t cry, Aiden!” You are a little mommy to him, and it gives me a glimpse into how great of a mommy YOU will make someday! You also mommy your baby dolls – feeding them bottles, wrapping them in blankets, tucking them into their crib, and of course showering them with kisses. As much of a tom-boy as you are, you LOVE your babies!

Speaking of what you love…can we talk about your recent obsession with BASEBALL?! You enjoy watching it on TV with your daddy, and anytime you see something baseball related (like in your brother’s nursery!), you say, “Baseball!” We took you to your first Red’s game of the season, and you loved every second of it. You even ate some ballpark nachos, which was a definite first! I am sure you will frequent many Red’s games with your dad. (You should see his smile when he’s watching baseball with his girl!)

We’ve had another great month together, and I am looking forward to the warmer weather that should hopefully be on its way to STAY!


Your Mama

Below are pictures from the fun things we did this month. Enjoy! 🙂

I painted Peyton’s nails for the first time, hoping it would make her more comfortable with us touching her feet (she HATES when we cut her toe nails!). She quickly became obsessed with her painted nails, and she says, “Pink!” every time she sees her toes. Pretty cute, if you ask me!

April 2013-21 Vertical1

We made two trips to Pine Hill park – one with daddy, and one with Hillary/Savannah and Kelly/Noah.

April 2013-4April 2013-5April 2013-15 April 2013-16 April 2013-17 April 2013-19

We went to the zoo twice so far this year. The first time we took Hillary and Savannah, and Grandma Betsy came along for the second trip.

March 2013-215 March 2013-216 March 2013-217 March 2013-221 March 2013-224 March 2013-227April 2013-80 April 2013-77 April 2013-74 April 2013-68 April 2013-65 April 2013-61 April 2013-54 April 2013-51 April 2013-47 April 2013-46 April 2013-44 April 2013-38

Peyton and Aiden love spending time with the Hamberg’s for Sunday Night Dinners! Here are both kids with their Grandpa Mike, celebrating Easter a little late.

April 2013-28 April 2013-33

You know that Red’s game I talked about? Well, here are some pictures from it! How stinkin’ cute is my little girl in front of the stadium?!

April 2013-116 April 2013-114 April 2013-113April 2013-118 April 2013-120 April 2013-122April 2013-124

My girl LOVES to play outside! We took a walk around the block. I pushed Aiden in the stroller, and Peyton pushed her baby. 🙂


My mom invited us and our good friends, the Sparks family, to make pizza at Dewey’s to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Braxton seemed to enjoy watching them make the pizzas, but Peyton cried the whole time. 🙁 We all enjoyed eating the pizzas, though!

April 2013-146 April 2013-144 April 2013-142 April 2013-140

Jason and his sisters threw a surprise 60th birthday party for their mom and dad. We had the party at the club house in our new neighborhood where our lot is. We told them that the party was for my Grandma. By the looks on their faces, I think they were surprised! 🙂

April 2013-85 April 2013-86 April 2013-87 April 2013-88

As you can see, we had a very busy but fun month!

April 12, 2013


As I said in my Reflections on Blogging post, I am going to try and write more on my blog. I’ve been pretty good about adding my photography clients and monthly updates of my kiddos, but I have a lot of other ideas I would like to share with the blogging world! So first up is a post I wish I would’ve read when I was pregnant with Peyton and had to register. I had no idea what I was doing, and luckily I got some advice from a lot of mommy friends on what their favorite “can’t live without it” products were. Many of those products have in turn become MY favorites, and I can’t get through a day without using most of them! So here are my top-ten “must have” baby products to add to your registry!

rock n playFisher Price Rock-n-Play Sleeper

This thing has been a LIFESAVER for us with both kids! Instead of getting a bassinet or setting up a bulky pack-n-play in our room, we simply had the baby sleep in this next to our bed until they made the transition to their crib. It is elevated, so it will keep baby happy even if reflux becomes an issue. It is about the size of a bouncy seat, so it doesn’t take up much space when it’s out. It also easily folds up and can be stored out of sight in a few seconds. It is higher than a bouncy seat, so you can reach the baby from bed. The cover comes off pretty easily to wash, but I also usually line it with a receiving blanket just in case baby spits up or has a blowout. Peyton slept in this for only three weeks, but Aiden slept in it for 3 1/2 months (he easily could’ve slept in it longer…we just decided to give him the boot from our room!). Once the baby has transitioned to their own room, we still use this often as a bouncy seat. Overall, this is the item I most recommend to new moms if I notice it isn’t on their registry. Hence why it’s at the top of the list!

swaddleHalo Swaddle Sleep Sack

I suggest any sleep sack or swaddle blanket, but I personally like the Halo ones. I also know a lot of people that swear by the Aden and Anais blankets. I love the one pictured above because it’s pretty foolproof. Simply zip baby in the sack, put their arms down, and wrap them up with the velcroed flaps. It even has directions with pictures on it just in case! Peyton did super well in this – it kept her still and she slept great when swaddled. Mr. Aiden is a bit more of an escape artist and doesn’t stay swaddled the entire night. He likes his arm up by his face too much! Nonetheless, these have helped us get a few extra hours of sleep since baby wasn’t woken up by his/her arms flailing around. When registering, I would just get one in a newborn size to see if your baby will like it. No need to stock up on multiple in every size just yet! You can always run out and buy more once you know it works for your peanut.

sound machine


Homedics Sound Machine

I recommend getting a sound machine for your little one. There is a two part benefit. One, the baby will like listening to it, as they are used to hearing the sounds of amniotic fluid and your heart beating while inside you. I usually put ours on “rain” for this reason, but I know a lot of other people’s babies like “white noise.” Two, this will help drown out other sounds that may be going on in your home that would wake the baby (dogs barking, other kids being loud, the TV, etc.). We use the Homedics one pictured above, but it has been harder to find. (I think they have a newer one out, that my friend says she doesn’t like as well as this model). I found this one on Amazon, so that may be your best bet!




Gowns or Zip Up PJ’s

Okay, this may sound like a no-brainer, but hear me out. When I bought PJ’s for Peyton, I bought whatever looked cute and didn’t think much of it. When shopping for Aiden, I ONLY purchased newborn PJ’s that were either gowns or zip-up’s. Why? I HATED doing snap PJ’s at night with Peyton! When you’re up in the middle of the night, it can be tricky (and time consuming) to match all those silly snaps up. Gowns were the easiest…no feet to even have to put back! But I like the zip-up ones for winter because baby’s feet stay warm. Just something to think about when looking for cute PJ’s or Sleep and Play outfits! 🙂


Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing

I know there will be some people that say their kids didn’t like the swing and it was a waste of money. That may, in fact, be true for you. However, both my kids LOVED their swing and we got every penny out of it! If you know of a swing that you could borrow from someone, I would recommend doing that at first to make sure your baby likes it. If they do, I’d be willing to shell out the big bucks for a good one! We have this, the Fisher Price Snugabunny swing. We chose this one mainly because it plugs in. Many swings run on batteries, and for the amount we used ours, we would’ve constantly been changing them! It is super comfy, can rock back and forth or side to side, and for some reason both my kids have loved the little birds and mirror at the top. We have gotten many naps out of both kids thanks to this swing!

video monitor


Lorex Baby Video Monitor

I don’t know what I’d do without our video monitor. Actually, I got a taste of it when our handset broke a few weeks ago and I had to wait for a new one to be delivered. I’m sure had we started with just a typical sound monitor, I wouldn’t know any different. However, after getting used to the benefits of a video one, I can’t go back to just a sound one! I have learned through our video monitor that Peyton doesn’t fall asleep right away. She’ll usually lay awake or play quietly in her crib. If I couldn’t see her, I would think she was sleeping! I love knowing when she has really fallen asleep and exactly how long of a nap she took. Also, she tends to throw out her baby and blankie at some point after I put her down. She will cry and not go to sleep easily if she doesn’t have them. I only go back in her room to give her back the baby and blankie. If I see that she’s crying but still has those in her crib, I don’t go in. This was also the case when she was a baby. If she was crying and I could see a problem that I needed to fix, I would go in to her right away. If she was just fussing to fuss, I would stay out and let her self-soothe. This has helped create the great sleeper that she is today! The other reason I love this monitor? Well, we just transitioned Aiden into his crib in his room. He slept so well in there, typically for 7-8 hour stretches! The video monitor provides me peace of mind when I am NOT sleeping because I am worried about how quiet and still he is! (If you are already a mom, you totally know this feeling! “Is he still breathing? Is he alive?!”) I stare at the monitor and think to myself, “Please breathe…please breathe!” I can see his little chest rise and fall sometimes, or he’ll wiggle his legs around, and I can give a sigh of relief. No need to go into his room to check on him to ease my fears. 🙂

Video monitors can be kind of pricey,  but I really would recommend one. We have the Lorex, and I like it because it came with two cameras. We were crazy and decided to have two kiddos under two, so we needed both! The handset can show either room, or you can set it to alternate between the two cameras every 5-10 seconds. You can see and hear each room, which I really like. I was a little bummed about the handset breaking (we are actually on our THIRD). I don’t know if I would do that particular brand again because of this, but I really do like the features it offers. Plus, it is one of the more reasonably priced ones out there. Lorex or not, I would highly recommend investing in a video monitor!PShigh chairs

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

& Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

I would recommend getting one of each of these. We use the Space Saver high chair at our house instead of a full-blown high chair. Since our house is on the smaller side, we just attached it to one of our kitchen table chairs and it doesn’t take up any extra room. It has all the features of a regular high chair – it is comfortable, has a cover that is easy to take off and throw in the wash, and can be reclined when baby is first ready to try out a high chair. When the child is older, you can decide not to use the tray, and they can sit at the table on the chair part. We keep the healthy care booster seat in our car and use it when we go out to eat. It is great because it can go on any chair (even at high top tables!), and it has a strap that makes it easy to carry with you. I feel way more comfortable offering Peyton food on the tray that I know I have cleaned than I would her eating and playing on a germy restaurant table. Plus, it is impossible for Peyton to escape from…she has gotten quite good and wriggling her way out of restaurant high chairs when we have used them! We always get compliments on this seat when we are out, and I really credit it as to why Peyton is typically well-behaved out in public.bibs

Green Sprouts Waterproof DripDrop Bibs

These are the ONLY bibs I use when my kids are infants. I had bought some other “cute” bibs with Peyton, but never used them once I got used to these. They have a foam rim at the top that catches milk dribble (and drool) so that it doesn’t get their shirts wet. Or, in the case of my chunky boy, milk doesn’t get stuck in the rolls of his neck. HA! They aren’t too big or super absorbant, so if baby spits up a lot you’re going to need a spare on-hand. They are sold in packs of 3, and I would recommend getting at least 3 sets of these if you don’t want to have to do laundry all the time. Not too much more to say about these…just that they are great bibs!stroller

Travel System Stroller and Car Seat

We got the Chicco car seat, base, and stroller, and overall I love them. The car seat is super easy to snap into the base and the stroller. It has great safety ratings, and my kids have both loved sleeping in the car seat. I would recommend getting a travel system because it is so nice to keep baby in one place while you’re out running errands. If they fall asleep in the car, you can snap the whole shebang into the stroller and be on your way. Likewise, if they fall asleep while walking the mall, you can transfer them to the car without a peep. My ONLY complaint with the Chicco brand is that the car seat doesn’t fit into many brands of double strollers. You’re stuck pretty much buying the Chicco double stroller, which is kinda big and doesn’t offer a sit-and-stand feature. Some of the higher-end double strollers have an attachment you can buy to make them compatible with the Chicco, but I just wasn’t willing to shell out the big bucks. If I had to do it over again, I would look into the Graco brand travel systems. My friend has one, and has been happy with all the pieces. They have a lot of great double stroller options, where the seats can turn, have two kids sitting in seats, or it also converts to a sit-and-stand. Just something to consider!Picture 035

Belly Bandit

Okay, so #10 isn’t for baby…it’s for MOM! I bought the Belly Bandit from Becoming Mom (Cincinnati, OH) when I was pregnant with Peyton. It promised to help shrink your belly down to it’s pre-baby size faster. If you know me, you know that I had to get into a WEDDING DRESS only TWO MONTHS after having Peyton. Um, can we say pressure?! So I bought this in hopes that it’d help. I chose to get the Bamboo version (a little more expensive) because it is safe to wear if you have a C-section. I luckily didn’t need a C-section, but I figured it’d be good to have just in case. You never know what is going to happen on D-Day! It kind of looks like a back brace – a long piece of fabric with velcro. You put it around your belly and wear it from delivery on. Personally, I don’t usually put mine on until Day 2 in the hospital, but that is just me. I wore mine religiously all day, and even slept in it, for about 2 weeks. After that, I would take it off if we went out somewhere, and would try to remember to wear it when hanging around the house. It really helped shrink my belly back! Of course I don’t think my stomach will EVER look the way it did before babies (can we say “Hello Stretchmarks?!”), but it certainly helped. I was able to fit in my dress with room to spare! I of course wore it again after Aiden was born, and was again happy with the results. So do yourself a favor, and invest in this product for YOU!  You can see my full-term baby belly (second pregnancy) and my belly 3 weeks post-delivery below. 🙂


Did you find this post helpful? Please comment below! Also let me know YOUR favorite “must have” baby item if you didn’t see it on here. Let’s help some new mommies-to-be with their registries! 🙂

April 07, 2013

Brady is a special lil’ guy to Jason and me. He is the son of Jason’s cousin, Scott, and his wife, Ashley. Brady was born only 6 days after Aiden, so our two little boys will always have a close bond. I had so much fun talking pregnancy with Ashley, and it has been fun trading stories of being new mommies to boys.

I went over to their house the weekend before Easter and got some sweet 3 month shots of Brady. Ashley asked me to bring along my backdrops because she wanted to also get some family photos taken. She worried that she wouldn’t have many pictures of her WITH Brady, as she is usually behind the camera. (Um…I can TOTALLY relate!) I loved seeing the interaction between these three. It was so apparent that Ashley and Scott are over the moon in love with their little man. And can I just say how freakin’ photogenic Ashley is?! As I was editing through all the pictures I took, I just couldn’t get over how great she looked in all of them. And only three short months after having a baby, too! You go, mama!!! 🙂

ABrady 3 Months-12ABrady 3 Months-15ABrady 3 Months-18ABrady 3 Months-8ABrady 3 Months-25AVertical3ABrady 3 Months-60AVertical1ABrady 3 Months-36AVertical2

Ashley had bought a little Easter bunny outfit for Brady. We cracked up laughing as we put him in it. He was a good sport, though, and one of the cutest lil’ bunnies I’ve seen! I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of these photos someday. 😉

ABrady 3 Months-64ABrady 3 Months-73ABrady 3 Months-78ABrady 3 Months-84

Thanks again for letting me come over and photograph your BEAUTIFUL family, Scott and Ashley! I can’t wait to watch our boys grow up together.

April 07, 2013

Well, here we are a week after Easter and I’m just now getting around to blogging about it! (Story of my life lately.)

We had a pretty low-key Easter this year. It was great because this was the first year Peyton could actually participate in Easter festivities. First off was baking Easter cookies. Since I’ve been home full-time lately, I’ve gotten much more daring when it comes to cooking and baking. We went over to the Mayne family‘s house to decorate Valentine’s Day cookies awhile back. I was so impressed with the cookies and icing – they were soooo yummy and looked like what you’d find in a store! Hillary was nice enough to share the links to the recipes. So Peyton and I decided to make homemade sugar cookie dough and icing for Easter! (Click on the links and you, too, can make these yummy treats!) This was a big feat for me because let’s face it… I don’t usually make things from scratch. But they turned out great! Peyton had fun decorating a few cookies before bed one night. Mommy did the rest! 😉

BMarch 2013-87BMarch 2013-98BMarch 2013-171

I was the Easter Bunny when it came to buying the eggs, treats, and Easter baskets/goodies. Jason was in charge of being the Easter Bunny and hiding the eggs the night before. He had so much fun doing it, so I think this will be his job every year! Peyton woke up pretty early Easter morning,  and Aiden was still sleeping (that.never.happens). It was great that Peyton got some alone time with us to do her little Easter egg hunt and check out her goodies. She caught on right away about hunting for eggs, and loved every minute of it! She also loved her Easter basket goodies. Her favorite things were a pink car, bubbles, and a necklace/bracelet set. She also loved eating the marshmallows, jelly beans, and M&M’s out of her eggs.

Bvertical BMarch 2013-107 BMarch 2013-110 BMarch 2013-115 BMarch 2013-117

After the egg hunt, we ate breakfast and hung out for a bit. Aiden woke up and decided to join us. 🙂 We then decided to color Easter eggs. I had planned ahead and baked (yes, not boiled) the eggs the night before. Peyton got a kick out of dying the eggs with her daddy. Believe it or not, we didn’t even make a mess!

BMarch 2013-141BMarch 2013-152BMarch 2013-154BMarch 2013-137BMarch 2013-162BMarch 2013-165BMarch 2013-169

This is one of my favorite pictures of Peyton and Jason. I just love how she’s looking up at him. This girl ADORES her daddy. Melts my heart. 😀

BMarch 2013-159BMarch 2013-172

We hung out at our house for most of the day. We thought about attempting Church, but with two little ones, we thought it best to skip this year. But we still remembered the reason for the special day! We went to dinner at Bravo’s with my parents, Grandma, and our family friend, Millie. Nothing says Easter like Italian food, right?! 😉 Jaosn’s parents were in Florida over Easter, so we didn’t get to see them. 🙁 But we knew they were having a blast and enjoying some nicer weather!  After dinner, we went back to my parents’ house for their Easter egg hunt for Peyton. This girl is SPOILED. Grandpa Roo hid the eggs, and Peyton loved finding them. He made them kind of tricky, but she was up for the challenge! I can’t wait until Aiden can more fully participate in our traditions next year.

BMarch 2013-192 BMarch 2013-196 BMarch 2013-201

I had attempted some pictures of the two kiddos in their Easter outfits. I had bought Peyton’s dress and Aiden’s dress shirt last summer on clearance at Crazy 8. This mama loves a good deal! 😉 I was happy that both outfits fit, considering I was preggo with Aiden when I bought them, and it’s hard to predict Peyton’s growth. Peyton’s dress was a little big (it was a size 18 months, for crying out loud!), and Aiden’s was a little small. But it all worked out nonetheless! As you can see from the photos, it’s a bit of a challenge getting a good picture of BOTH kids. Here were our best shots:

BMarch 2013-182 BMarch 2013-181

We had a great Easter, and hope you and your families did as well. We continue to be thankful every day for all we’ve been blessed with.

April 01, 2013

You thought I was preggo with Baby #3, didn’t ya?! 😉 APRIL FOOLS!!! While I am so in love with the two that we have, I think we’ll be waiting awhile until we think about a third. I think Jason would have a heart attack if I got pregnant again now!

Anywho, I am a little sad that I documented so much of Aiden’s pregnancy and first few months on here, and Peyton’s early journey is missing. So I dug up posts from my old blog, and decided to put them on here so that everything is all together. I have to admit, it was fun re-reading what I had written! I still remember those feelings when I first found out I was pregnant with her. I was so nervous about what everyone would think. I am SO happy with how wonderful everyone was about our news! And now looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. Peyton was and continues to be the biggest and best surprise that ever happened to us.

So here we go…Peyton’s pregnancy posts! 🙂

(Please excuse the picture sizes – I was lazy and didn’t feel like resizing them all to fit this blog’s dimensions.)


I Had My Plans, But God’s Plans Won!

October 26th, 2010

It all started in mid-October, when I started noticing subtle changes in my body. I was so tired…I could not stop yawning, and getting out of bed in the morning seemed impossible! I blamed this on my new photography business, as I had been very busy on the weekends doing shoots, and stayed up late throughout the week editing pictures. We had started a weight loss challenge at school, and were to weigh ourselves each week. I was shocked to notice that despite being more careful with what I was eating and drinking, I was GAINING a little weight each week! I was so embarrassed when everyone else was saying that they lost, and I had to admit to either gaining weight or staying the same. I also noticed some soreness in some female areas (which I won’t go into detail!), but thought that was normal as my period was coming up in a few weeks. It wasn’t until I started feeling nauseous that I started to worry about what was going on with my body.
On Friday, October 22nd, I again felt very tired and nauseous all day at school. I knew we were going to have a weekend filled with activities that involved certain beverages, as we were going to the UC game on Friday evening and a Halloween party on Saturday evening. Being the paranoid person that I am, I thought I should take a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. So I bought the cheapest test I could find at Kroger’s and went over to Jason’s to take it before he got home. I really expected it to be negative, as my period wasn’t even technically late. However, within seconds of me “peeing on the stick,” I saw this:

Imagine my surprise and shock!!! I immediately started shaking and staring at it in disbelief. Of course a few seconds later, Jason came in the house from work. I didn’t have time to calm myself down or think of the perfect words to break the news to him with. I went into the kitchen, and I must have looked white as a ghost. He asked what was wrong, and I told him that he didn’t want to know! I then proceeded to show him the test, and burst into tears. It was the strangest feeling I have ever felt – if I were married to Jason and we were trying to have a baby, I would’ve been bursting at the seams with joy. I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember, and have had fears that I wouldn’t be able to due to fertility issues that run on my mom’s side of the family. However, I wanted to be a mom AFTER I was married! I consider myself to be a big rule follower and like to do things in the traditional manner. Never in a million years would I have expected to have a baby before I was married, much less engaged! All I could think about was what people were going to say. Were they going to judge me? Were they going to gossip about me behind my back? Were our families going to be disappointed in us? How would I tell my class and their parents? The list of worries went on and on…
Jason was great – he reminded me that God has a plan, and if this is His plan, we will make it work. I desperately needed to hear that. However, at the same time, he kept second guessing the results. He asked if I was sure that was what the test looked like if it were positive. I got out the instructions and we both studied the results. I also went out and bought a more expensive test that told you results in a no-brainer way:

                                                                         Yeah, there was no doubting that one.

It has been five days since I found out I was pregnant. During that time, Jason and I have both been processing the news in our own ways. We have had conversations about the fact that we’ve been talking about getting married, and we both have wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other anyway. Now we just get to be parents a whole lot sooner than we were expecting. We have desperately wanted to tell our families and close friends, but at this point in time, we are waiting until I can go to the doctor just to make sure everything is okay first. It’s funny – I was not expecting this baby, but now that I am pregnant, I want nothing more than for him/her to be healthy. I will be so disappointed if I were to have a miscarriage, which I am realistic enough to know is a possibility. However, if being nauseous is a good sign, I should be having a VERY healthy baby! I feel like I have the stomach flu 24/7 and all I can eat are crackers, fruit, dry cereal, Sprite, and water. I sure hope this part doesn’t last too much longer!!!

As the title of this post suggests – I had my plans, but God’s plans won. My plans were for us to get engaged this Fall, plan a wedding for next Fall, and then go off of birth control and start trying to have a baby shortly after. (Yes, for the record – I was on birth control when this happened!!!) Jason and I had talked at length about our plans for the future, and even though he was nervous to take the next steps due to being burned in his past marriage, he shared the same goals and plans for our life together. Yet as I have learned time and time again, my plans don’t always match up with God’s plans. And more importantly, God’s plans are always so much better than my own! If God’s plan is for me to be pregnant and have a healthy baby now, then I am going to accept His plan openly and willingly. I am thankful that he has given me the ability to get pregnant, especially since I have worried time and time again that I wouldn’t be able to. I am thankful for the tiny life that is growing inside of me, one that I will love and cherish for the rest of my life. I have always said that I would tell my kids that they were wanted and loved long before they were conceived. And as much as I did not want the timing of this pregnancy, I DO want this baby!

To all of our friends and family that may be reading this blog, thank you for the support I know we will receive from you. We love each and every one of you, and as I’m writing this post, I can’t wait to share our news with you! I know Jason and I will make it through this unexpected life event together, and we will be made stronger through your love and friendship. This baby is already so lucky to be born into the wonderful network of people that we have surrounding us! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and most importantly, please pray for a healthy baby!

Spilling the Beans

October 29th, 2010

Jason and I had originally wanted to wait to start telling people about the baby until after my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, November 9th. We ideally wanted to wait to tell the majority of people until after the first trimester, which
will be around Christmas if my calculations are right. It is so hard not to tell!!!

The Monday after we found out, I ended up telling the girls I eat lunch with at school. I have been SO sick, and eating is one of the most difficult times in the day for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction from my close friends at school. There were hugs, congratulations, and support. They pointed out that Jason and I have been together for quite some time now, and obviously had plans to settle down together anyway. While I knew this, it was nice to hear it from other people as well. I am so blessed to work with such great people and friends!

Jason has been begging me to tell our parents since the weekend we found out (exactly a week ago today!). I have been hesitant to tell anyone, only because I am realistic enough to know that 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. However, I know that if I were to in fact miscarry, we would need the support of our parents through that time. So we are telling our parents tonight! We bought onsies for them, and cards that say congrats on being grandparents. I desperately wanted to give them onsies or bibs that said, “I love Grandma” or “I love Grandpa,” but they have NOTHING that is gender neutral! Jason wouldn’t let me buy the cute little girl ones, as he SWEARS we’re not having a girl, and I couldn’t bring myself to buy the little boy ones, as I SWEAR I’m not having a boy! Haha. But really…we’ll both be happy with whatever the baby ends up being. Anyway…we are taking them all out to dinner (which isn’t rare, as our parents get along great), and plan to tell them after they open their gifts. I honestly think they’re expecting us to announce we’re engaged, but boy will they be in for a surprise! I used to think that would be the first bit of news we’d be sharing too. I hope they are excited, but I don’t know what to expect. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were a little shocked and disappointed at first. However, I know our parents, and I know that they will support and love us no matter what. I can only imagine my mother once she gets over the shock – I picture her running out to buy baby things in the next few weeks! She has been so excited for me to have a child, but has always stressed that she would wait until AFTER I was married. Well, I tried…but even the best laid plans sometimes get washed away!

This past week as really been rough for me in terms of feeling nauseous. I have thrown up all but two days since I found out, often more than once in a day! I am feeling better today (minus this morning), so I hope it continues.

I will let you know how telling my parents went in my next post! Obviously no one will be reading this blog until we decide to make our news well-known to all friends and family! I just like keeping track of this experience so that Jason and I can remember it for many years to come.

We are So Blessed

November 2nd, 2010

I am going to make this post as brief as I can, as I am EXHAUSTED and need to lay down for a bit! My first graders wear me out all the time, but especially when I’m pregnant and extra tired!
We told our parents on Friday night as planned, and they reacted pretty much the way we expected. They did, in fact, think we were going to announce we were engaged, and were a bit shocked when they opened their gift bags. I of course burst into tears…partly due to embarrassment, and partly due to hormones! After the initial shock wore off for everyone, we had some nice conversations and enjoyed the evening together. We are very lucky to be blessed with the two AMAZING sets of parents that we have! We couldn’t ask for any more love and support.
As expected, my mom went out the next day and bought these:

We went to the UC game with them the very next day, and I guess the bookstore was just too darn tempting for her! Made me laugh…gotta love her.
The few friends I have told have also been nothing but supportive. Two of the girls from work that I plan with surprised me with these this morning:

While God may not have wanted us to have our “perfect plans,” He sure has blessed us with wonderful people to keep us company on the journey!
Now that our parents know, we both feel a lot better about things. We are excited to welcome our new little one into the world sometime this summer! We are both anxious to go to the doctor on Tuesday to make sure everything is going the way it is supposed to. I haven’t been feeling as sick as I was (and haven’t thrown up in a few days…woohoo!), so that has been kind of nice. It also makes me a little nervous, as I’ve heard that feeling sick is a good sign for a healthy pregnancy. But as long as I’m not spotting, I’m not going to worry!
Thanks again for your continued prayers and support! We love you all, and can’t wait until our news is known by EVERYONE! 🙂

So Much News to Share!

December 7th, 2010

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least!
Jason and I are now officially ENGAGED! He popped the question the weekend before Thanksgiving at my favorite restaurant…Maggiano’s! I knew we were going to be getting engaged soon, as he told me he had already asked my dad’s permission waaaaay before we ever found out about the baby. He also hinted that he had been looking at rings, and asked me what my size was. But I didn’t know when he was going to ask, and I was so excited when he finally did! Here is a picture of the BEAUTIFUL ring that Jason picked out all by himself! 🙂

I think Jason, my mom, and myself should get an award for how quickly we have pulled things together for the wedding. In about a week’s time, we booked a church (St. Xavier in downtown Cincinnati), a reception hall (Cincinnati Club, also in downtown Cincinnati), a photographer (Varland Photography), and a band (Second Wind). We also have found a videographer (MillsFilms) that we are in the process of booking. I don’t know what to plan and think about first…wedding or baby! Most of the time baby wins…s/he is the star of all of my dreams! Those dreams have been quite strange, scary, and comical…all depending on the night! No wedding dreams yet.
Since I knew I was pregnant, I wanted to do our engagement pictures as soon as possible to avoid a baby bump in them. So Jason and I (and baby!) ventured out downtown in the FREEZING December weather to do our shoot with our awesome wedding photographers. I am so happy they were able to do them so last minute, and I can’t wait to use the pictures for Christmas/Save the Date cards! If you haven’t seen them yet, feel free to check them out!
Website: Password: Ruwe
We have two VERY important dates to announce:

June 20, 2011 – Baby’s Official Due Date!

August 27, 2011 – Our Wedding Day!
Jason and I were lucky enough to see “Baby Berg” (as Jason has nicknamed the baby) about two weeks ago. Normally my doctor’s office doesn’t do an ultrasound until about 20 weeks. They were not able to give me an official due date, as I was not expecting to get pregnant and wasn’t tracking my cycle the way I should have. So that meant an early ultrasound to get a better idea of how far along I was. Here is the ultrasound picture of our little alien…I mean…baby! 😉

It was such a relief to see our little peanut and hear the heart beat for the first time! I wouldn’t trade that for anything!!! I have been SO nervous about miscarrying. My mom’s past miscarriages combined with other people I know’s miscarriages freaked me out. So much, in fact, that I have insisted that we don’t tell most people until I am out of first trimester. It has been SO HARD not to tell! And I think my mom has had an even more difficult time not sharing the news!
I am happy to report that Jason and I went to the doctor’s today, and I made it to 12 weeks! They put the doppler on me, and it took a few seconds (felt like minutes!) for her to find the heartbeat. I was so scared that it wasn’t going to be there. However, she found it and the baby’s heart was beating away! She said that now there is a 98% chance that the baby will not be miscarried, so that made me feel much better. She also said we can start spreading the news, which I know we are all so excited to do!!!
We get to find out the gender in about two months (sometime in early Feb.). We can’t wait! As of right now, I think it’s a girl, and Jason thinks it’s a boy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if we’ll be buying pink or blue! I think Jason may have a heart-attack buying lots of pink things though! 😉
We have had quite the busy past few weeks, and are in for an even busier summer! Time after time, I am reminded of how good God truly is. He has heard all that I have wanted, and blessed me with it ALL at once! I know I’ve always tried to remind myself that God’s plans are better than mine. It has been difficult to believe that all the time. However, I KNOW this to be true. After finding out about our little one, I have also found out that many of my close friends are also expecting! Here is the run down:
*Jessica (my cousin) is due at the end of May/early June.

*Kelly (my friend from OU turned co-worker at Mason) is due 6 days before me.

*Mandi (my friend from school and neighbor) is due about a month after me.
Seriously, God is so good! I am so excited to share this experience with some of my closest friends, and watch our kiddos grow up together. So now when I pray for my baby, I also pray for my friends’ babies!
We can’t wait to meet you, Baby Berg!

 15 Weeks

December 27th, 2010

I am officially 15 weeks today! Since I am pretty far along, Jason and I have decided to make our news public for all to know. Plus, it has been SO hard to pretend to be fine when I have been sick as a dog the majority of this pregnancy!

We told all of our families (aunts/uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.) on Christmas Eve. It was nice to finally have everyone close to us “in the know.” I was going to put something on Facebook up on New Years, about how 2011 is going to be such an exciting year for us. However, Jason put up a “hint” yesterday which has gotten some people curious. So I decided to spill the beans to EVERYONE today. You know once something is “Facebook Official,” it must really be true! Hehe.

I am still trying to prepare for baby and wedding all at once. It has been quite the challenge, as I have been so tired and my stomach continues to hate me. Everyone told me I would be feeling better at 12-13 weeks, but here I am at week 15 and am still feeling pretty miserable. To make a long story short, after meeting with our potential florist the other day, I found myself on the side of the highway getting sick. Not quite what I had envisioned for my wedding planning days! But it has made for a funny story for my mom and I to tell people.

We are going to look at wedding dresses tomorrow, which should be interesting. I have a tiny bump that I can notice, but I am not very big yet. It will be hard to estimate what size of a dress I will need 2 months after having a baby! Oh well, I guess that’s what alterations are for!

Not a whole lot else is new here. Just spilling the beans about our little peanut and trying to cross things off the two biggest “To Do” lists ever known to man: wedding and baby! Hope all is well with everyone, and that you all had a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

Finding out if Baby ‘Berg is a Boy or a Girl!

I have had a hunch that Baby ‘Berg was a girl. My mom was REALLY sick with me, and I have been pretty sick myself. In addition, I have had dream after dream after dream about this baby and what it is! The first dream I had, I dreamt it was a boy. I told Jason, who of course has been pulling for a boy, and he was excited. However, ever since that one dream, it has been nothing but a girl! I can remember all of my (crazy) dreams:

*They took the baby out of me to do testing, I got to hold her, and I noticed she was a girl before they put her back inside me. Hmmm….

*My mom called to tell me that she had gone to find out what the baby was without me, and it was a girl. I asked her how she did it without me, and she said they did an ultrasound on her. Hmmmm….again.

*I went to the doctor’s for an ultrasound and Jason couldn’t go with me. They said it was a girl, and gave me tons of pictures to show him. I somehow lost all of the pictures before I saw Jason, so I went back to the doctor and they did another ultrasound and printed more pictures. Still a girl…

*We went to a Spa-like place for an ultrasound (this was once I knew we were going to Becoming Mom), and saw it was a girl.
The list could go on and on. Needless to say, I was soooo sick of dreaming about what the baby was going to be! I talked Jason into going to Becoming Mom to find out early. We have an ultrasound scheduled at the doctor’s for Feb. 2nd (I’ll be 20 weeks), but I just couldn’t wait that long! So even though he wasn’t thrilled about the idea, Jason agreed to go at 16 weeks to find out elsewhere. Plus, we were excited that Becoming Mom lets you bring as many people as you’d like, so we invited our moms to share in the experience.
We went at 9:00 on Saturday morning (1/8/2011). I was SO nervous, and drank orange juice all morning in hopes it would help the baby move around. Jason was nervous, too, I think. We met our moms there, filled out the paperwork, and were taken back to a room. The lady we worked with was SO great…very nice, and very knowledgeable. She found the baby instantly, and it was so cool to see how much more it looked like a BABY compared to our last ultrasound at 10 weeks (when it looked more like an alien!). We could see all of the ribs, leg and arm bones, fingers and toes, and facial features. I LOVED watching it! However, this baby is not much of a mover. It didn’t move a whole lot at 10 weeks, and it was curled up by my placenta and just hanging out this time. Plus, it had its legs crossed, so we couldn’t see the gender right away. The lady wiggled the ultrasound thing on me to try and make it move, and that didn’t work. Then she had me put my legs straight out (I had them bent at the knees), and immediately the baby moved so we could see! She asked, “Are you ready to know what it is?” and I looked at Jason and asked, “Are we?!” Even though my gut was telling me it was a girl all along, it was crazy to think that in a few short moments we would know exactly what had been growing in me all this time. I honestly would have been fine with whatever she said, as I know that the only thing that truly matters is that the baby is healthy. I was nervous for Jason, though, because I know that the idea of a girl has scared him. After I asked if we were ready, he said, “I guess,” or something along those lines. The lady then told us it was a GIRL!!! I immediately started crying, and felt so silly doing so. I know the hormones had a lot to do with it, but in that second, I bonded with my baby in a whole new way. She was no longer an “it,” but my sweet baby girl. It was one of the best moments thus far in my life, and one I know I will never forget.
Jason and our moms started hugging each other, and I kept wiping away the tears. We got to take home some amazing pictures of our little girl, and here are some of my favorites:

Jason has banned me from posting any pictures of her “girl parts,” as he is ALREADY super protective of his little girl! He has been adjusting to the idea of having a girl instead of a boy. His first words to me when we got in the car alone were, “Now I have to start saving for a wedding!” He has already spoken about getting a shotgun, and the fact that he’ll be cleaning it every time she brings a guy home. But seriously, I know he is going to melt the second they put that little girl in his arms. Part of the reason I have wanted a girl so badly is because I can’t wait to see him with a girl. I know she’ll have him wrapped around her finger, and I know she’ll soften him in a way that only a daughter can. I have promised that I’ll hope for a boy next time so they can do all of the “boy” things together! And also so that I hopefully won’t be as sick! 😉
I can not wait to be this little girl’s mom. God has given me so many blessings, and I am so very thankful. There is nothing more miraculous than having a life grow inside of you. I am not even really showing a whole lot yet, but there is a BABY inside of me that has all of her parts put together perfectly. It reminds me of a Bible verse that I have always loved :

“For YOU created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well.”

Psalm 139: 13-14

So true! I know that God has a special plan for this little girl, who gave us a surprise of a lifetime! Jason and I are both so excited to be her parents and see what amazing things she has ahead of her!
Finally, I would like to share something that I had written about in January two years ago. It is from my old blog (that I gave up on a long time ago!), and I wrote advice for a future daughter. How fitting now that I have a daughter growing inside me! Check it out here.
Please continue to pray for our little girl! We want nothing more than for her to be healthy!!!

Thankful for a HEALTHY baby!

February 15th, 2010

Sorry I have been a slacker in terms of blogging lately! To say I’ve been busy recently is an understatement…planning a wedding, planning for a baby, doing BOTH registries before showers start, premarital classes (Catholic AND Crossroads), and moving Jason into my house feel like a full time job…on top of my full-time job! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!
We had our second ultrasound at the doctor’s on Feb. 2nd. I was 20 weeks pregnant, and couldn’t wait to see our baby girl again. More importantly, we wanted to hear that she was healthy. While the ultrasound at Becoming Mom was fun, we knew it was mainly to find out the gender. We had been waiting (and praying!) for the 20 week ultrasound where a doctor could look more closely at her to make sure she was growing properly. We had the ultrasound, and the tech showed us all of the different body parts and organs she was measuring. We got some pictures, but they didn’t turn out as clear as the ones from Becoming Mom, so I haven’t posted them. But we did catch baby sucking her thumb and it was too cute! She still had her legs crossed (Good girl! Keep it up! Haha), and she was pretty mellow in the womb. I am hoping she’ll be the same way once she’s born…calm and go with the flow! 😉
After the ultrasound, we met with the doctor. She said we have a VERY healthy baby on our hands! Praise God!!! What a relief! She said the only potential problem is that my placenta is in the front and low (not covering, but just low). She said most of the time it moves up the bigger you get, and it shouldn’t be a problem. I get to have another ultrasound done at 30 weeks to make sure it moved up on its own. I’m excited to get a chance to see our baby again! We’ll probably have two more ultrasounds before she’s born -that one and a 3D/4D one at Becoming Mom.
Speaking of Becoming Mom…Jason got me a gift certificate there for Valentine’s Day! I get a pregnancy massage, pedicure, and roses! So sweet!!! We had a great “Last Valentine’s Day Before the Baby.” We went to Bravo’s for dinner, which is where we had gone for our very first date. YUM! Jason bought me a VERY sweet card and wrote a thoughtful message inside. It was a great day/night!
I have seen Jason embrace having a daughter. He always says things like, “I love my girls,” or “How are my girls?” I think she’s already got him wrapped around her little finger. We have a bet going on about if he’ll cry when she’s born or not. I think he will FOR SURE, and he says he won’t. We’ll see who wins that bet! 😉 He has also embraced the nursery. We bought all of the furniture, and he put it ALL together that weekend! I hope he’s as motivated when it comes to diaper changes and 2 a.m. feedings!!! Hehe.
In other news, I FINALLY have a “baby bump!” You know you’re showing when you walk down the hallway at school and people comment on your belly! So far I’ve only taken one “bump” picture, but I plan to take more soon. Here I am at 21 weeks. I feel like I have gotten MUCH bigger in just the last week!

We are so very thankful for our healthy baby girl. We are also thankful for the MANY other healthy babies due around the same time! My cousin, Jessica, is having a healthy baby boy, my friend Kelly is having a healthy baby boy, my friend Mandi is having a boy, and lots of other friends from work are having ultrasounds and all have been healthy so far. While it’s fun to find out pink or blue, the real excitement is hearing the HEALTHY part! God is so good!


And that, my friends, is as far as I kept up with Peyton’s pregnancy. I guess since I documented the beginning of Peyton’s and the end of Aidens’, I kept track of one entire pregnancy! Hehe. I will try to get Peyton’s birth story up here in the future. Better late than never, right?! 😉

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