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March 29, 2013

As I’ve said in countless posts, I’ve had three passions in life: children, photography, and writing. I feel like I’ve adequately followed the first two. Teaching first grade and raising my own two cuties has been where I’ve invested most of my time and energy. Photography has also gotten a lot of attention. I have loved learning more about my camera, editing software, and how to work with clients during shoots. Writing was a passion I followed more as a child and teenager. English was always my favorite subject in school, I didn’t mind writing papers, and I wrote in journals for years and years and years. In fact, I still have ALL of my journals. While I know they’re just taking up space in my house (that honestly has ZERO storage space left!), I just can’t seem to part with them. They document some of the most influential times in my life, and it’s fun to go back and reflect every now and then.

Writing has always given me peace, and unfortunately has been put on the back burner recently. Let’s face it…I am lucky if I get my monthly updates of the kids posted in time! I LOVE to update my blog, though. To me, writing on here feels like a grown-up version of journaling. The only real difference is that when I pour my heart out, anyone that wants to can read it. That’s a little scary, to be honest.

I had created this blog mainly for my photography business. My mentor and friend, Annie, suggested that I get a website with a blog feature, as people like to know who they’re working with. At first I felt kind of silly posting things about myself and my family on my business site, but I totally understood Annie’s reasoning. In fact, I hired her to be our wedding photographer because I loved her website! I felt like I knew her by reading her posts and seeing pictures of her kids.

Gradually I posted more under the “personal” category on my blog, mainly to keep family and friends in the loop on how Peyton was doing and to document my pregnancy. Then one day at school, a teacher friend told me how much she enjoyed reading my blog. She commented that she wished I wrote more. She even suggested that I write about politics (this took place during the election), because she’d be interested in hearing what I’d have to say. Me? Politics? HA! Even though this made me laugh, the conversation has stuck with me. I’ve had a running list of blog posts that I’ve wanted to write, but just haven’t been able to find the time. Do you think the fact that I have two kiddos under two has anything to do with that?! 😉 I am now finding that I NEED to make more time for me. While I LOVE being a stay-at-home-mama for the time being, I sometimes forget to take time out of the 24/7 job for myself. So I am going to try and claim at least one night a week for myself. Hey, if my hubby is gone one night a week for baseball, I should get at least one night a week to myself, too…right?! So I plan to dedicate more time to blogging on here, and not just about my family. Here is a run-down of some of the blog post ideas I’ve been collecting:

Top 10 Items to Put on Your Baby Registry

Tips on Transitioning from 1 to 2 Children

What Raising an Ornery Dog Has Taught Me

Weekly Recipe Posts on Easy-to-Make Meals / Pinterest Recipes I’ve Tried

How to (Attempt) To Keep Your Sanity As A Mom

Things I Want to Teach My Daughter

Things I Want to Teach My Son

Wordless Wednesday’s

(Okay, so that last one has nothing to do with writing…but something I’ve thought about starting!)

I think that’s a decent list for now! Will you do me a favor? Please comment below with the post you’d most like to see on my blog! I will take the most popular vote and go from there. I just need some inspiration to get me going! Oh, and did you notice some changes to my blog? There are now easy ways to follow me in the social media, and you can even get my blog updates emailed to you! Just type your email in the “subscribe to my blog” box. I hope you’ll follow along on my journey – I’d love to have you along for the ride! 🙂

BlogFeb. 2013-55This picture has nothing to do with what I wrote, but my site requires a picture with every post. So here is my attempt at a picture of myself with Aiden that I took using the timer feature on my camera. I felt like I was never in any pictures with the kiddos, so this was my attempt to show Aiden that I was, in fact, around when he was a baby! 😉

March 27, 2013


Second only to the beautiful colors of Fall, Spring is my other fav season to schedule shoots! I know it’s hard to imagine now, seeing as there is currently snow on the ground at the end of MARCH! But the buds will soon be on the trees, and the mild temps of April and May make way for a great time for family photos. I have already had a lot of inquiries, and plan to get my Spring calendar up on my availabilty page soon. Please contact me ASAP to make sure there is a spot for you! 🙂 The pricing on the flier is for my basic package. Looking for prints or more digital images? You can find info on my other packages and a la carte options on my investment page. I look forward to hopefully working with you!

March 26, 2013


Age: 3 Months

Stats: Haven’t been to the doc for an official weight check, but we know he’s over 12 pounds!

New Developments:

This boy LOVES to smile! If I just look at him, he lights up. He kicks his legs and flails his arms around whenever he lays flat on the ground. He is also starting to try and roll over from his back to his side. He has no desire to be on his belly for long, but has yet to try and roll over from his belly to back. Silly boy hasn’t figured out there’s a way out of tummy time yet! 😛

Aiden is STILL sleeping in our room. Peyton was booted at 3 weeks, and here we are at 3 months and we still have our lil’ roomie. The week I was going to transition him, he caught Peyton’s cold and I felt bad making him sleep flat on his back in his crib. So he is still chillin’ in the Rock-N-Play. Oh, and that lovely cold both kids caught? It caused them both to get their first ever ear infections! Ugh. I guess Peyton was just waiting for her brother to get here so they could share that experience. Oh boy!

Favorite Things:

He has started to sit in the Bumbo seat from time to time. It’s not really his favorite place to be yet, so I don’t know if that counts. His swing and Rock-N-Play are his favorite places to sit and sleep. We sure have gotten our money’s worth the way both kids love our swing!

Note From Mama:

My sweet boy,

Oh how you have me wrapped around that tiny little finger of yours! I always heard that little boys have a special relationship with their moms. I am quickly finding this to be true! I love changing your diaper and getting you dressed because that is when you tend to give me the biggest smiles. You are also starting to belly laugh when I tickle you. I love seeing your little personality starting to come out.

I love holding you while you sleep, and all I think is, “I get to be his mommy.” I feel so lucky that you are mine. I especially love watching your long eyelashes twitch while you sleep. You were blessed with your daddy’s eyelashes, which I have always loved and hoped my kids would inherit. Someday a girl is going to fall in love with those eyelashes. Just do me a favor and wait a loooong time before that happens. I am looking forward to being your #1 girl for awhile!

Aiden, you have been such a wonderful addition to our family. Even though you’ve lived in our house for only three months, I can’t remember what life was like without you here. You have made your daddy’s dream of having a son come true, and add so much joy to our hearts on a daily basis. Oh, and your hair ROCKS. Even though it sticks up in the back like Alfalfa, it is super adorable on you. We get stopped ALL the time when out in public because everyone can’t believe you have all that hair. (Just had to throw that in!)

I love you, little man!


Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-28Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-29Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-36Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-8 Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-17


Age: 21 Months

Stats: 20 pounds and some ounces (again, no exact weight recently)

New Developments:

Well, we invested in a potty seat. My mom has had one at their house for awhile, and Peyton has started saying “potty” and running to where they keep it. So I figured it was time we got one, too. She was so excited when we got it out for her! She loved trying on the Pull-Ups, and she enjoys sitting on the potty. She has yet to actually go to the bathroom in it, but I’m okay with that. I mainly just want her to get used to sitting on it and knowing what it’s for. I don’t plan on full-blown potty training her until this Spring or Summer, unless she seems ready sooner. She does know the words “pee pee” and “poo poo,” but doesn’t yet know to tell me when she needs to go. Here are some pictures of her new potty…

Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-45 Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-44 Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-41

Of course her favorite feature of her new potty is the fact that it turns into a stool. This girl is OBSESSED with washing her hands! I guess she got some of her mama’s OCD genes….

Vertical 3

Here she is experimenting with her Pull-Ups (which she isn’t wearing regularly, BTW. I just bought some in case she expressed an interest in pulling her own pants down to go potty). When I gave her one, she laid down and tried to put it on like a diaper hehe. 🙂

Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-64Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-70Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-73

The next day she wanted to try the potty. She sat on it for awhile (the I-Pad helped keep her there!), but alas…no pee pee. Oh well, I’m just happy that she likes to sit on the thing!

Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-107Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-110

As noted above in Aiden’s post, Peyton got her first ear infection this month. Poor girl was miserable between her cold and ears for about a week and a half. She is also getting her four “eye teeth,” so that has just added to her discomfort. I can’t wait for those suckers to break through so we can (hopefully) be done with teething for awhile!

Favorite Things:

Being outside has always been a favorite thing for Peyton. We’ve had a few warm days here and there, and Peyton was obsessed with going on walks and playing in our backyard. She would then get upset the very next day when it was suddenly too cold to go out. (Darn Ohio weather!) Needless to say, we’re ALL ready for Spring to hurry up and get here already!

Her recent favorite books include No More Diapers for Ducky (thanks, Priem family!) and Peek-a-Who (thanks, Petruso family!). She definitely has a love for books, and always wants to pick them out on her own.

Note From Mama:


I so love being home with you to watch you grow and learn. You are so sweet, yet sassy all at the same time. I know that sounds contradictory, but you really have a well-balanced personality. You can be so mellow and lovey one minute, and then full of spunk and energy the next! You continue to always be on the move, which is a bit of a challenge in the winter. Once the weather warms up, I’m sure you’ll be running around outside all day long!

One of my favorite things to do with you recently is cook and bake. You continue to express an interest in helping, and I hope that you will continue to want to cook in the future. I was never really interested in cooking, nor had the skills, but I want to instill a love for it in you. I am grateful to you for this, because it has forced me to try different recipes and make an effort to make dinner each night. I already have such fond memories of our time in the kitchen together, and I can’t wait for all the memories that I know are to come!

You continue to love letters, and tell us what they are every chance you get. You notice letters on things that I wouldn’t normally notice. You’ll shout out, “C!” while excitedly pointing to the letter. I think you’re gonna be like your mama and be a Reading/Language Arts girl! 🙂 You do the same thing with colors, pointing to them and shouting them out. The only colors you still struggle with are white, black, brown, and pink. (Yes, PINK of all colors! It is only all over your room and your wardrobe! You confuse it with red, which is perfectly normal, so I know it’ll come in time.)

Another new thing you’ve been doing recently is climbing up on something (AKA any piece of furniture you can find), standing up tall, putting your hands over your head, and saying, “Ta-da!” Not quite sure where you picked that up from, but it’s pretty cute!

As you can tell from this lengthy letter, you are one loved little girl. No matter how much you may try our patience at times as you near closer and closer to the “terrible two’s,” we will always think the world of you.


Your Mama

Here are some pictures from one of the sweetest times of the day in our house – reading bedtime stories. Before Aiden was born, I was usually the one to read the books and put her to bed. Now that Aiden is here, Jason has taken over Peyton’s bedtime routine for the most part. I was kind of sad to give up that special time with her, but since I am home full-time right now, I still get to read her books before her nap. 🙂 Oh, and seriously…how cute is my hubby and sweet girl? Love these two!

Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-84Vertical 1Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-93

Aiden also likes to sit in on bedtime stories when he’s not eating or sleeping. His daddy and big sis can get BIG smiles from him!

Aiden - 3 Months; Peyton - 21 Months-97


March 19, 2013

I am pretty good about taking Aiden’s monthly pictures with his little onesie stickers. I made it easy by doing it in his room, so minimal setup. 🙂 However, I still want to take more formal pictures for the big milestones. So I pulled out my baby poser and fabrics for his 3 month photo shoot! Luckily Aiden decided to bless me with some smiles. Love this little guy!

I tried some on his belly, but he prefers to chew on his arm at this point. Maybe we’ll try again next month!

As you can see, I can’t get enough of his naked baby belly! 😉 Just in case my son someday isn’t as big of a fan of his naked self as his mama, here are a few in his Easter outfit.

March 15, 2013

Blake is my ADORABLE nephew, and he will always hold a special place in my heart. I was so lucky to be present at his birth and to photograph it for his parents! While it has been fun watching him grow, I can’t believe this little guy is already a year old. Where does the time go?!

We had lots of fun doing his first birthday pictures. My sister-in-law, Krissy, used the ones with the letters O-N-E for his invitations. Blake had a blast smashing into the cake she brought along, and he loved licking all the icing. Oh, and how cute is his birthday outfit?! I.LOVE.IT.

Finally, we did some of him in my “pretend tub” so that Krissy can hang a picture of it in their bathroom. I have a similar photo of Peyton hanging in the kids’ bathroom, and it is one of my favorite things in our house. Blake sure loves to be stripped down and hangin’ in the tub…look at his precious expressions!

As always, thanks for a great shoot, Krissy and Blake! I can’t wait to watch this boy continue to grow…and of course take his pictures along the way! 😀



March 12, 2013


Today you turn 34 years old, and in honor of your birthday, I’ve made a list of 34 reasons I love you. I’m sure that by the time you turn 80, I’ll have 80 new reasons for that list! 🙂

1.) You are the best dad I could’ve ever asked for to our kids.

2.) You value our relationship, and I know our family is your #1 priority.

3.) You still follow your passion and play baseball. As much as I may complain about you being gone so much because of it, I am proud of you for doing something you love.

4.) You still pursue and date me. I so look forward to our alone time together, and am thankful we take that time to grow as a couple.

5.) You are motivated to be the best you can be in your career. You always work hard and push yourself to succeed (sometimes too much!).

6.) You give the kids baths. I know that sounds silly, but I love that you take on that job. Peyton sure loves it when you let her “swing” on the shower curtain rod before she gets in!

7.) I love how you support and encourage me. I couldn’t ask for a bigger cheerleader in life.

8.) Your faith is important to you. I love that we can share our relationships with God with each other.

9.) You make me laugh on a daily basis. Even if an eye roll may accompany my giggle! 😀

10.) You value your family, and are intentional about spending time with them.

11.) You have accepted my family as your family, too. I know my parents cherish their relationship with you.

12.) You are a hands-on dad. You aren’t afraid to play with the kids, go on walks with us, or flip Peyton upside down countless times.

13.) I love that we kiss goodnight EVERY night.

14.) I love how sexy you look driving your Tahoe. 😉

15.) You are dependable and always do what you say you’re going to do.

16.) You toast me. I know that sounds silly…but I’ve never had anyone do that before! It is very romantic when you speak loving words before we eat a special meal together.

17.) I can talk to you for hours and never run out of things to say. My most favorite recent example of this was sitting on the beach in Cancun at night, listening to the waves, and enjoying great conversation.

18.) You have nice handwriting. Again, silly…but most guys don’t! I think yours might even be better than mine!

19.) You are an awesome bedtime story reader. Just ask Peyton!

20.) You are a loyal sports fan. I don’t think the Reds could have a more loyal fan! Oh, and same goes for the Bearcats. Not so sure about the Bengals…

21.) You humor me on an (almost) daily basis. Whether it’s letting me have my way, or smiling for a picture I know you’d rather not have taken.

22.) You work hard to keep our yard looking good. Can I say how thankful I am to have you cut the grass?! I never was very good at that!

23.) I loved the look on your face after both of our babies were born. You had such a big grin on your face, and I knew you were instantly in love!

24.) I love that I can tell you ANYTHING, and know whatever I say is safe with you.

25.) You love your dogs like they are kids. You even embraced my CRAZY Sadie as your own. You’ve saved them from being shipped off to new homes on more than one occasion! Haha.

26.) You are such a fun person to be around. Everyone that meets you loves you. I can take you anywhere, and I know you’ll get along with anyone and everyone.

27.) You are the best grill master. I can’t wait for the weather to get warm so you can grill us dinner! YUM!

28.) You dance at weddings. Best.Wedding.Date.Ever.

29.) You look hot in a baseball uniform.

30.) You aren’t afraid to let your emotion show. I won’t go into too much detail here, but I think I knew I was in love after we watched Marley and Me together in the theatre!

31.) You encourage me in my attempt to learn to cook, and eat whatever I put in front of you. Except maybe my homemade potato soup after you saw all the onions that went in it! Hehe.

32.) You accept me for me – the good, the bad, the ugly…EVERYTHING. I love that I can truly be myself around you.

33.) You support my desire to spend as much time with the kids as possible. AND you acknowledge what a challenge it can be. I am so grateful for the time you’ve given me to be a stay-at-home-mom.

34.) I am even more in love with you today than I was on our wedding day. I can’t wait to see our relationship develop and our love continue to grow!


Thank you for all you do for me, the kids, and our families. Today I am very thankful that you were brought into this world. It is a much better place with you in it!

Love Always,


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