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February 27, 2013


Age: 2 Months

Stats: Almost 12 pounds (60%); 24ish inches long (90%) – I forgot to take his book to write his stats down in, but I remembered the exact percentiles!

New Developments:

He is staying awake longer during the day, which has been fun to see more of his personality come out. He loves to smile and coo, and does a lot of both when I talk to him. He loves to move his arms and legs, and I can only imagine how active he’ll be once he gets mobile!

He is doing a great job of sleeping through the night! I’ll usually feed him his last bottle around 10:30 or 11:00, and he’s usually asleep for the night around 11:30 or so. He will typically sleep until Jason gets up for work, around 6:30 or 7:00. Although, he has surprised us and slept until 8:45 this past weekend! I am so thankful that God gave us two good sleepers. I think He knew I couldn’t handle it otherwise! Our next step is transitioning him out of the Rock-N-Play in our room and into his crib in his own room. We waited to do this because my parents kept him while we were away in Cancun, and I thought it’d be easier to keep things the way he was used to. Now that we’re back, I know I need to transition him out. Is it bad that I am a little sad to do this? All I think about is the fact that I may never have a little one sleeping next to my bed again. God willing, I would love a third baby someday, but that is not promised. So for now, I’m just trying to savor all things baby since I know they don’t last long.

Favorite Things:

Peyton continues to be his favorite form of entertainment! 😀 He has also started to like a little toy wrapped around his wrist. With all of his new-found hand-flailing, he likes to know he can make sounds.

Note From Mama:


You continue to be my “Mama’s boy,” and I am loving every second of it. You love to cuddle when you’re fussy, and I don’t mind doing it since I know it won’t be long before you won’t want to anymore. You have such a sweet temperament, and are pretty mellow during the day. You love to just watch and take everything in, just like your sister did at your age.

On some sillier notes, I am happy to report that you still have only peed on me once in your life! Mommy really appreciates that. However, your farts are out of this world! They are SO loud, and smell so bad! You’re lucky you’re so cute! Daddy and I just laugh and laugh when you let them rip. I think your first words should be, “excuse me.” 😉

I often stare at you while you’re sleeping, and wonder what you’re going to be like as you grow older. Will you be into sports? A wild man? A quiet little guy? Funny? Serious? I hope you have a well-rounded personality, and of course we’ll love you no matter what. I just can’t wait to see who you’re going to be, and hope you stay as sweet as you are now!

I can’t believe it’s already been two months since we first met. The time is flying, which I knew it would. I just wish I could figure out how to slow it down! I am so glad I made the decision to stay home the rest of the school year. I can’t imagine being away from you at this age! No amount of money would be worth missing all of these moments with you. Raising you and your sister is the best job I have ever had, and you don’t pay me a dime! I gladly accept your smiles and love instead!

I love you!



Age: 20 Months

Stats: She is ALMOST 20 pounds! She is no longer going down on the percentile chart for weight. She is staying at about the same, which is a step in the right direction. However, we still need to try and pack some pounds on her! The doc gave me some recipes for shakes…one was 750 calories! Oh my!

New Developments:

Peyton has been so much fun this month! Well, she is always fun, but now that she’s talking more I am really getting a kick out of her. She is much more consistent with her colors. She can say red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and we are working on orange and pink. She can recognize most colors by touching them when you ask, and is getting better about telling you the color when you touch something and ask her what color it is. She is also learning her letters! We have been reading “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom,” as that is one of her recent favorite books. She would point at the letters, and I would tell her what they were (thinking nothing of it). Well, while we were in Cancun my mom figured out that she knows MOST of her letters! When you ask her a letter, she can usually point to the correct one. She is also starting to say some of them when you ask her what letter it is. She can now count to three, and we are working on four and five. She also has one-to-one when counting to three. (Uh oh…the teacher in me is coming out!) I am astonished at how quick this kid picks up on things. I know all parents think their kids are smart, many even use the “gifted” word. As a teacher, I always swore I’d never do that. Well, I am in no way saying she’s GIFTED, but I do think I have a pretty smart little girl on my hands!

Favorite Things:

Recent favorite books are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (thanks, Hamberg’s!), and Where is Baby’s Valentine? (thanks, Lauren!). The I-Pad we got for Christmas is also a favorite thing for her. She knows how to work all of her apps, and is pretty self-sufficient on it. Her favorite song continues to be “Take a Little Ride” by Jason Aldean. If you haven’t seen her moves yet, check them out here. She also likes the song “Trouble” by Taylor Swift. I love dancing to it with her, but Daddy isn’t the biggest fan of the song!

Note From Mama:


Well, I think you have finally adjusted to me being home with you full-time and your new brother. My sweet little girl has decided to come back to mommy, with only the occasional “two” tantrum! 🙂

You amaze me every day by how loving and nurturing you can be, and at such a young age! You continue to love Aiden, patting his head, talking to him, giving him his paci, and being the best big sister he could ever want. Last night was a rough one for you and me. You woke up at 3:30 because you were miserable with your cold and couldn’t sleep. After sleeping on the couch, we eventually moved to Mommy and Daddy’s bed. When you heard Aiden sneeze in his bed next to us, you so sweetly said, “Bless you!” in your overly tired and delirious state. Even when you were feeling sick and sleepy, you still remembered your manners and took care of your brother. That makes my heart so happy.

You really have your Daddy wrapped around your finger. I knew this since you were born, but it is becoming even more evident. He really thinks the world of you, and I am so grateful that you two have such a special relationship. He always says, “Awww, my lil’ munchkin” when he sees a picture I took of you. He loves when you greet him at the door when he gets home from work. Someday (a LONG time from now) when you want to start dating boys, I hope you look for someone just like your dad. He may be silly at times, but he has the biggest heart. We are both very lucky to have him in our lives!

Every month I think I can’t love you or your brother any more, but I do. It’s like my heart is always growing. Thank you for being the best daughter I could’ve ever asked for. I am so proud of you, and love you to the moon and back!



(Or should I say “Mamamamama,” since that is what I am now often called!)

I didn’t take any cute 20 Month Pics of Peyton this month. But here are some of her being Miss Independent! She LOVES to stand on the stool in the kitchen and help. She washes her own hands at the sink, and enjoys it a little *too* much! She also always asks to help make dinner. She’ll go to the laundry room where we keep the stool and say “Help! Help!” So here are some pictures of her washing her hands and making a pizza from the other night! (Don’t mind the fact that she’s a little ragamuffin!)

This picture is not one I’ll ever put in a frame, but I still love it! She wasn’t feeling well and was crying, so of COURSE I grabbed my camera for a quick pic. 😉 I always want to remember how sweet she looks, even when sick and cranky.

February 19, 2013

I had the best intentions of posting this ON Valentine’s Day. I bought both kids V-Day outfits, set up my mini-studio with red fabric, and took the pictures of the kids on actual Valentine’s Day. That’s as far as I got. And let me tell you…taking pictures of BOTH kids and having them BOTH look good in a photo? Next to impossible. Peyton now runs away from my backdrops when she knows I’m taking her picture. At least she has a little devil grin on her face while she does it, which I suppose is kind of amusing. Aiden just lays there, which is nice, until his sister sits ON TOP of him and sends him into tears. So needless to say, I gave up on taking the “perfect” shot of them together this year. I settled for some cute separate shots, and then chose one of Peyton kissing Aiden’s head (which she does a lot these days). I really should post the outtakes of this photo shoot – they are pretty funny….and awful.

Editing photos these days is a luxury. I can get to my clients’ photos in the evenings, but I tend to put our personal photos on the back burner. Aiden is usually pretty fussy at night, which is when I would normally edit and blog. So after Peyton is in bed, I usually have him lying on my chest since that is how he is the least fussy.

We are currently on a trip to Cancun, which Jason earned through work. (Can I just say how proud I am of my hubby?!) It’s kinda sad that the two things I was looking most forward to were sleeping in and working on photo stuff without being interrupted. Well, Jason has woken up fairly early each day of our trip (darn internal alarm clock!), and therefore so have I. And I have chosen the pool over my lovely computer most days (can you blame me?!), so both of the things I was most looking forward to have ended up not being quite the priority I thought they’d be. So here I am, on our last day of our trip, typing a long overdue Valentine’s Day post!

To our amazing family and friends, please know how much we LOVE each and every one of you! We love doing life with you, and so appreciate all of the friendship and support we receive from you. I am so grateful to be raising my kids in the community of people we have surrounding us. Peyton and Aiden truly have the best grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts/uncles/cousins, friends, babysitters, etc. Jason and I are so grateful for all of you.

I am also thankful for my awesome clients that invite me into their lives to capture special memories and moments. Especially now and in these next few months, as I have briefly stepped away from teaching, I am so grateful for the additional income that my photography business is able to provide.

On Valentine’s Day (and about a week after), I am again reminded of the message of my business name: The Greatest is LOVE. I hope that as you are reading this, you, too, are reminded about the importance of L-O-V-E in life. I pray that you all are experiencing lots of it! 😀

So without further ado, Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to yours! <3

On another Valentine’s Day note, we went over to Peyton’s old sitter’s house on Monday and decorated heart cookies. Hillary and Savannah are very special to us, and we so appreciated this fun day with them! Hillary made THE BEST sugar cookies and icing (I MUST get the recipe!), and the girls got a kick out of decorating.

When we got home, Peyton enjoyed one of her cookies after lunch. If this doesn’t look like a happy kid, I don’t know what does! Thanks again, Mayne family, for the special Valentine’s play date!

February 10, 2013

Brylee is a very special little girl to me. She is the daughter of our very good friends, and Braxton’s baby sister. We always joke that Braxton and Peyton will get married someday. Since Brylee is only two weeks older than Aiden, we can say that we now have another match made in Heaven! 😉

I did Brylee’s newborn pictures just days before I went in to the hospital to have Aiden. I had fun experimenting with my new baby poser prop! (Thanks, Mandi, for helping me fill it!) Since I had such a big belly at that point, we did an abbreviated newborn shoot. We still got some sweet pictures though! My favorites are when she gave us some sleepy smiles. 🙂 It was also fun to put one of Peyton’s newborn headbands on her. I love my little boy to pieces, but I soooo miss all the girly headbands! This (almost) baldy baby was the perfect model for one of my favorites!

Brylee, you are such a sweet little girl and are so very loved by all who meet you. I can’t wait to watch you grow up alongside Braxton, Peyton, and Aiden!

February 09, 2013

I had one of these kiddos in my class last year, and I was so excited when his mom asked me to take some family photos! They had their extended family come into town one weekend in November, and we headed to Sharon Woods for some family pictures. Everyone did so well, even the littlest ones! We got some great shots of the whole gang, and then split up to do some of each family, kids, grandkids, etc. This family made my job super easy!

Thanks for letting me photograph your special family weekend! It was so nice meeting all of you!

February 07, 2013

I am waaaay late in adding Mr. Weston’s 6 month pictures to the blog! I am trying to catch up on the photo shoots I did before Aiden was born. I was busy this Fall, big belly and all! 😛

I have loved watching this lil’ boy grow! So far I have done his maternity and newborn shoots. I can’t believe how big he’s gotten! Time flies once a baby is born, and they sure don’t stay little for long. However, he is at such a FUN age, and it only gets better!

Weston’s mama used these pictures on their Christmas card, and I don’t know how she picked which ones to use! He is such a cutie. We were cracking up during the shoot because he kept doing his trademark “tongue-out-of-the-mouth” pose. I think they are some of my favorites, because they show his personality.

I LOVE the props Brittany brought with her! The old fashioned sled was my favorite. I really enjoy incorporating special things that my clients bring along, or trying to create an image that they have envisioned. In this case, we were able to find a pine tree at the park and create this little Christmas theme for their cards. Precious!

Weston, I can’t wait to photograph you again for your first birthday! I hope I’ll get to watch you smash cake in that sweet lil’ face of yours!!! 😀

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