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January 27, 2013


Age: 1 Month

Stats: 10 pounds 1 ounce (74%); 22 ¾ inches long (90%)

New Developments:

The first month has gone so quick! I knew it would. 🙁 The first few weeks he mainly ate, slept, peed, and pooped (like any other baby). He still eats about every 3 hours during the day, and is getting better at going longer stretches during the night. We had one 9 HOUR stretch (9:00 – 6:00), but that was a fluke. He usually will do one good 6-7 hour stretch, which is still great for his age. He is still sleeping in our room, as I am waiting for him to sleep through the night more consistently before we move him.

He is officially out of newborn clothes (tear!), and I don’t know how long his 3 month clothes will last. Peyton wore newborn clothes until she was almost 3 months, so I think he’s going to be bigger than his sister in no time!

His fussy time is in the evenings, from about dinner time until we all head to bed. He is comforted by laying on his belly on someone’s chest. While this fussy period can get a little frustrating, I know many babies have a hard time at night. Plus, I think a lot has to do with gas. This child burps like a truck driver and farts like an old man (and they SMELL)! We have gone through plenty of gripe water and gas drops!

He is starting to get more head control, and tries to lift his head on his own. He’s a strong lil’ guy! He has also started to smile, and not just those sweet sleepy smiles newborns do. I tell myself he’s smiling on purpose, but it’s probably just gas… 😉

Favorite Things:

He LOVES his swing, just like his sister did! He is also starting to like being on his play mat. I think he likes his sister the best out of anything right now, though! She makes for pretty great entertainment.

Mama Note:

My “mister man,”

You have been such a lovely addition to our family! I have to admit that I was a little nervous about having a boy. I am a girly girl, and I loved every second of the bows, pink, and baby dolls that came with your sister. But you melted my heart the second you were born, and I am secretly hoping you’ll be a mama’s boy. I love your cuddles, and I try to get as many in as I can when you’re the only kiddo awake. I am not the biggest fan of being up at 4 am, but there’s no one I’d rather hang with in the middle of the night than you. Your sweet baby noises are music to my ears, and I know I am going to miss them. You don’t feel like a newborn to me anymore, and that makes me sad. I know there are so many fun things coming your way, and I am excited to watch you grow and learn. I just wish you would slow down and let me savor you being little, because I know all too well that it goes so fast!

You are such a good baby, and I appreciate your willingness to be put down in your swing or bed while I chase your crazy sister around. I hope you always keep your laid-back and content temperament.

I am so blessed to have you as my son, and I know we’ll have a special bond. I promise to try my best to learn “boy” things as you get older. I will let you get dirty, play cars and trucks with you, and go to any sports games that you decide to play. That’s assuming you’ll even like sports. (If you don’t, you probably got that from me. Sorry!) Your dad really likes baseball, hence why your nursery is baseball themed, and you are dressed in baseball outfits a lot. So please do me a favor…at least humor your ol’ man and watch the Reds with him, okay?

The past month has been a whirlwind since you were born, but I have loved every second of it. Your dad and I feel lucky that God picked us to be your parents. We promise to love you every minute of every day, and be there for you no matter what. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for you!


Your mama

P.S.: Thanks for only peeing on me ONCE! That was one of my greatest fears as a new mommy to a boy! Hehe.


Age: 19 Months

Stats: Not 100% sure, but you were 19 pounds and some change last time we checked!

New Developments:

Peyton is sweet as ever, but this child does not stop! She is constantly on the move, wanting to explore everything and climb whatever she can find. I think we’ll be enrolling in gymnastics here soon! She LOVES her baby dolls, and has become even more “motherly” since Aiden was born. She feeds, burps, and even tries to change her babies! She also loves trying to help with her brother, wanting to give him his paci, cover him up, and help hold his bottle. She is a girl after her mama’s heart. <3 However, she is also starting to become a little bit of a tom-boy. She loves playing with anything with wheels, and she also loves throwing balls. We joke that she’ll be the athlete my dad always wanted but never had. He has already promised to attend all of her games in his retirement!

She is also talking up a storm. She repeats a lot of what we say, so we REALLY need to be a lot more careful about what she hears! She can say purple, green, blue, and red, and can recognize some of those colors. Her new favorite phrase is, “Oh, there it is!” when she finds something she’s been looking for. She also repeated, “Oh! Bless you!” when she heard me say it after Aiden sneezed. It sounded so cute coming out of her little mouth! We’ve been working on saying, “please” when she wants something. She can make many different animal noises, and we’ve started trying to get her to count to three. It is so much fun to see her pick up on so much – she is a little sponge! I can’t wait until she can communicate even more with us.

Favorite Things:

Baby dolls continue to be a favorite, and she also loves playing with the kitchen she got for Christmas. Again, anything with wheels, anything she can push, and balls continue to be fun for her. Some of her favorite books lately include a Spot flap book (thanks, Aunt Debbie!) and Good Morning, Good Night (thanks, Lauren!), among many others.

Mama Note:


I did so well keeping up with photos and writing in your baby book your first year. I apologize for slacking on months 13 – 18. 🙁 You continue to bring so much joy to our house, and although you wear me out, I love every second we spend together. I am so happy to be home with you full-time right now. We had kind of a rough transition, and you are definitely starting with the typical “two” behavior, but I feel like we’re finally getting into the swing of things. You so desperately want to be Miss Independent. You are not a fan of sitting in your high chair anymore, and you want to do everything for yourself. Sometimes you get frustrated, but overall you are holding your own like a big kid. You definitely aren’t a baby anymore, and although I wish you could stay little forever, we are loving this stage. You have SO much personality (or should I say sass?), and you love to smile and laugh. I love that your laugh can make ME laugh, no matter what mood I am in.

You are SO adventurous, to the point it makes me nervous sometimes. You love when your dad throws you up high in the air or flips you. You will laugh and say, “More! Up!” and use your baby signs. This cracks us up, and is often hard for your daddy to turn down because you’re so darn cute (even though his arms are tired!). I have a feeling you will use your cuteness to get a lot of things from him. You sure are a daddy’s girl, and you totally have him wrapped!

You are still not a big eater, no matter how hard I try. I will sit you down to eat multiple times throughout the day until you have eaten a decent meal. It astounds me that you’ll turn down food that kids typically love, and go for the healthier stuff, like fruit or peas. Seriously, what kid likes PEAS?! You run off absolutely every calorie you eat, and are therefore still a peanut.

I am so proud of how well you have welcomed your little brother into our family. You love to hug and kiss him, and have recently been asking to hold him. You always want to know where he is, and when you see him, you give him a love pat on the head. I don’t think Aiden could ask for a better big sister. I know you will always look out for him, and be that protective older sister. It warms my heart to see you two together, and I hope you continue to be the best of friends.



And finally, for anyone who may be curious as to what my belly looks like one month post-baby, here it is! Still have a ways to go, but I am pretty happy with how it looks. I am so sad that my stretch marks were so much worse with this pregnancy. Probably because my belly got much bigger the 2nd time around! Has anyone found any good stretch marks creams that work? At least they are a reminder of the time my sweet little ones called my belly home, but I would be totally fine with seeing them fade at least a little bit! 😉

Remember this belly? Good ol’ 40 weeks!

One Month Post-Baby Belly

January 26, 2013

I have been wanting to write Aiden’s birth story since, well, he was born…but life with two kids under two has been crazier than I thought it would be! By the time Peyton goes to bed (and I would normally have time to blog, Facebook, answer emails/phone calls, etc.), I am ready to go to bed myself! So yes, Aiden is a month old and I am just now getting around to writing this post. Ugh!

My due date was Monday, December 17th. I was really hoping to go into labor on my own, as my experience with induction was less-than-stellar with Peyton. However, my doctor’s office said if I didn’t have him on my own by Friday, December 21st, I was going to be induced. Of course my body did not cooperate, and I spent the entire week trying to mentally prepare for labor. The night before the induction, I got super emotional while putting Peyton to bed. I tried to savor every last minute of her being my “baby” and only child. Of course she’ll ALWAYS be my baby, but I had such mixed feelings about bringing home a newborn. I had kind of hoped that I’d go into labor on my own so that I wouldn’t have time to think and get all emotional. But there I was…singing, crying, and rocking my first baby to sleep…

I felt like I didn’t sleep at all that night. I kept waking up every hour or two, and my dreams were all about the induction. In fact, I remember one in particular where they told me I needed to have Cervidil overnight, which is what I had to do with Peyton and it didn’t work. I knew I didn’t need that going in, but obviously my mind was still worried about it. After my not-so-restful night’s sleep, I woke up around 4:30 for my last peaceful shower for awhile. My mom came over to watch Peyton, who was still fast asleep at our house, and Jason and I drove in the first snow of the season to Christ Hospital. Of course the traffic due to the snow made us about a half hour late (we were supposed to be there at 7, but rolled in at 7:30). That walk from the parking lot to the labor and delivery floor is always the worst…so excited to meet the baby in my belly, but soooo scared for what my body is going to go through!

This is what Jason looked like for most of the day! 😉

We got all checked in and went back to our room. They were busy that morning, and it took them a little while to get my IV in and get things rolling. In the meantime, my godmother’s daughter, Ali, stopped by our room with her hubby. She was scheduled to have a C-section on the same day, and they let them visit with us for a little bit before they went back to their room! We had a great nurse, Kathleen, who was super friendly and knowledgeable. More on that later! Thankfully she was also good at doing all the blood work, IV, etc. with minimal pain (I HATE needles!). I was about 2-3 cm when we got to the hospital, and we started Pitocin around 9:00. I had planned on getting my epidural as soon as possible. With Peyton, they told me to wait until I was 4-5 cm dilated because sometimes it can stall labor. So I waited…and waited…and waited until I got to that point with her. And then things FLEW after I got it! So this time I decided I wasn’t going to wait – I was going to get it as soon as possible. Well that was my plan…

Kathleen (my awesome nurse I spoke of) could tell that Aiden wasn’t in the right position for delivery when she checked me. He was head down, but facing the wrong way. She said there were ways to get him to turn the right way, but I could only be in those positions if I didn’t have the epidural. So…there went my plans to get the epidural ASAP. I spent time on the birthing ball, hunched over the hospital bed. They checked me after I had been like that for awhile, and I was about 5 cm. He still wasn’t in the right position, but had started turning a bit. By this time, my mom had taken Peyton to the babysitter’s house, and had joined us at the hospital. My dad also stopped by for a bit. Annie came as soon as the contractions were getting stronger and I was progressing to photograph the birth.

Since he still wasn’t in the right position, they had me turn on one side and put a leg up in the stirrups. Laying in a bed, unable to really move, made the contractions so much harder to deal with. When I labored with Peyton, I was most comfortable out of bed, “dancing” with Jason. The swaying seemed to help, and I was looking forward to laboring that way again with Aiden before the epidural. However, when I told nurse Kathleen that, she said that was probably why Peyton got stuck…she kept bumping her head on my pubic bone, and that position wouldn’t help turn the baby. Hence why they had to use forceps to go in and get her. So again, wanting to do what was best for Aiden, I had to forgo my preferred labor position and do whatever I was told to.

After I had laid on both sides, the doctor checked me and wanted to break my water. I told her that last time they broke my water, my contractions got way worse, and I would prefer to have my epidural before then. Luckily she was okay with it, and so I got my epidural about 20 mins. later. After I had that, I felt much better. As much as I hate needles, it has always been worth it to me to get over my fear for relief from the contractions! Once I had that, the doctor came back in to break my water. Afterwards, they had me sit straight up in bed, with my legs in the butterfly position (remember that from gym class?!) to try and get him to turn more. I sat like that for a little while, and then I started to feel nauseous. I asked Jason to get me a sucker I had brought with me, and that seemed to help a little bit. I soooo didn’t want to get sick again this time! Annie said I might be getting close to delivering, which I thought was kind of funny since I had only been about 6 cm when they broke my water. She said that a lot of moms feel sick when they are in transition. All of a sudden, I could start feeling contractions on the left side of my body. They HURT! So needless to say, I thought it was a good idea to get checked again. The nurse came in, and when she checked me, she didn’t say how far I was. She asked me if I could push! So I did, and then she said, “Yep! You’re ready to have a baby!” She called the doctor, and she came rushing in with the table, trying to get everything ready. I asked them if they could rebolster my epidural, but the doctor said, “No, at this point, you’re going to push that baby out to get relief!” NOT the answer I was hoping for, but at that point, things were happening so fast I didn’t have time to think about it. While I pushed for about 45 mins. with Peyton (and then STILL needed forceps to get her out!), this time he practically flew out! I will say it was much easier to push since my epidural had worn off and I could feel the contractions to know when to push. It only took a few pushes, and he was out! At 4:10, our sweet little boy was born! There is nothing better than having a brand new baby put on your chest, and seeing the sweet face that you bonded with for the past nine months.

After Aiden was born, I unfortunately had a similar post-birth experience I had with Peyton. It seems that I can labor and deliver pretty uneventfully, but after the baby is born, the fun begins. The only difference this time was my awesome nurse! My uterus wasn’t contracting the way it should, and I was bleeding a lot (this happened with Peyton, too). They gave me more Pitocin and a shot in my leg to help. I started feeling nauseous and really tired, which is exactly the same as my last birth experience. Kathleen turned down the lights, had me lay down to rest, and limited visitors until I started to feel better. It was so nice to be able to rest, and it really helped me feel better. I actually made it through the entire experience without ever physically getting sick! Wahoo! However, they did end up rebolstering my epidural after I delivered so that I wouldn’t feel the repair work down there (per my request!). I know…TMI, right?! I throw that part in there because I was SO numb (way more numb than I had been all day!). I ended up staying in the recovery room longer than the allotted two hours, and when I was finally able to go to my new room, I was too numb to get in a wheelchair. They wheeled me in the hospital bed to my room! It was pretty funny.

Peyton got to meet her baby brother that night. She came in, waved to him and said, “Hi, Aiden!” It was the sweetest thing…I had tears in my eyes the whole time. I could tell she didn’t know what to make of me – I was laying in a bed and looked like a hot mess. I was afraid I would scare her! Luckily her cute brother gave her something else to focus on! I had been so nervous about how she’d react to a new baby. Luckily, it seemed like she took to him right away! I can’t wait to see the pictures of Peyton meeting Aiden that Annie took. I saw one of her kissing him and it is A-DORABLE.

We had limited visitors to immediate family this time, and I am so glad we did. I knew that those first few days post-birth are tiring, full of pain, and (on a happier note) time to bond with the new baby. Jason did most of the feedings and diaper changes (best.husband.ever) since I was in bed most of the time. We had both sets of parents come visit on Saturday night, with Peyton in tow, of course! We also got to visit with Ali and Ryan, who had baby Riley the same day. They were actually in the recovery room right next to ours, which was so funny! At one point, we went over to visit with Aiden, and realized we probably should tell the nurse where we were since she might’ve freaked out if she came in to check on me and we were all gone! I don’t think too many people leave their room during their stay!

We came home on Sunday, and Jason was on a mission to get back before the Bengals game at 1:00. While we didn’t get back quite in time, he still got to watch most of the game with his new baby boy. I chose to nap during the game…sleep is hard to come by with a newborn in the hospital!

Overall, I would say this birth went more smoothly than Peyton’s did. Having a baby on the first induction was a plus! Healing has been going pretty well…it took about two weeks for me to finally start feeling more comfortable to do things, etc. Now at a month post-baby, I am feeling 95% back to normal. I’m sure by the standard 6 weeks, I’ll be at 100%. Hormone wise, I think I’m back to normal now. You should’ve seen me the day we brought him home though…I had two major hormonal breakdowns, and I think Jason forgot about how crazy a post-baby mama can be.

Life with two has been way busier than I thought it would be! Jason was able to be home the week between Christmas and New Years, which was great. Having him go back to work and leaving me to manage two kids has been challenging. We are slowly but surely getting into the swing of things. A few highlights of our first month adjusting to life with two have brought about the following successes and setbacks:

*Peyton LOVES her baby brother. Me, on the other hand? She prefers to throw fits for me, especially when we’re out of the house around other people. Anyone with ideas on how to handle this would be GREATLY appreciated!

*Speaking of fits…I wanted to throw a fit myself the day that Peyton took a whole box of thin spaghetti out of the pantry and dumped it all over the kitchen floor. That stuff is hard to pick up! I chose to refrain from said fit and laugh instead. It could’ve been worse…at least it wasn’t flour or powdered sugar, right?!

*We left Lei (one of our dogs) outside from 10 pm – 4 am one night. When Aiden woke up for a feeding at 4 am, we could hear a dog incessantly barking outside. Both of us were in SHOCK that one of our neighbors would leave their dog outside in the middle of the night, especially when it was raining. Then we realized WE were those annoying neighbors. At least Jason was able to run downstairs and let her in before the DOWNPOUR of rain and thunderstorm that rolled in! (He made it by like, a minute. Poor dog!)

*My daughter has watched way more TV than I ever said I’d allow. But there are plenty of times I just need to keep her occupied while I feed Aiden, clean, or get anything else done. I keep telling myself that at least the shows she watches are educational. Hmmm…

*We have taken the kids out to dinner and have survived. Meals out are no longer enjoyable though…we feel we are on borrowed time before Peyton melts down at the restaurant. Aiden is usually good, though! (For now!)

*Speaking of venturing out – I have taken both kids to the doctor, play dates, the library, and Target alone. Trust me, this is a feat! I don’t know how often I’ll be taking them shopping again though. By the time you have a kid sitting in the front of the cart and an infant carrier inside the cart, there’s not much room to buy anything.

*I have managed to vacuum and mop the downstairs multiple times in the past month. Again, this is a feat I am celebrating! I will add to that list that I take daily showers. Sometimes they aren’t until Jason gets home from work, but any new mom knows this is exciting! Oh , and dinners…I am starting to cook again! Any good and *easy* recipe ideas would be appreciated!

*Jason and I have had a few date nights already thanks to our awesome parents being willing to babysit both kiddos. I HIGHLY recommend date nights to ALL parents! I think they help prevent that feeling of wanting to scream, cry, and run for the hills on those rough days. I don’t know how parents do it without date nights. I know we wouldn’t be able to survive without a break every so often.

*I am still adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom. It is a 24/7 job that is hard and does not pay a dime, but I get to see my kids grow, change, and learn every day. I am so thankful that I am able to be home with them the rest of this school year. We’re still not sure what next year has in store, but I am praying that God will find us a way for me to stay home with the kids as much as possible. I have a lead on a part-time position, so please keep your fingers crossed that it works out! I really think that’d be the best of both worlds…being home with my kids a decent amount, but also getting out of the house for a bit and earning some income.  Of course I still plan to do my photography, and this will give me more time for that than when I was teaching full-time. So yeah…fingers crossed, please!!!

I have included some pictures from our hospital stay. Here is a link to the pictures Annie took and put together for a video to tell his birth story. Again, if you’re preggo and are debating about having a birth photographer…DO IT!!! It is so nice to know that we’ll have excellent pictures of our special day, and no one from our family had the pressure of taking them!

January 01, 2013

Aiden Michael Hamberg was born on Friday, December 21st at 4:10 p.m. He weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces, and was 21 inches long. I plan to work on Aiden’s birth story and post it here, but as you can imagine, life with an 18 month old and a newborn is…well…BUSY! I finally got around to taking some newborn pictures of him, so check them out below! I will post others from his birthday, hospital stay, etc. with his birth story. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some free time before he turns a month old! 😉

While we are adjusting to life with two, we are very grateful that God has blessed us so abundantly. Aiden is super cuddly and sweet, and is pretty content so far (knock on wood!). He definitely has his mama wrapped already! Peyton continues to be a bundle of energy, and loves her little brother (sometimes a little too much!).

Here is our early Christmas present – a happy and healthy little boy!

A friend of ours, Sally, made Aiden this baseball hat and sack. As many of you know, Aiden’s nursery is baseball themed. I was so excited to take pictures of him in his baseball gear so that I can hang some in his room! I just hope this little boy grows up with a love for the game. If not, his Daddy will be rather disappointed!

**Thanks again, Sally! You did a great job, and I can’t wait to use these with other newborn little boys, too!**

Thank you to all of our friends and family for your kind words, meals, gifts, and of course love and support. I feel awful that I haven’t been in touch with more of you, but as I said, life is crazy busy for us right now! I hope you enjoyed sneaking a peek at our sweet lil’ man, and we can’t wait for those we love to meet him in person soon!

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