December 17, 2012

Happy Due Date to me! 🙂

Week 40 Belly Pictures…

Here are the latest stats:

Pregnancy Length: 40 Weeks Exactly (12/17)

Countdown to Due Date: Any time he decides to come!

Weight Gain: Probably 20-25ish lbs. (not 100% sure)

Baby is the size of a: watermelon (19 to 22 in., 6-9 lbs)

New baby developments: He is gearing up for delivery and life outside the womb. His endocrine system is getting hormones ready for delivery. He will send those hormones to the placenta to trigger labor (which he needs to get working on ASAP!). He is also getting ready to take his first breath of air. The first breath at birth requires more effort than any other breath he will ever take again due to the tiny air sacs in the lungs that need to be inflated for the first time.

Gender: Boy

Names: Aiden Michael

Sleep: I get up at least twice a night, mainly to use the restroom or because I am uncomfortable. I also find that my mind is racing, so it’s hard for me to fall back asleep.

Feeling: The swelling and pregnancy rash have actually gotten a little better this past week. I am still itchy, but it’s manageable. I have caught yet ANOTHER cold, so that was not fun this past week. Thankfully, it hasn’t gotten as full-blown as the first one I had a few weeks ago. I just hope I can breathe normally when it comes time to deliver!

Health: Pretty much the same progress as my last appointment. No news is good news, right?!

Movement: He’s still not moving as much, but when he does…my whole belly moves!

Cravings: Chocolate still. But I always crave chocolate! Really, I haven’t had any weird cravings with this pregnancy. Now when I was pregnant with PEYTON, I had weird cravings – especially breakfast food!

Nursery: Everything is finished and ready to go. We got the baseball glove chair from Jason’s mom early (it’s Aiden’s Christmas present), and it looks so cute in his room! I am going to add the pictures to the nursery post, but I’ll also add them here. I can’t wait to see him in it! Peyton is all about sitting in the chair until her brother can.

All of his little outfits have been washed and put away. We have been lucky when it comes to hand-me-downs…Mandi has given us lots of Braxton’s things (and we are giving her Peyton’s things for Brylee), and one of Jason’s former co-workers has given us stuff from her little boy. So I really haven’t had to buy too much yet!

Belly: Still big…to the point that when out in public, people always ask when I’m due. It’s been fun seeing the look on people’s faces when I answered, “Today!” People say that I look like I’ve dropped, but I can’t really tell. All I can see are the crazy stretch marks….yuck. 🙁 I debated even posting the bare-belly shots on here this week because they’re just so unflattering, but I know it’s all part of the process. My babies are well worth what they’ve done to my body!

Next Appointment: Here’s the big news of this final Bumpdate…there will be no more doctor’s appointments! We actually scheduled an induction date of Friday, Dec. 21st if Aiden hasn’t decided to come on his own by then. They said we’ll get things started at 7:30, but to be there by 7 am. Thankfully, they said I am progressed enough that I don’t have to go in the night before and do the whole Cervidil thing. If you remember Peyton’s first induction, this is what wasn’t working and the reason we got sent home after three days of being in the hospital. So as nervous as I am to be induced again, at least I know I don’t have to do that step this time around!

I really wanted to be induced on Wednesday, because the doctor that delivered Peyton is delivering that day. However, the only day they have available this week is Friday, as Christ Hospital is BOOKED for inductions. I asked them about trying to wait until after Christmas, but they said I’d be too far along and they won’t let me wait it out. Soooo…Friday it is. The Mayan calendar says it’s going to be the end of the world, so hopefully THAT doesn’t happen. I don’t believe in all that, but it’s kind of funny to think about his birthday being the day the world ends! A fun thing about Friday is that my Godparents’ daughter, Ali, is having her baby boy via C-section that day, too! So our parents can keep each other company in the waiting room. If you’ve ever seen my Godfather and my dad together, you know that they’ll probably get themselves kicked out of the waiting room for bad behavior! Haha.

The closer Aiden’s birthday gets to Christmas, the more Jason and I have accepted that we will be having a very low-key holiday this season. While we’d love to spend it with our extended families, Aiden is just going to be way too little to be exposing him to a lot of people. It’s winter, and the germs are already in full-swing! Plus, I know it took me a good week to start feeling like myself again after Peyton. Hopefully I’ll bounce back quicker this time around, but who knows! We still plan to exchange gifts with our immediate families sometime on Christmas or a day or two after. I know everyone is bummed that we can’t fully participate in family gatherings this year, but we have to look out for Aiden and his itty bitty immune system. So our focus now is to create our own lil’ Christmas for Peyton, complete with resting and enjoying our new family of four. Of course we’ll throw in lots of presents from Santa, Christmas movies, and staying in our PJ’s for as long as we want!

Speaking of Santa…we took Peyton to see him at Great Wolf Lodge this weekend! It was a great indoor place to see him, and the line wasn’t bad at all. They let you take your own pictures (one of the reasons we didn’t want to attempt the mall), and they had a lot of other wintery activities for the kids to do. Peyton has been obsessed with Santa in books and on TV, and usually says, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” when you ask her what Santa says. However, when she saw him in person, she wasn’t the biggest fan. In fact, I felt like we were abusing her by making her sit on his lap. Someday she’ll appreciate these photos and think they’re funny, right?!?

Thanks again for following along with all my Aiden Bumpdates! Please keep our family in your prayers as we prepare to meet our little guy. I would REALLY like to go into labor on my own prior to Friday. As I said, Wednesday would be ideal because then we could have the doctor we really want! As always, we appreciate the love, prayer, and support we receive from our families and friends. We can’t wait to add Aiden to the mix!

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