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September 30, 2012

This family holds a special place in my heart. Hillary took care of Peyton last school year, and still sees her on an almost daily basis this year. We have been so blessed to have such a kind, loving, and dependable person building into our little one. Miss Savannah has also become one of Peyton’s BFF’s, which has been fun to see. What a sweet, spunky little girl she is!

Hillary’s parents live on a bunch of land, and we did their family photo shoot there. All I can say is WOW…photographer’s Heaven! 🙂 Allan was a great sport, and made us laugh all morning long. They just might take the prize for the most fun family I have done so far…I LOVED their natural goofiness! I think their personalities shine through in all of the pictures. I had so much fun taking and editing the pictures because each one was so different!

Thanks for inviting me spend the BEAUTIFUL morning with you guys! And thanks, as always, for loving our little girl while we are at work!


September 24, 2012

I know I’ve said before that I am totally slacking on this pregnancy. Minimal pictures, no blog posts, and basically I am too busy half the time to even remember that I’m pregnant again (aside from my growing belly that likes to remind me!). So…I am going to TRY and do a better job these last few months and weeks of my pregnancy! I am not going to promise weekly “bumpdates,” because I know some weeks they just won’t happen. But SOME are better than NONE, right?! 😉

I have officially given up on my cute Pinterest idea of having Peyton in my pictures (see blog about that here). We may try again before Aiden is born, but I don’t think we can count on those pics. A one year old is not a very willing model, and I have too fancy of a camera for Jason to work consistently. He tries, bless his heart…but with all the settings and focusing issues on a DSLR, it’s just too much when we need a quick picture before *someone* has a meltdown. So I took matters into my own hands this week and did some cheesy 27 week pics in the bathroom mirror. Again, not ideal…but better than nothing! So for anyone that cares, here is what my belly is looking like nowadays…

I crack up whenever people comment on how small I am. Compared with when I was pregnant with Peyton, I feel HUGE! Here’s proof for all you non-believers…

Normally I am not one to show my bare belly. I hate to show my stomach in a bathing suit, even when I’m NOT pregnant! But I know someday I’ll miss my baby belly, so I took a few without being fully covered. View at your own risk!!!

Pregnancy Length: 27 weeks 6 days (as of 9/23)

Countdown to Due Date: 12 weeks 1 day

Weight Gain: About 10 lbs. since I found out I was preggo with #2. (That doesn’t count the 7ish lbs I never got rid of after Peyton! UGH!)

Baby is the size of a: head of cauliflower (16 in., 2.5 lbs)

New baby developments: He can dream (has the rapid eye movement phase of sleep, where dreaming occurs); blinks his eyes; coughs; sucks and breathes. If he were to be born today (which we sure hope he ISN’T!), he would have a pretty good chance of surviving since his lungs have reached the vital point of maturity. Whew!

Gender: Boy

Names: Aiden Michael (it’s a done deal!). Although Jason still throws out “Titus” every now and then, just to get a rise out of me!

Sleep: Not too bad. The hardest part is getting comfortable before I fall asleep. My lower back is KILLING me! Darn sciatic nerve!

Feeling: Tired. More so due to working full-time as a teacher, doing photography on the side, and have I mentioned that I have a 15 month old at home?! 😉

Health: Great! No news is good news. Passed my glucose test at my last appointment…wahoo for no gestational diabetes!

Movement: Feeling it, and loving it! There’s nothing more miraculous than feeling a baby move inside of you. He moves about as much as Peyton did…maybe a tad bit more. Here’s to hoping we get lucky with another mellow baby! 🙂

Cravings: Chocolate! I may or may not have made a batch of brownies on a whim just because they sounded good. Oops. And then there are those darn Peanut Butter M&M’s I keep running into at Kroger’s…

Nursery: The former guestroom is all cleaned out. Now we just need to paint and then we can really get things going! We are for sure doing a baseball theme. We have most everything purchased, including all of his new furniture, bedding, and decorations. That was my summer project!

Belly: It’s there! Luckily I don’t have any stretch marks or that lovely linea negra (line) that develops yet. I hope both stay away, but I’m not counting on it!

Next Appointment: Oct. 9th

Oh, and now some “everyday” photos of Miss Peyton. These were taken the same night as my belly pics. The camera was out and easily accessible, so I snapped a few of her being…well….her. 🙂 Peyton LOVES to play “peek-a-boo” with anything she can find! This night it was our bathroom door.

After her bath and PJ’s, she got in some final play time of the day. First up was the slide that currently resides in our loft upstairs. She is such a daredevil on that thing, but boy does she love it! I think her lack of fear came from her DADDY!

After the slide, she spent some time with her baby. She is starting to really partake in imaginary play, and it melts my heart! She gives her baby doll a paci, puts her in the stroller, and walks her around the house. When the baby falls out, she immediately puts her back in. It’s pretty darn cute to watch, if I do say so myself. She’s definitely a girl after my own heart! I just hope she’s as sweet with Aiden when he gets here!

September 22, 2012

Jason and I went to Dulles, VA last weekend for Alison and Charlie’s wedding. Alison and I have been friends since kindergarten, so she is officially my “oldest” friend! 😉 Before I get to the wedding and our funny DC trip, I want to take a moment to celebrate my friendship with Alison. Beware: many of my memories are random, and most people will not understand them!

I have so many great memories of us as childhood friends. I remember when Alison spent the night for the first time at my house, and we planned to trick my parents and serve them “toothpaste sandwiches” for breakfast! She got homesick (poor thing! We were just babies then!), and ended up going home. I was bummed we never got to carry out our crazy plan!

Alison’s mom was a teacher, and set up a classroom in their basement. It was complete with a REAL teacher desk, REAL student desks, and every school supply a young girl’s heart could desire. We would play school all the time…me always being the teacher, and Alison (and often her siblings) always the students. I think that’s where my love for teaching began. Mrs. Hooser is still a teacher, and I am grateful to her for first sparking my interest!

Alison moved away from Cincinnati when we were in fourth grade. Most kids would’ve lost touch given the situation, but not us. Oh no…we talked on the phone for HOURS whenever our parents would let us. Mind you, this was waaaaay before the days of cell phones! We racked up quite a few long-distance phone bills! We would visit each other about every year or so, and made the FUNNIEST cassette tapes during each visit! We wrote songs (the big hit being “Bangin’ on a Trash Can”), DJ’ed a pretend radio show, and made up commercials. I have saved every.single.tape. They are hilarious, but have only been listened to by the two of us. They are way too embarassing for anyone else to hear! I may need to have them buried with me someday when I die!

Other funny and random memories include: mint cups; an exciting road trip to Jordan, MN; facials and makeovers; Alison getting me on a rollercoaster (I HATE rollercoasters!); being obsessed with our third grade teacher, Mrs. Moore; dancing to Michael Jackson and Ace of Base; photo shoots at each visit; and often laughing so hard at night we couldn’t fall asleep!

Alison, you have been a great friend to me through the years. I know it’s harder for us to keep in touch now that we’re older, live far away (well, I guess THAT hasn’t changed!), and are busy with all that life entails. Please know how much I treasure your friendship, and love that we can pick up like we just talked or saw each other yesterday. I loved being at your wedding and seeing you so HAPPY!

While I had only briefly met Charlie prior to their wedding, I knew right away that I approved. He is such a genuinely nice guy, and I can tell he will take excellent care of Alison. I love going to weddings and seeing couples so in love. Some weddings you can just FEEL the love, and this was one of them! Marriage is truly the best adventure I have ever been on, and I am excited to watch these two start their journey as husband and wife.

Below are just a few of the pics I took at the McFee’s wedding. Photographing weddings FREAKS ME OUT, but I had to take some candids for my BFF! Maybe someday I’ll venture into wedding photography, but for now I think I’ll stick with family photography. 😉

Okay, now for a random side-story. Jason and I DROVE to Dulles, VA on Friday, and drove back to Cincy on Sunday. It was a loooong 8+ hour drive (which is way too long for a weekend trip…lesson learned!). Since we were only about 30-40 mins. away from Washington, D.C., we thought we should see the sights. I mean, we drove all that way and were SO CLOSE! So we got up early on Saturday (wedding day), drove 25 mins. to a subway station, and rode a subway for about another half hour into the city (we figured it’d be a pain to park). The wedding was at 4:00, and we had to get back to shower, catch the shuttle, etc. So it ended up that we had LITERALLY an hour and 15 mins. to see our nation’s capitol (or is it capital?! Jason and I can’t decide!)! Picture this…I am pregnant, wearing flip flops, and tired from a long drive. Jason is in better shape (he packed gym shoes!), but tired as well. We both POWER WALK to see as many sights as we can fit in before we need to catch the subway back! We just laughed as we practically ran from monument to monument with just enough time for me to snap a few quick pics. We read nothing, we only got in one picture each, and the only things we bought were a Gatorade from a drink stand, and a coke/cookie from Quizno’s (which the only reason we bought those is because we had to pee before getting on the subway, and they made you buy something to use the restroom!). Fun trip, eh?! We both agreed that we’ll have to bring the kids back someday when they can walk around without complaining and appreciate the sights. Until then, we’ll just look back on our photo’s of our first D.C. trip together and laugh! 🙂


September 10, 2012

We have been busy, busy, busy in the Hamberg House making room for Baby ‘Berg 2.0! To say that nesting has started early for me is an understatement. Ask my hubby, who I’m pretty sure was ready to move out of our house a few times in the past few weeks while I went on my cleaning rampage. Thankfully, our guest room is now (mostly) cleaned out and ready to be converted into a nursery. Or shall I say a shrine to baseball? 😉 The contents of our old guest room/storage room? Those are finding new homes and the few things lucky enough to stay are ending up in the garage. Sorry, Tahoe, I don’t think you’ll ever be parking in the garage. 🙁 When I built this house, I thought, “No basement? No big deal!” Never did I imagine I would be housing TWO children in it (plus the hubby and TWO dogs, of course!). We have officially maxed out all liveable space in this house. So if a #3 decides to come our way anytime soon, the house will immediately be put on the market! (But we’re not trying for a third any time soon…at least that’s what I say now…hehe).

I have majorly slacked this pregnancy. With Peyton I made sure to take belly pics every few weeks. I made her a whole book of my pregnancy, filled with pictures and letters to her before she was even born. This one? He’ll be lucky if he gets some belly pics mixed in with his first year book. Poor kid. I now believe what everyone says about the second. I’m hoping I get better once he’s here.

I saw some cute preggo pics on Pinterest before I was even pregnant again. You know, ones where the older child is holding up a chalkboard saying how old they are, while the preggo mama shows how many months pregnant she is with her fingers? I thought, “We are sooooo doing this!” I looked everywhere for the perfect chalkboard (They’re harder to find than you would think!). I made sure Peyton and I were both showered and had decent clothes on (again, harder than you would think!). I trained J on my new fancy camera so that he could take the pic. And what did we get? Well, here was our first try…

I thought THAT one was bad. Well, we totally missed month 5 of me being pregnant. And when we tried month 6, we got this lovely sequence….

And finally we decided to try one out without the cranky one year old. But then we were left with a frustrated mommy and a dad ready to give up his job as photographer. So this pic didn’t really turn out well either. Oh well…maybe we’ll get ONE good one before the baby gets here!

On a happier note, we have officially named the baby! We have been talking about names ever since we found out he was a HE, and I had my heart set on one pretty much from that day. Jason liked the name, but refused to officially agree to it. This drove me nuts, but I tried to be patient. (I began calling him this name anyway. There was no changing it as far as I was concerned!) Eventually I began freaking out because I NEEDED to know his name so I could order his stocking! Yes, I am a crazy person. But hear me out…

Last year I bought Jason, Peyton, and myself all matching Christmas stockings for our first Christmas as a family. They matched, they had our names on them, and they were PERFECT. Come to find out we’re having another baby (a CHRISTMAS baby, I might add!), and my thoughts go immediately to…we need another stocking! So I get online and watch the stocking I need slowly go out of stock. Um, can we say panic attack for this OCD, things MUST match kinda girl?! So I put the pressure on and made Jason commit. And then I ordered the matching stocking so I could sleep at night. 😉

So there you have it, folks…our lil’ boy will be named AIDEN! Aiden Michael Hamberg. Since BOTH of our dads are named Mike, the middle name was decided pretty much on our first date. Hehe. I think “Peyton and Aiden” has a pretty good ring to it, don’t ya think?! If not, too bad…his name is already on a stocking, so it’s a done deal! 😉

On a serious note, I can’t wait to meet this little boy that’s been growing in my belly for 6 months now. I love feeling him move inside me. I am trying to savor every second of being pregnant, even though at times it can be uncomfortable and make me a crazy person. But I know that I’ll miss being pregnant once he’s born. I did after Peyton, and I’m sure that’ll be the case again. Not all the pregnancy symptoms of course, but feeling another life growing and moving inside of you is pretty darn cool. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to begin this journey again with a new little one. There is absolutely nothing harder than being a parent, but also NOTHING better!

Aiden, I can’t wait to meet you and snuggle you. I also can’t wait to put you in your new stocking and take adorable pictures of you. 🙂 But mainly I can’t wait to see who you are and watch you grow. Just promise not to grow up too fast on me. Your sister isn’t listening, and it makes me sad! We already love you so so much, little guy, and are glad that you finally have your very own NAME!

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